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  1. Lovely summers afternoon here in Falmouth. Increasingly sunny skies and very warm too. Satellite showing our part of the world getting the best of the sunshine.
  2. GFS does look a bit wet tomorrow but Meto, BBC etc all pointing to light scraps of rain really if anything.
  3. Lack of rain beginning to show here now with lawns starting to go brown in places now. Doesn't look like much rain on the horizon either.
  4. Well done and thanks to all forecasters who had a go at this event. Plumes are never easy to predict. And well done to all who had storms. Bit disappointed we didn't get anything here apart from a few distant rumbles earlier as in a good solid plume, we usually get something but this was on the whole very much a northern event so nice to see some others get a chance at some decent storms. However I'm not too disappointed as it always looked knife edge here but in return today was another hot day with plentiful sun again. Given how this plume appeared relatively out of the blue last week, every hope another will arrive before summer is out. Still a good couple of months at least of storm potential.
  5. Crikey, Perhsore already ~29c and many local stations here are 28-29c too. Could we scrape another 30c?
  6. Exceptionally warm here. 24-25c still according to local stations. All quiet though still. Most models still showing Nothing tomorrow morning here though perhaps a last chance tomorrow afternoon. Met office going for a thundery shower mid afternoon.
  7. Sferic near Bristol according to blitzortung. Hopefully not false.
  8. Yes we did well in June and today our region was pretty much hottest in the country. The plus side of no storms tomorrow means we should scrape another hot day. Not as hot as today but 25-28c quite possible and some good long sunny spells possible again.
  9. Didn't think the screw zone sounded good for us. Not entirely surprised. Very still and exceptionally humid though and I have a headache I am struggling to shake off. Looks like this energy will come to nothing sadly here though.
  10. Tony on UkWW has issued his forecast for tomorrow. Great for northern areas but not here, same for convective weather. Can see storms beginning around Stoke northwards. Dry for us in the Midlands and South I'm afraid it looks to be. best of luck to all concerned though
  11. I urge everyone to have a BBQ tonight, release some extra heat and energy into the atmosphere. Hehe. shame to hear that perhaps dry storms won't actually be possible here given too much moisture. Never knew that. Ah well.
  12. Lots of stations round here seem to be reporting 32-33c. Some a little higher than that too!
  13. The met office video forecast out currently suggests lightning from mid level storms for us in the SW quarter of the country with little rain. Perhaps hinting there could be some 'dry storms' tonight as hinted above like in previous years.
  14. 32-33c widely around here now. 34c should be good with a couple more hours of heating still left. Odd 35c possible too.
  15. Hmm it does on the meteociel France view but if you go to the uk view the Ppn is different and no storms although some Ppn moves through tomorrow mid morning.
  16. Hopefully the Ac cas is a good sign for later though chances remain below 20% imo. Gfs looks good but not really being a hi res model it is probably too broad brushed with the Ppn. Hi res models showing that it's really a more confined event likely.
  17. Local stations generally above 30c now. Ahead of met office expectation. 34c looking good right now.
  18. Yes, 6z is pretty good for the W Mids but I have my doubts. Most hi res modelling showing little promise.
  19. Already 28c according to my car thermometer here which usually is actually not far off the mark!
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