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  1. Occasional very light sleet/snow but when the heavy precipitation arrived it turned to rain! Typical of this winter really....
  2. The less cold air has already arrived and turned the snow to rain overnight in Hutton Le Hole, so the snow that had settled has now gone.
  3. Very light snow all evening in Hutton Le Hole but not settling. Now starting to intensify to moderate but seems very wet so doubtful that we will get any accumulation. Back home to Barnsley tomorrow, so no doubt the South Yorkshire snow shield will kick in...
  4. You should defo stay in this thread...we are a friendly bunch! Hopefully Hunny is not so Sunny, and you get a bit more snow, although not too much elevation in your area but a lovely part of the country...we love the coast between Hunstanton and Cromer and spent 3 weeks a year staying near Wells for around 20 years and had some fantastic holidays but only once saw snow when we stayed for a week over new year a few years ago. Horizontal snow from the East on Wells beach was interesting!
  5. Travelled down from Hutton Le Hole to Bridlington this morning then back this evening and have seen moderate snow showers on both journeys and whilst in Brid. Mostly not settling except in a heavier shower this morning whilst driving through Snainton and Brompton where the A170 was covered briefly. Still a dusting in Hutton this evening and expecting more overnight. Just as long as the staff can get to the pub to cook my tea!
  6. Well I'm hoping it's snow on the coast as planning to go to Bridlington today. Anyone in Brid who can say? We've had a little more overnight in Hutton Le Hole but only enough to cover the cars and grass with nothing on the main road (although gritter came through the village 30 mins ago).
  7. Yes, agree. There was a light dusting at the Lion around 10am this morning, which was better than Tuesday when we drove past it without even seeing it the fog was thick!
  8. Yep, we did...you clearly had more energy than us today making the trek down to Mallyan Spout. We opted for walk around the village and were sheltering a coffee shop during the snow! The trip out to Lastingham this evening was fairly uneventful as although there was a nice covering on the roads it was nothing to really test the 4-wheel drive. Maybe tomorrow, following some more overnight showers!
  9. A nice covering now in Hutton Le Hole and still coming down moderately. Off out shortly for a meal in Lastingham over the edge of the moors so the first time out in proper snow in our Volvo XC60. I've had it 4 years in March and this is the first time I will have used the 4-wheel drive when it has snowed and actually needed it, so could be interesting!
  10. Away from Barnsley home atm, up on the North Yorks Moors and have seen light snow on and off all day. A nice heavy shower passed through whilst we were in Goathland, which was timely and nice to see a light covering! Back in Hutton Le Hole now and light snow showers passing through but not settling.
  11. Light snow showing on radar over Barnsley but nothing obvious falling from the sky!
  12. Page scrolling unstable

    Or a request could be made not to directly post tweets, or have them removed by a forum leader?
  13. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - Weather Chat

    Much lighter here for last 20 mins even though radar shows us under heavier area! Still looking ok for later though, and meto now exteneded snow from midnight to 1am for Barnsley.
  14. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - Weather Chat

    Fairly moderate snow in Barnsley now, and looking like we might be in line for some slightly heavier in the next hour. Road and cars all covered now.
  15. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - Weather Chat

    Comparing GFS, Arpege and Euro4 precipitation forecast to latest Radar image, I would say the models have probably underestimated the Eastward extent of the precip. Precip is already into Scotland. rather than over Scottish Islands, and heading SSE, so I think we could be in with a chance as long as it stays on the same track. Meto forecast also just updated showing light snow for Barnsley from 18.00 today.