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  1. That’s cooler than I expected given the past couple of days in England. Below average and one day’s exceptional heat, everybody wins 😁
  2. 16.8 for me please. I have very low expectations of Augusts these days but it may surprise!
  3. Yup, and with mediocrity rather than exceptional heat.
  4. I don't but as a weather watcher I'd rather go for exceptional than mediocre. A sub-15 July would certainly fit the bill.
  5. Really hope this pathetic July isn’t bumped above 16C and the 1961-90 average by a few days of 27/18 in the Southeast as it would be a total injustice.
  6. 11.4 for me please, sorry about the very late guess ?
  7. I too have noticed the ‘faux’ cold phenomenon, I wonder if it’s just to do with the body building up immunity to the different strains of the virus as the years go on. Symptoms start to take hold but then your acquired antibodies quickly fight it off?
  8. Yes, but what I’m saying is there seems to be a LOT of emphasis on healthy people getting the virus but very little on preventing vulnerable people getting it, at least during the ‘first wave’. All I can see is they’ve told old people not to go on cruises ?
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