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  1. We didn’t really get much in Barnsley! Most showers from the North East didn’t reach this far with them dissipating around Goole/Thorne. There were a few got through as the wind turned more Easterly and those that did most seemed to pass either North or South of us. We did get a few direct hits, so we just ended up with a dusting! Where it did settle, the sun thawed that and even in the shade it has seemed to gradually evaporate over the last few days. It’s a bit different further West where elevation helped. We went walking this week at Langsett Reservoir west of Penistone and there was about 8-10cm where it was undisturbed.
  2. It looks to have moved faster and is slightly further East compared to WRF-NMM and Euro4, but I’d say it’s now starting to stall against the block as was expected. Could be a good temporary covering over Wales today.
  3. Your thinking is similar to mine, particularly re timescales for a return of cold which is why I thought the Petagna tweet yesterday was a bit odd re cold returning possibly Friday! Timescale felt wrong yesterday and having seen overnight models, even more so this morning. And completely agree re snow in March, I’ve seen really good snow falls many times over the years. More recently, we actually got caught in the BFTE2 in March 18 whilst we were away for a few days in Filey! The vid below was 3 hours before high tide, which if you know Filey is quite astonishing. E78D591E-4F62-4EAD-AB34-832EA12C161B.MOV
  4. I’m surprised they didn’t change it yesterday, although Marco Petagna also tweeted yesterday that cold from the East would be back again possibly as soon as next Friday!
  5. Despite the models now showing a blow torch South/South Westerly for the 10 days time, the Met Office are stoically sticking to their forecast of a few milder days before turning colder again....
  6. Time to get the shorts and t-shirts out then... . Judging by latest wording from Meto, they appear to be seeing something a bit less extreme to this...
  7. He said, above average temps (10-12c) for South West by Monday. Models not showing these temps for our region currently, albeit definitely less cold than currently.
  8. And one or two professionals are still hinting at a return to cold later in the month...
  9. A few more very light showers last night so this morning very white with the severe overnight frost. For next week, according to the overnight models, it’s looking very much like the rotund female vocalist has sung her tune wrt to cold hanging on...
  10. GFSP now going for 2 snow events next week, the first on Monday followed by a less cold day on Tuesday with a rain to snow event on Wednesday leading to significant accumulations. Of course we all know how accurate these were this week, so large pinch of salt required!
  11. Finely balanced I’d say. All models currently bring less cold air in next week, but it takes 2 or 3 attempts from the West before they finally remove the very cold air. Todays output seems more positive given that it’s a slower transition and currently looks like the cold holds on longer hence the snow during the transition. The other option, and for me not to be discounted at the moment, is that the fronts stall and the cold air fights back from the East.
  12. GFS and GFSP join the GEM and Arpege going for a snowy breakdown!
  13. GEM 12z going for a big breakdown snow event on Monday with about 18 hours of moderate snow!
  14. Outlook is finely balanced into next week but Arpege 12z maintains the interest for Sunday with light to moderate snow across the region from around 10am until 7pm!
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