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  1. What a ridiculous thing to say!! Surely you're joking??!!
  2. Send some over to the island Plz
  3. Looks like it cud hit the iow?? 'Praying here' will Prob be rain for us tho ugh
  4. Hope that includes the Isle of wight?!
  5. It's snowing on th iow!! Laying on th cars!! Looks like it's only been about an hour tops but looks lovely might hav to get up extra early for work
  6. Please can someone tell me if this is likely to hit the iow??? Thanks
  7. Could this include the iow?? I c met office have light snow for us tomoz 6,7,8 am! Believe it wen I c it tho!!
  8. It's official the Isle of Wight is the WORST place to live if u want snow!!!
  9. Really wish th met office hadn't put out th warning yest as got my hopes up!! Apart from 10mins thurs night we've had NOTHING for 2yrs! Wud just like some snow that settles even just for a day! Just not gonna happen here unfortunately!!
  10. Sorry I kno but was funny sometimes!
  11. He was a ledge! Where is he?
  12. Do I set alarm for 4am n look or not bother?!! Thinking I prob shouldn't bother tho
  13. Anyone know if more possibilities of snow on the island tonight? Can't look at radar but I kno we have a warning?!
  14. Snowing East cowes iow woooo