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  1. @vizzy2004 You were right re overnight temps in Hutton. I know car outside temp readings are not the most accurate, but should give a good guide. This pic was taken at 6.50am so temps probably already on the rise!
  2. Yep, you could right re temps. We’ve been coming to Hutton for the last 25 years and stayed in the same cottage for the last 10 years always in Feb. The cottage is located in the lee of the hill on rhe right as you enter the village so is in shade most of the day at this time of year, so we’ve had some very low overnight temps over the years. I think -8 at 10am was the lowest I remember. The road through the village up to The Lion is clear, although you never quite know once you get a bit further up the hill. The local farmer has just gone up the road with his plough and grit unit on so maybe not so good up on the ridge. Last year we drove over Blakey Ridge to go up to Saltburn and although there was a dusting of snow in Hutton it was almost a complete whiteout by The Lion! Again the AWD came to the rescue! ? Shame the current cold spell seems to be coming to an end, but fingers crossed not the last before the end of March.
  3. Away in North Yorkshire this week for a bit of peace on the North Yorks Moors. Have seen snow showers on and off all day from arriving at around 10am this morning. Intended to visit Rievaulx Abbey and having very carefuly manged to get down the pretty steep Rievaulx Bank found that the Abbey was closed due to ‘severe and unsafe conditions’. The first pic was the view down Rievaulx Bank....and was our route back out of the village. It was a good test of the All Wheel Drive of my Volvo XC60, which proved it as more that up to the job ? Couple of snow pics in Hutton le Hole where we are staying. Forecast for tonight is for temps to get down to -7!
  4. Think you are right in terms of direction of flow for the showers developed over the moors near Whitby, but they might struggle to maintain intensity as far as us in Barnsley. I’m off the North York Moors tomorrow for a week, so hopefully some of the snow will still be around tomorrow and Sunday before it turns less cold on Monday.
  5. Surpised this last large shower has maintained it’s intensity as it moved in land. Unfortunately it looks like passing to the East of Barnsley, so will miss out again...
  6. Some beefy showers heading SW across the region and particularly in Norh Yorks. Sutton Bank looks interesting at the moment, and probably only passable with a 4wd..
  7. Slightly heavier showers passing through Barnsley but now not cold enough to settle.
  8. Just the odd flake over last hour where I am in Barnsley. The last shower passed just to the south. Seems the showers start off fairly strong over the coast then gradually lose intensity as they move inland then just when they have passed Barnsley suddenly start to intensify again ?. Also, the dusting of snow from overnight and the frost of yesterday is now disappearing fast as temps rise. Not hopeful for any accumulations today, even if I do get a single snow shower on target
  9. Light snow shower in Barnsley. Might be in line for a few heavier showers soon though looking at radar
  10. First signs now showing off the coast East of Skegness and moving NW. Expected to move across Lincolnshire over next few hours and into Yorkshire around midnight’ish.
  11. I don’t think the showers currently shown over the North East will be moving towards Yorkshire. If you run the sequence on HIRLAM the showers initially build from the SE moving NW overnight tonight then eventually the direction changes so the showers start coming from the East and then the North East. Link here if you don’t have it. http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/hirlam.php?ech=3&mode=1&map=430
  12. Light snizzle in Barnsley as well this morning. Friday continues to look interesting with most models showing shower activity over our region starting in the early hours of Friday morning and continuing until Saturday morning. There could be a few light accumulations...
  13. NMM, HIRLAM, Arpege and Arome all showing a band of showers moving in a North West direction across Yorkshire in early hours of Friday morning. If we are lucky we might get another dusting...
  14. Yep, mad thread picked up another Easterly at day 10. Let the chase begin! ?????
  15. Interesting that the updated Meto weather warning issued this morning still covers South and West Yorkshire for snow tomorrow! Have to say I’m not convinced we will see anything....
  16. Yep agreed! 6z ICON has shifted the band of snow further south again with only a fragmented band reaching a line mid-Wales across to the Wash. it shows the heaviest precip is now reserved for southern coastal counties only. ICON also shows the next possible snow for our region to be as a front crosses West to East Sunday evening and overnight. A few days ago it showed it as quite a vigorous feature with heavy rain but it seems the cold air is holding on longer and causing the front to weaken as it moves across the country. ?GFS 00z was still showing this as rain, so lets’s see if this changes on the 6z.
  17. Light snow in Barnsley. Already got a dusting settled, which is more than we got yesterday!
  18. As per my post this morning, still think we may see snow on Saturday from the returning front. And given the shift south today of the Thurs/Fri front, it may be we get more on Sat than Thu/Fri...
  19. J34 is the 2nd image image I posted and most definitely rain. J34 is about the lowest point of the M1 around Sheffield, with J31, J32 and J35 much higher and all were rain. Also still rain in Barnsley and the heaviest previp now moving away East.
  20. A selection of current camera images from the area of the m1 that your radar image shows as under snow...
  21. Yep, that is what Radar shows but it isn’t currently correct. The weather type radar uses a combination of actual radar image plus hi-res model input to produce a forecast of precip type (for want of a better phrase) to provide the image.
  22. Unfortunately it isn’t snow in Sheffield. Just lots of rain! Same in Barnsley as well. Check out the M1 cameras between J30 and J37, which is where the heaviest area of precip is currently showing on the radar. If we are lucky we may see some light backedge snow later in the day, but currently it just isn’t cold enough for snow here.
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