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  1. Theres only so many let downs i can take each winter lol personally i prefer it mild if we are not going to have any snow. Im just here for the one day we may actually get something like the ecm showed a while back... 🙏🥶😍
  2. Could be it for this winter if milder air wins out next week. Granted theres always chance of snow in march but with the sun being stronger it never tends to stick around unless its an extreme event.
  3. Where have you seen that? Ive not looked at any charts since yesterday but when i did they seemed to suggest showers dying out the further into the week we went.
  4. Still snowing here which has left a thin dusting and the odd area it didnt melt earlier perhaps couple cms. If these showers keep going all night potentially will be a cm or 2 more. Not great when you look at the 850s being blown in on a decent looking easterly though lol.
  5. Tbh sheikhy ur 10cms u said earlier looks about 3cms deep lol 🤔
  6. Yea but its ukv and euro4 etc that went for significant amounts today. The gfs done them once again tbh for the majority of areas.
  7. Incredible really not to far away, not a covering here. The radar not looking the best now though and gfs goes for it dying down.
  8. The last shower we had did stick in places where earlier it was melting so hopefully some of them showers head a bit further north.
  9. Thinking this is a bust for here unless things pick up. Rugby seems to be in a good spot still so perhaps 10cms possible there.
  10. Amber warning. Im not even sure if any warning is required atm 😂
  11. Rugby seems to be sat in a long narrow line of showers.
  12. Snows about stopped and is melting in places. The radar doesn't look particularly good either tbh.
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