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  1. Well some how yet again I manage to miss the snow! This time I’m out in Dublin on a stag do and we have heavy rain. The Mrs back home in Barnsley says there is heavy snow and it’s settling fast! That is pretty much every one of this seasons snow events missed by not being home when it snowed. Slightly frustrating!
  2. Been away for a long weekend in Filey, and although we've has extremely strong winds and frequent snow showers there is barely a dusting on the ground. Having the day in Scarborough today then will be travelling back to Barnsley this evening. Anyone in the Barnsley area or points in between tell me what road conditions are like. Will be travelling A64, A1, M1.
  3. A decent covering in Barnsley...
  4. Looks like the current cold spell is now coming to an end with maybe a low chance of a bit more snow overnight tonight. Overall I did better than I expected this week with approx 6 inches of level snow by midday Thursday followed by a 50% reduction by sublimation during Friday but then another inch of snow settled overnight last night from what appeared to be very light snow over about 6 hours. I suspect winter isn't done with us just yet with a few more weeks of generally below average temps through March, although I think it is now too late in the season for significant long lasting snow. A few in the Mod thread during the course of this winter have talked about solar cycles linked to general trends to colder winters for the next few years so lets hope there is some truth in this and we can look forward to more events similar to this week in future winters.
  5. I thought the same until the last 10 minutes, but looking at the radar the front now seem to be pivoting and the snow decaying, so doubt it will reach Yorkshire. I think it will need another push from the next front tomorrow to get as far as us.
  6. Frozen Sausage need thawing out?
  7. Very interesting at the moment, and difficult to call but it could be that the snow from the front to the South may just meet up with the showers coming in from the East and we end up with only a short break in snow falling.
  8. Increased precipitation showing on radar out to North East, East and South East. Looks to me like all parts of Yorkshire could do well this evening and tonight! Good luck everyone.
  9. Travelled into work in Chesterfield from home in Barnsley. Left early to get in front of worst of traffic. Roads not good in Barnsley even main roads covered in snow and slush. Slide roads really poor. M1 ok in the main but parts of journey where outside lane was very slushy after recent snow. Not quite so much snow in Chesterfield but light snow at the moment. Looks like Yorkshire should get quite a few more showers today, so could make journey home interesting this evening!
  10. Is that a Radar image or a forecast of precipitation?
  11. Interesting. Euro4 12z looks fairly closely aligned to the current image. Which then goes on to this... Then this... And finally this...
  12. I've been thinking exactly the same regarding the current track of the precipitation. It's going to have to change direction or expand considerably to hit most of Yorkshire. At the current rate I'd day North West Yorks and then into a county not to be named in a Yorkshire thread.
  13. I think whoever created this image might just have been on the pop... (copied from Facebook). Does this count as fake news!
  14. I'd take that. Covers most bases!