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  1. Get them to take a trip(pics) over the a44 i came back from aberystwyth and the drifts up there were huge. Couldn't stop as id av never got going again plus it was about 1am lol. (Hour or so after the road was reopened). Edit: just noticed central north wales not central. If any one has any pics from the a44 near eisteddfa Gurig that would be good there was huge drifts there being at night couldnt get best view though.
  2. A few flakes coming down here again. One or two very light areas of precip starting to appear on the radar.
  3. Imo anyone who takes them alert areas as gospel are asking for trouble. There can be no reason for a red warning for some places inside of it when others outside of it still get hit badly. It Should be seen as a rough guide. This bbc presenter could have emphasised that though.
  4. Snow for later moving up from the south now at oxford. Temps back down to 0.
  5. Down by the Axe & Compass, Wolvey. Drifts of 2 to 3ft the pics dont do them justice tbh.
  6. Nice maybe we have more than it looks then. Will venture out tomoz.
  7. You seem to have done well how long you think it will hang around for? About 8cms here im guessing. On top of some decent drifts from yesterday.
  8. Imo the models/BBC have been way off. If you were in wales surely this particular band has deposited about 3 or 4cms tops. The above mentioned 15cms. I think my area will see it clear away by 10pm latest. A bit longer than i originally thought though so cant complain
  9. Let us know if it restarts. There is a gap on the radar followed by more heading in
  10. You have to be greedy its rare it snows tbh. Hoping for as much as poss tonight enjoy it tomoz then bring on spring.
  11. Av u measured? Im just looking out the window lol. Relying on ur measurements since it should be similar based on the radar
  12. If it does this could move into the rare snowfall file for our area poss 15cms plus whatever you had before it started. However i think this will be it so more like 7 8cms max plus yesterdays remnants.
  13. Not sure about that. Overall its on its way out fast. We need something to reignite it
  14. Well that looks to be that for this winter unless it gains some life from somewer. Surprised the models expected it to be still going past midnight.
  15. Doesnt look that much and we have been under green echoes for a long while here. Il admit i havent measured just looking out the window. Some drifts were about 8 to 10cms before today so could still look good tomoz.