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  1. I know the old saying get the cold in first then potential snow events often pop up at short notice and exactly that has happened numerous times. I was just commenting if it played out exactly as the ecm showed now it would be mainly dry. The overall picture is a good one regardless for cold weather fans.
  2. Struggling to see why such enthusiasm at the moment. If we dont see a small low bump into the cold from the north this weekend then any snowfall will be restricted largely to north and western parts of Scotland in the foreseeable future. After that things could easily return to more westerly based setup.
  3. You do realise these charts change every 5 seconds? A massively strong mid atlantic ridge can be replaced with low pressure systems just where we dont want them. Seen so many people hung up on these charts yet they are no better than the operationals imo.
  4. A decent summer was on the cards imo. look at the past 9months prior to summer. Not many major storms. Just 5 named storms over winter. Long periods dominated by high pressure and dry conditions. Summer so far is a continuation of that. So far quite pleased with the assumption made here... http://extremeweather.co/2017/05/bbq-summer-increasingly-likely-for-the-uk-say-forecasters/
  5. That would still be a warm day without particularly decent uppers at this time of year.
  6. Does anyone know if there Is there any live streaming cams within the zone expected to get the heaviest snowfall?
  7. For me late saturday into sunday looks best for our area providing it falls as snow.
  8. Cant be very often we see charts predicting -10 upper and rain in the same place Ignore me you have used different times there!
  9. I think to save arguments its quite clear the models haven't got a firm grip on details for the weekend yet we may have to wait until tomorrow or weds. Perhaps a bit of snow on Wednesday to look forward to prior to that anyway.
  10. I think if its snow your after the GFS is the better chart there. Lower heights towards the south and tighter squeeze on the isobars.
  11. With regards to this chart. Have seen the models show this scenario more times than i can remember and often when the centre of high pressure is just to the north of the UK showing bitterly easterly winds the actual outcome tends to see the high shunted south due to to much energy going over the top and northern spain southern france italy etc all in the firing line instead. Unless its shown at +48 or less i wouldnt give it much chance of happening.
  12. Charts at 192 and 384 rarely ever happen and the same is for these. Hear about an SSW that could save winter so often and yet they rarely materialise. I think the best we can hope for if a zonal setup returns will be the occasional colder blast for 1 day on the back edge of low pressure crossing from west to East.
  13. Last few runs seem to have back tracked slightly towards the prediction of 72hours ago. Do you think we may see these small upgrades over the next 24 to 48 hours?