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  1. Not with an elongated low the general flow will still be east or south easterly.
  2. 'Catacol' saying the macroscale detail wont change for the start of next week which is 120 hours away is a ridiculous statement as far as UK weather is concerned. A slight change run by run between now and then could result in huge differences from a dry high sat over scotland to a full blown easterly with -16/17 850s and heavy snowfall for many. These kind of changes happen all year round for this part of the world over 120 hour period so i cant fathom how it is apparently nailed.
  3. So this mornings runs certainly dont want to see the very cold uppers reach us and given the size of change to 12 hours ago it shows how come sunday/monday things could be a long way from what we are all hoping for. Imo it will be friday evening sat morning until we have a firm idea of the beginning of next week.
  4. Its a 0-5cm job imo. Followed by a 5 or less back to zero quite quickly. Further north and high ground may do well like buxton area. And of course scotland should see the whole band push through as snow.
  5. Surprising to see it snowing fairly heavy here atm. No signs at all of it settling though.
  6. In showery set ups i would actually say the gfs often underplays these due to one place getting 15cms and 10mile down the road getting next to nothing therefor these often just show the entire sort of area getting around a couple of cms instead.
  7. Its moving in rapidly now. Everyone in the Midlands thread is asleep though so not going to have an idea of whats falling there other than from myself. Presumably rain but if it is sleet or snow bodes well for this area.
  8. Bbc app showing heavy snow having showed rain all day until now 🤔 Ive always rated it 😉 lol
  9. These seem far more keen for widespread snow than the gfs...
  10. We still need a shift south of a good 50miles i think for us to see any snowfall. Northern England and Scotland look like having 3 or 4 decent snow events over the next week or so.
  11. Cant see many in here seeing anything but rain tbh
  12. About an inch or so here a degree or so colder it would have easily been 4 or 5inches i think. A5 between lutterworth and crick had a fair bit more. The thundersnow last night looked awesome wish i had been able to film it 😠
  13. It was near to lutterworth i was on the a5 at the time was two strikes first one i thought nah cant be then second was far brighter and closer. The a5 in parts is terrible atm. Here in burbage theres alot less than between crick and lutterworth with what has settled being very wet snow.
  14. Coming down very heavy on the m1 just now passed 2 snow ploughs. Strangely enough nothing lying in daventry yet 1 mile prior to being here it was white over inc on all main roads.