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  1. Glorious afternoon here as it looks like clearer air off the continent has moved in. Pleasantly warm too.
  2. Thoroughly wet afternoon here. Rain band has barely moved. Falmouth has had some flooding at the Ponsharden roundabout causing road closures at the A39 there and heavy delays on surrounding roads.
  3. Met Office yellow alert for rain tomorrow now here. Some locally high rainfall possible but hopefully no issues from this. Last month saw some pretty bad flooding from downpours in places.

    1. lassie23


      no thunder tonight then?

  4. Never mind the chase for snow in the coming weeks, for Cornwall and much of Devon, a decent chance of something thundery to chase tomorrow. Some quite heavy/torrential downpours possible at least. Hi-res charts showing most instability reserved for Cornwall especially west Cornwall. South facing coasts also most prone. I reckon The Lizard peninsula being a good shout for something thundery tomorrow. Euro4 even has some heavy ppn/something thundery over west Cornwall as early as 6am tomorrow.
  5. Very quiet in here but a good risk of thunderstorms/thundery showers for Cornwall tomorrow. Risk looks to be in place for much of the day. I would say Truro and Westwards and The Isles of Scilly looking to have the greatest risk. Euro4 even has some heavy ppn/something thundery over west Cornwall as early as 6am tomorrow. Certainly heavy showers about though and this will include much of Devon, especially south Devon. Thunder risk here too but the real instability looks to be reserved for west Cornwall. Southern coasts especially prone to thundery activity. The Lizard could be a good spot tomorrow. Also worth noting winds falling a fair bit lighter than what they have been today so any downpours would bring the risk of flash flooding especially road flooding, particularly as lots of leaves are now beginning to fall and inevitably start blocking drains.
  6. Stunning day here. Lots of sunshine again and very little wind. Nice sunset this evening too. Would have been a lovely summers day if it had just been a few degrees warmer but still really pleasant. Lots of sunshine recently. Not many cloudy days at all.
  7. Indeed although the rain is still going strong. Really quite torrential at times here.
  8. Pretty close flash just now followed by fairly instant thunder. Nice little treat this.
  9. A quiet but excellent spell of weather here. Apart from last Friday pretty much every day for the last 10 days or so has often been very sunny.
  10. Funnel/waterspout spotted just off Falmouth, Cornwall this morning. http://www.falmouthpacket.co.uk/news/cornwall_news/14797560.Did_you_see_Falmouth_twister_touch_down_this_morning_/?ref=rss
  11. Funnel/waterspout spotted just off Falmouth this morning. http://www.falmouthpacket.co.uk/news/cornwall_news/14797560.Did_you_see_Falmouth_twister_touch_down_this_morning_/?ref=rss
  12. Glorious warm sunshine here in SW Cornwall now. :D

    1. Spikecollie


      'Tis gorgeous here too. I did some gardening early, after lunch and popped my shorts a t-shirt on. Chilly easterly in the shade though, but gloriously warm sunshine.

    2. Daniel*


      Very gloomy here in London 

  13. 1) Falmouth, Cornwall 2) Porthcurno, Cornwall 3) Woolacombe, Devon
  14. Beautiful day in Falmouth. Not the warmest of days but very pleasant in the sun and made for a great afternoon enjoying the pubs and atmosphere in town.
  15. Had the most fantastic walk to work this morning with clear blue skies and the shallow mist/fog at lower ground. This was taken around 8.45am today.
  16. Time for some good news. Once the equinox has passed in a few days we will be closer to the daylight lengthening again than when it began to start shortening. But in all seriousness, despite being a summer lover more than a winter lover, I do enjoy the darker evenings especially up to the New Year. Cant imagine Christmas and its run up without it. It's the other end of the extreme (i.e long days) which makes us enjoy the other while we have them at least for me a bit. Adds to the cosy feel but as soon as new year comes around I am desperate for Spring/Summer to hurry up. Hopefully this winter will be seasonal and we will all enjoy some snow especially around Christmas and not in March/April!
  17. Hopefully all the way down here it will be very late until the heating is needed. The Atlantic will act as our blanket as we go into Winter.
  18. No real haze here in Cornwall. Stunning evening. Lots of people out walking their dogs.
  19. It really was a great storm here. Very frequent lightning. Not much thunder but then it was an elevated storm. A great sight to watch. Far more sferics than shown on the detectors. I was also seeing lightning well after the core of the cells had moved into the Atlantic north of Perranporth, Newquay and Portreath.
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