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  1. It was a lovely sunny day here in Barra although cold in the North Easterly wind. Here are some photos I took today,
  2. Some sunshine in between the heavy showers took this picture today of a rainbow. All week its been mainly cloudy, windy and mild and it looks like this is going to continue for another week.
  3. Just went and checked the Met Office stations and those uploading to Weather Underground as well the highest gusts from Friday and Saturday morning from around Scotland, Gilmilnscroft Catrine 82mph Loch Carrie 75mph Dundrennan 74mph Fleet Bay Solway Firth 73mph Sannox Isle of Arran 69mph Forth Bridge 66mph Lower Milovaig Isle of Skye 65mph Isle of Barra 64mph Letham Shank Farm Berwick-upon-Tweed 64mph Giffnock Glasgow 64mph West Freugh 63mph Prestwick Airport 62mph Charterhall 60mph Kingsbarns Fife 60mph Tiree Airport 59mph Loch Glacarnoch 59mph Maybole 58mph Aboyne 57mph Campbeltown 57mph Glasgow Airport 56mph Leuchars 55mph Eskdalemuir 55mph Bunessan Isle of Mull 55mph
  4. Highest gust here in Barra so far is still 64mph from just before 12pm. Its been cloudy with rain up to 20mm and windy all day. I went out later in the afternoon and got some photos looking out West to the Atlantic.
  5. Wet and windy here today with a top gust of 64mph so far. I went on Weather Underground to look at all the weather stations there since it's windy across a lot of Scotland today below is a list of the highest gusts so far also includes some airports and Met Office weather stations, Glen Ogle 68mph Catrine 68mph Castlebay Isle of Barra 64mph Forth Bridge 61mph Tiree 59mph Maybole 58mph Lower Milovaig Isle of Skye 57mph Glasgow Airport 55mph Eskdalemuir 55mph Bunessan, Isle of Mull 55mph Fleet Bay, Solway Firth 54mph West Freugh 53mph Isle of Eigg 52mph Campbeltown 52mph Islay 52mph Oban Marina 51mph South Uist 51mph Dundrennan 51mph Edinburgh Airport 50mph Inverkip 47mph Carsluith 47mph Glasgow Bishopton 46mph Langton Place Newton Mearns 46mph Aberdeen Airport 44mph Roberton 44mph Brodick Isle of Arran 43mph
  6. Most of the snow at lower level in Barra has melted now but the roads all week have been icy and the hills still have a good covering of snow on them. One of the lochs were frozen over pretty rare out here to see that. I took these pictures this afternoon. The snowy hills in the distance across the sea is the Isle of Skye which can be seen on days with good visibility like today.
  7. The snow has arrived here on Barra today it's still mainly on the hills with a light dusting at lower levels. These are photos I took this afternoon. In the last hour, it's started snowing again.
  8. We had heavy hail showers overnight and then this morning a few snow showers there isn't any snow at low levels here just on top of the hills which is better than what I was expecting I didn't think we would get any snow here at all.
  9. Cloudy afternoon and evening with hail showers and 8.1mm of rainfall today. Temperature 4.7°C. Wind speed 16mph gusting to 23mph highest gust today 53mph. Pressure 998mb Steady
  10. Wet and windy here today the highest gust being 50mph so far. The Met Office has downgraded my chances of snow for tonight and Tuesday morning it's just saying rain now with some sleet showers. The GFS is still saying light snow tonight but just can't see that happening here.
  11. Cloudy with rain showers and windy all of this morning and early afternoon. Temperature 7.2°C. Wind speed 35mph gusting to 45mph highest gust today 50mph. Pressure 1002mb Falling
  12. It was sunny in the early part of the afternoon but gradually got more cloudy later. Temperature 5.6°C. Wind speed 14mph gusting to 25mph highest gust today 37mph. Pressure 1022mb Falling
  13. It was cloudy earlier this morning and we had a heavy hail shower at one point. Its cleared up now though nice and sunny. I'm not sure what my chances are for snow tomorrow the GFS is going for snow showers on Monday night into Tuesday morning and the Met Office show's hail and sleet showers so might see something wintry at least.
  14. It was cloudy for a while and had a heavy hail shower but its cleared up now to sunshine. Temperature 6.3°C. Wind speed 18mph gusting to 30mph highest gust today 37mph. Pressure 1020mb Rising
  15. Stayed cloudy and dull for the rest of the afternoon. Temperature 7.2°C. Wind speed 10mph gusting to 15mph highest gust today 32mph. Pressure 1010mb Rising
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