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  1. Looks like it cud hit the iow?? 'Praying here' will Prob be rain for us tho ugh
  2. It's snowing on th iow!! Laying on th cars!! Looks like it's only been about an hour tops but looks lovely might hav to get up extra early for work
  3. Just saw gottalovethisweather post in model and looking positive for Weds even down here!!!! Praying!!!
  4. Stormy king wot do u think of our chances of having some snow this coming week?? Be gutted if we don't get any!
  5. What time r the next run of charts out Plz?? Already despondent for the iow chances of snow but hoping we may have a miracle dumping lol
  6. Really happy to c a decent cold spell coming now just so scared as usual us on th South coast will get rain while everyone else gets Snow!!! Anyone kno if we r in with a decent chance or do I give up now?! Thanks
  7. Wot do u fellow islanders think of our chance of snow next week?? Bound to miss us ugh as always but I'm praying!! Lol
  8. Hi Sorry I don't normally post in here but as I live on the iow could you explain what you mean? Thankyou
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