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  1. It's just started snowing more here. I'm heading north now though. Where I'm sure it won't be
  2. You sure that's not just a frost? Just the odd flake blowing in the wind in Daventry which the radar shows is in heavier precipitation.
  3. Only problem is alot of it doesn't seem to be resulting in anything falling out the sky.
  4. The 18z GFS pushes the precipitation further east. One area north of London stays under snowfalp for 30 hours according to that run though.
  5. It is definitely still moving north just zoom out and run a few loops over the last 30minutes. Wether any meaningful precipitation will get far enough north or just a few flakes blowing in the wind however is a different matter.
  6. It is expanding northwards in terms of light precip appearing north of the main precip. That will be the best hope for central midland areas. It won't result in thick deep snow but may give a cm or two. Keep an eye on the areas around Oxford you will see what I mean.
  7. It's still pathetic. Upto 10cms yellow warning. 10-30 amber. 30+ red would let people know that these warnings are worth paying attention to. If someone in the amber zone gets 3cms today next time the amber warning could be for 25cms and they would think we'll it wasn't bad at all last time so may ignore it.
  8. I think the 00z GFS is closer to the mark.
  9. I think most here are probably going to have to hope for something in the region of 1-4cms. There's always an outside risk of snow showers on Friday for places further east and then possible snow to rain on Sunday evening which is far enough away to improve yet.
  10. GFS sticking to its guns and going further north with the 00z compared to the 18z. See below the comparison between the two for +24.
  11. Early comparison between the icon and the radar for 3am...
  12. No but comparing the radar to the most recent model output the 0z icon it's either further north or ahead of the predicted time. May end up the at the same point in 24 hours of course and make no real difference we shall see.
  13. Bbc East Midlands forecast was brave. Went all the way out till 4pm tomorrow.
  14. That is true I seen something one year with a forecaster saying even at +12 the accuracy the models are able to achieve means there can be a difference of say 20 miles further north or south.
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