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  1. Moving through quick but round 2 is here. All IC lightning as far as I'm aware but quite a lot of it.
  2. Flooding hits West Cornwall: http://www.piratefm.co.uk/news/latest-news/2094173/watch-freak-thunder-storm-causes-chaos-in-cornwall/
  3. A little bit wet here in the far South West this evening... http://www.piratefm.co.uk/news/latest-news/2094173/watch-freak-thunder-storm-causes-chaos-in-cornwall/ Falmouth in particular getting a battering.
  4. Steering winds look to move round to the SE this evening and overnight so storms should steer towards SW England. Wouldn't be surprised if it just rain by the time it reaches the channel though!
  5. If that mass of storms in W France can maintain it to here, it could be pretty good. Most models do expect a large mass of activity to spill out from this region over the night heading to Cornwall and the Scilly Isles. Chance it could steer into the Channel only though.
  6. Hurrah we have just had a great little storm here in Truro. Quite frequent overhead lightning at one point. Torrential rain too. So glad I haven't missed out today when I was seeing the W Mids getting some action earlier too.
  7. Great thunderstorm here in Truro. Torrential rain and had some very frequent lightning for a bit. A couple of very close strikes with almost instant thunder.
  8. Great thunderstorm here in Truro. Torrential rain and had some very frequent lightning for a bit. A couple of very close strikes with almost instant thunder.
  9. Beautiful storm here now. Very frequent lightning. Some practically overhead with loud thunder.
  10. Early nightfall here! Angry looking storm on the Lizard. May make it here in Truro.
  11. Exceptionally intense line of precipitation just south of the Lizard, Cornwall right now.
  12. Could be a noisy wake up in the morning of its thundery for us here in Cornwall. Biscay lows tend to give Cornwall the best shout at something as Ppn tends to start being dragged up from the SE and thus off NW France. I remember a pretty violent storm which hit Falmouth about 4 years ago on around the 8th June in the morning. Pretty sure that came from a Biscay low set up.
  13. Quite a few storms eyeing themselves up for Cornwall this evening? Biscay lows always our best shout for here. Ppn coming from a lovely SE direction as the evening progresses. Missed the one in Truro way earlier as was at work.
  14. Enjoy your storms. Hopefully here in Cornwall we can take advantage of developments from France tonight.
  15. Great to see some thunderstorms across the West Country/west Midlands. Another storm approaching Cornwall? looking potentially good here tonight too.
  16. Definitely got eyes on tomorrow evening for here. Seems good agreement for ppn to spill out of NW France towards us in Cornwall. Biscay lows are usually a good set up here with ppn tracks from the SE.
  17. Enjoy the heat midweek. Will not get too hot here but hopefully some warm sun somewhere. However today has been glorious down here with near wall to wall sun this afternoon. Had a very enjoyable hike on the SW coast path from St Austell to Mevagissey. Perfect walking conditions today.
  18. Beautiful day here with near wall to wall sunshine. Spent the day walking on the coast path from St Austell to Mevagissey. Stunning coastline.
  19. Very muggy day here today here n the far south west. Looking forward to some sunshine later in the week!
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