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  1. Minimum temperature here reached -2.4c last night my new lowest temperature so far. Today has been slightly warmer than yesterday where the temperature only reached 0.2c in the afternoon while today it reached 2.7c so all the frost and some ice has gone now.
  2. Got down to -1.7c earlier this morning the temperature this afternoon so far has only reach 0.2c its still frosty outside.
  3. Just rained here last night but we do have some snow on the hills. On Saturday night it got down to -1.1c my lowest temperature so far since last winter and last night not as cold at 2.4c.
  4. Latest highest gusts a collection of airport, private and Met Office weather stations, Ireland South Rock Buoy 76mph M6 Buoy 63mph Inishbofin School 62mph Buoy 62023 60mph Belmullet 56mph Mace Head 55mph M4 Buoy 54mph Roches Point 54mph Magilligan 53mph Galway Airport 52mph Curran Point, Larne Lough 52mph Malin Head 50mph Dooneen 49mph Corclogh West 48mph Edernish island 48mph Ballypatrick Forest 47mph Sherkin Island 43mph M3 Buoy 43mph Connaught 41mph Glenanne 41mph Cork Airport 39mph Belfast / Aldergrove Airport 37mph Castlederg 34mph Belfast / Harbour 31mph Scotland Drimsdale 55mph Tiree 54mph Islay 51mph Machrinhanish 49mph Campbeltown 47mph South Uist Range 47mph
  5. A quick look at some of the current top gusts across Ireland and other Western parts the Fastnet Lighthouse reported a gust of 66mph around 8am/9am this morning.
  6. Hurricane Lorenzo will start to move over the Azores tonight and during tomorrow morning the image below shows the ECM's predicted gusts at 10am on Wednesday, Today the models are in much better agreement over the path it will take when it makes it's way towards the UK and Ireland. This morning the ECM and Met Office look similar with it just to the North West of Ireland on Thursday night, Met Office Fax Chart, ECM gust chart for the same time its showing gusts around 60 to 70mph across the West coast of Ireland with some places possibly seeing higher gusts however it's important to note that how deep the low pressure will get still seems uncertain the Met Office has it at 976mb while the ECM is deeper at 962mb, Friday 10am the ECM has the low pressure weaken to 984mb as it moves South East across Ireland giving strong gusts in land mostly around 50mph but some places seeing more up to 60mph, Later on Friday the ECM has gusts around 50mph for parts of Wales mainly across the West and South along with the South West of England, The above scenario is just one of two possible outcomes that the models seem to be showing but at the moment it does have more support as the Met Office, ECM, GEM, ARPEGE, JMA and NAVGEM all show something similar to this and just recently this morning the latest GFS run has changed to support this. So the second possible outcome is what the ICON shows. It's keeping it further North West the image below is for Thursday afternoon as the low pressure brushes pass Ireland the Western coast gets gusts over 50mph, Instead of moving South East it heads North West and weakens overnight into Friday morning bringing just a rather standard windy day for Western Scotland, But it's not just the wind to be concerned about its also going to bring a lot of rain to some places the ICON is showing a rain accumulation of 40 to 60mm over Norhern parts of the country with parts of Southern Scotland seeing over 100mm, The ECM shows something a bit less extreme for the next 5 days with parts of Southern Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales seeing 40 to 50mm, A look at the wave height for Azores on Wednesday 10am showing 54 foot waves, Possible wave height of over 40 foot on Thursday evening for the West coast of Ireland,
  7. A slight change over night in the models on the path it will take the ARPEGE, JMA, ICON and NAVGEM are keeping it further West into the Atlantic which will keep the worst of the winds away from hitting land although coastal parts of Ireland are still at risk of seeing some strong winds if this happens, A closer look at the ECM gusts on Thursday night strong gusts affecting Western parts of Ireland. North Western parts of Ireland on Friday morning gusts, The ICON shows below even that would bring a brief spell of strong winds to Ireland despite being one of the models having things a bit more further West, The GFS has been consistent agreeing with most of the other models keeping it further West but the 06z run this morning it made a change to agree with the ECM a comparison between the two at Friday 4am can be seen below, The GFS has it placed slightly more South to the ECM giving the North West Ireland strong winds, The Met Office FAX chart which is valid for Thursday afternoon has the storm to the South West of Ireland which is further South than what the ECM and GFS have it at the same time, The image below shows the GEM model is very similar to the Met Office for Thursday night, A bit of a closer look at the GEM model shows the strongest winds affecting Western Ireland while the Norhern parts miss out on the highest winds, The models aren't still sure yet the GFS changing it's mind this morning shows that the models are still trying to work it out. What they do agree on is that Ireland will at the moment see some windy weather but exactly how bad and where is too early to say yet.
