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  1. It's called dusk, and precedes night! 😝đŸ¤Ŗ😛😂
  2. Yep, consistently wrong! Slinging it down with rain now, yet Meto have upgraded us to heavy snow! Auto graphics are useless!
  3. Back to very light snow now and Barnsley once again manages to get in the precipitation gap! Also, occasional sound of dripping starting....and just as Metoffice forecast graphics change from sleet to heavy snow until 1pm!
  4. Yep, agreed, definite NW to SE movement (sliding) against the cold). Unfortunately for us is Barnsley to Leeds we look like ending up missing the heavier precip as it heads into the midlands again!
  5. Same here! Moderate snow for last 10 minutes. Settling quite well on grass and first signs of it settling on the drive and road. Hopefully temps stay low enough for snow when the heavier precipitation arrives.
  6. Light snow now, but of the very wet kind and therefore unlikely to settle.
  7. After a very thick frost this morning we now have very light sleet. Pretty much all the frost has disappeared in the last 20 minutes, so temps must have risen with the ticker cloud cover.
  8. Well there looks to be a fairly quick transition from -5 to +5 on GFS 12z
  9. Uppers appear too warm sadly. Would love to see this but I think the Arpege will be shown to be out in its own on this one...
  10. Not sure where you are in Barnsley, but nothing on th outskirts of town except wet snow which isn't settling... Looking like yet another let down to me. Radar not looking that great either....
  11. Oh look, Barnsley in the snow gap again!!!!!
  12. Well lots if snow opportunities tomorrow and Wednesday for my home location of Barnsley, which is great. Only I'm in London from tomorrow morning until Wednesday night! Ain't that just typical đŸ˜Ĩ🤔. Hopefully more opportunities later this week after the low has passed through on Thursday.
  13. Happy New Year all! There is certainly a lot of excitement over in the model thread, mostly coming from those members in the South East. We've had some good snow events from Easterly events in the past, but it does rely on either a fairly strong wind sending snow showers in land or fronts moving in from the East, the latter being pretty rare. it will be interesting model watching over the next few days, with no doubt shredded nerves and loads of drama. Hopefuly we won't see the whole thing implode before it actually arrives!
  14. Excellent! Enjoy! It's about 8 times what we got here ☚ī¸ Over in the model thread, where I can be found lurking, there are positive signals for more cold to come after a brief less cold spell. Here is hoping for more widespread snow as we head into January and February.
  15. Just back from a walk out in the snow or rather slush by the time we got back to the car. Only out for a couple of hours and we've gone from snow and ice to bits of slush...but mostly all gone. Car outdoor temp (I know not the best accuracy) was reading 3c.