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  1. Still 27c out to next Monday if the GFS 06z is correct for those in the South East.
  2. Exactly just bought a bigger pool aswell. Hopefully we see the models showing something more akin to the 18z gfs by the time we get to this evening. The 00z ECM looks far away from anything like we've been getting for a fair while.
  3. Seen the words Cold plunge, Cool, Changeable and unsettled. Yet ive just viewed the GFS and barring a blip next week its largely high pressure dominated throughout. We lose some of the warmth we have right now Thurs through till Sat but places in the South would probably see a return to high teens low twenties from Sunday onwards with plenty of sunshine. And just to add that blip is in the form of a North Easterly. How many times when we see them a week out do they not materialise in winter months. The same can happen during summer to so it may remain warmer/drier by the time it comes round.
  4. That wouldn't lead to much in the way of rain.
  5. Not official but the owner of highlands and islands weather facebook page has a big network of decent weather stations so keep an eye on that
  6. Really pathetic from the gfs once again. Do they not compare forecasts with actual readings. Then adjust the program?
  7. Yet again this week the gfs looks to be under cooking max daily temps. About time this issue was fixed.
  8. Sounds horrendous. All this dry weather and yet no real hot days so far this year.
  9. Agree with you there mr frost this is a colder run. At the same time the reality will be them temps are 1-3c under cooked if that came off as often the case but even so not a heatwave just some pleasant warmish days particularly when theres no wind. We need warmer air to get into the area of high pressure that becomes established early on in the run
  10. Its starting to go very wrong on the gfs quite early 96-120 period so i would expect this stand off so to speak to be resolved by tomorrow evening/Friday morning at the latest.
  11. Not on that GFS run. I do think the low is being over cooked though and therefor a slacker southerly over a slightly more drawn out period could result in 30c
  12. Gfs horror show this morning and certainly no sign of a hot spell. Lets hope its wide of the mark.
  13. Off topic from the snow there was some stunning mammatus clouds earlier near crick, Northamptonshire. Pics aren't edited at all. It looked even better in person.
  14. What are people's thoughts on the potential for our next named storm (storm Dennis) arriving this weekend?
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