  8. Both the GFS and ICON models are keen on sending it West out into the Atlantic this would mean the worst of the winds would miss hitting land, The ECM, Met Office, GEM and NAVGEM are all in agreement of having it further East and a bit more South closer to Ireland and the South of England, ECM gusts on Thursday night and early Friday morning
  9. GFS 00z and 06z have a similar track, The GFS shows Ireland get a direct hit on Thursday afternoon, As it moves east it will bring strong winds to Wales and parts of England, Early Friday morning see's winds easing for Ireland but windy over Wales and most of England, The ECM takes a very similar path to the GFS just slightly more North, But the ECM appears to be an outlier its ensembles don't fully agree with it. Since the ECM tracks over the South of Scotland I've searched for the location Ayr in Scotland you can see the air pressure differences, The ECM could still be right I saw it happened at least twice last winter with storms the ensembles didn't back it up to begin with but over time did. The other possibility is that it could track further West into the Atlantic and miss out on hitting any land entirely this was shown on a few models yesterday but most models have backed away from this idea today but it is still possible, NAVGEM 00z had it further South so the worst of the winds would miss some Northern parts of Ireland and South of Scotland compared to the ECM but Southern parts along Ireland, Wales and England would see very windy weather, The final thing that the models seem to suggest is it heading even further South into the Bay of Biscay which wouldn't really bring any severe wind speeds to the UK and Ireland, It's still a long way and at this stage any one of these scenarios could happen so it is worth keeping a watch.
  10. It was a lovely sunny day here in Barra although cold in the North Easterly wind. Here are some photos I took today,
  11. Some sunshine in between the heavy showers took this picture today of a rainbow. All week its been mainly cloudy, windy and mild and it looks like this is going to continue for another week.
  12. Just went and checked the Met Office stations and those uploading to Weather Underground as well the highest gusts from Friday and Saturday morning from around Scotland, Gilmilnscroft Catrine 82mph Loch Carrie 75mph Dundrennan 74mph Fleet Bay Solway Firth 73mph Sannox Isle of Arran 69mph Forth Bridge 66mph Lower Milovaig Isle of Skye 65mph Isle of Barra 64mph Letham Shank Farm Berwick-upon-Tweed 64mph Giffnock Glasgow 64mph West Freugh 63mph Prestwick Airport 62mph Charterhall 60mph Kingsbarns Fife 60mph Tiree Airport 59mph Loch Glacarnoch 59mph Maybole 58mph Aboyne 57mph Campbeltown 57mph Glasgow Airport 56mph Leuchars 55mph Eskdalemuir 55mph Bunessan Isle of Mull 55mph
  13. Highest gust here in Barra so far is still 64mph from just before 12pm. Its been cloudy with rain up to 20mm and windy all day. I went out later in the afternoon and got some photos looking out West to the Atlantic.
  14. Wet and windy here today with a top gust of 64mph so far. I went on Weather Underground to look at all the weather stations there since it's windy across a lot of Scotland today below is a list of the highest gusts so far also includes some airports and Met Office weather stations, Glen Ogle 68mph Catrine 68mph Castlebay Isle of Barra 64mph Forth Bridge 61mph Tiree 59mph Maybole 58mph Lower Milovaig Isle of Skye 57mph Glasgow Airport 55mph Eskdalemuir 55mph Bunessan, Isle of Mull 55mph Fleet Bay, Solway Firth 54mph West Freugh 53mph Isle of Eigg 52mph Campbeltown 52mph Islay 52mph Oban Marina 51mph South Uist 51mph Dundrennan 51mph Edinburgh Airport 50mph Inverkip 47mph Carsluith 47mph Glasgow Bishopton 46mph Langton Place Newton Mearns 46mph Aberdeen Airport 44mph Roberton 44mph Brodick Isle of Arran 43mph
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