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  1. When we had the severe gales here in december, it was the worst wind i have ever experienced!
  2. Saturday, 03 February 2007 Aston Villa 1v0 West Ham, 15:00 Blackburn 1v1 Sheff Utd, 15:00 Charlton 0v2 Chelsea, 15:00 Fulham 1v0 Newcastle, 15:00 Liverpool 2v1 Everton, 12:45 Man City 1v1 Reading, 15:00 Middlesbrough 0v2 Arsenal, 17:15 Watford 0v0 Bolton, 15:00 Wigan 0v1 Portsmouth, 15:00 Sunday, 04 February 2007 Tottenham 1v2 Man Utd, 16:00
  3. Im off for tonight now but ill be back tomorrow to go through your experiences!
  4. Yeah i understand that would be a bit much! lol! Ive gone on holiday many times but never suffered a thunderstorm in air...yet. :lol:
  5. The wind in December? Its certainly been the worst wind i have experienced. Anyway your only a few miles away from here so im sure we had the same weather but perhaps it just seemed worse here as a board for the christmas lights was broke! :lol:
  6. I agree sometimes it gets way to hot to stand but i prefer hot than cold!
  7. Another quite bad expreience was on holiday at woolacombe. The wind was so bad it was pushing me back! I think that was in Summer 2005. I was going to body board in the sea. Eventually i got there and the waves were Massive!
  8. No but it could of stretched the cable and destroyed completely but thankfully it didnt i think!
  9. It was on a board and the board got destroyed! Oh we had to get out of bed at 3am before it flys away! Seriously!
  10. Lol it happened last december and possibly last week too! In december it nearly destroyed one of our Christmas lights!
  11. That sounds interesting! Definately the worst ever? I have had worst before!
  12. Congratulations for getting over 16,000 posts!

  13. Ive edited now andy h. Please read My post a Little above as i have edited it!
  14. I now also remember a bad Thunderstorm when i was in Majorca, Spain in 2005.
  15. No not amazingly significant! I was only Born 13 years ago (Nearly!)
  16. Ive posted near the bottom of the first page about this.
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