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  1. Yeah was just looking at their forecast for the beacons, we have cancelled now, it's not worth risking it, the winds sound way to strong, have to look for a decent window in Sept, looks like the next couple of weekends are going to be similar, gonna be really exposed on them peaks especially pen y fan @886m
  2. Hi guys was looking for a bit of advice from anyone local to the beacons, we are suppose to be traveling up from the south coast today to do the "big one" Brecon walk on sat, met office are predicting pretty strong winds, was just wondering if anyone local would be able to give any advice as to how safe it's going to be up there on sat ??
  3. Am I right in saying the met office issued a red alert for the south,sw,and Wales 10 mins ago for heavy snow and blizzards ???
  4. I do like the northward movement of that snow coming up from france, hopefully it peps up as it crosses the channel, but I'm assuming it will be sheared by the easterly wind before it reaches the south coast though ??
  5. Is it me or has the channel streamer taken a little shift northwards over the last HR or so ?
  6. what do ya think sunday will be like ?? im doing the great south run and hoping it wont be to bad ?
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