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  1. Having just recently moved away from Barra last year the fires would happen every year I lived there and most of the time always gets out of control about 2 years ago the island saw the worst fire in a long time someone started a fire and just left it uncontrolled the wind direction made the fire move across the island over hills and far away from any of the main roads which made it difficult for the fire crew to try and put it out. The fire the next morning reached the North end of the island and was closing in on some houses the fire crew from Uist another island came over on the ferry and the local airport fire engine also helped out to finally stop it. Apart from some fences being burnt no one was injured and no serious damage was done. There are people on the island that do it the proper way and keep it under control but often it's just one careless group of people that cause the fires to get out of control.
  2. For my location overall the winter wasn't anything amazing but not too bad either. November saw a good number of sunny days along with frosts and icy weather while we went into December it turned unsettled for the first half with wet and windy weather but by the time Christmas and New Year arrived high pressure came in control to give us a settled spell of weather which was a welcome and I saw more icy and frosty weather that certainly gave it a more Christmas feel. January started off unsettled again with more wet and windy weather and even a storm but similarly to December by the middle of the month high pressure returned to give us more settled weather however nothing cold or snowy and by this point I was wondering if we were actually going to get any snow at all this winter. The first week of February was still on the mostly settled side but as we started the second week it turned very unsettled with stormy weather bringing us very wet and windy weather I remember one morning we had a bit of thunder as well. Despite this winter probably being remembered as bad I still think we got off lightly with the storms for about 2 weeks during February most weather models at long range showed some serious storms hitting the UK a perfect example of this would be the GFS 18z run on the 3rd of February, I've never seen something like that before in the 9 years I've been model watching the isobars are so tightly packed and the GFS was showing mean wind speeds of around 100mph the highest I've ever seen it say is around 90mph. But it wasn't just the GFS other weather models and the ensembles often showed very bad storms coming to the UK and I feel lucky that we didn't see any of them come true and while one of two did verify they were so far out in the Atlantic they didn't impact us too much. Back to February I remember it just seemed to be a month that just never ended and made worst by the fact it was 29 days this year! It was just constant wind and rain however we did finally at one point get some snow showers it wasn't anything amazing enough to build a snowman but I was just happy to finally see some snow at last. The same unsettled pattern continued into March for the first 2 weeks until we finally saw some much needed high pressure arrive to give us dry weather after a very wet February. This is why I voted for "Quite Rubbish" while for the most part it was rubbish with the fact I saw some snow, experienced a brief thunderstorm and had a decent amount of frosty icy days and also managed to dodge a million killer storms predicted by the weather models it was in the end not too bad.
  3. It's been a few weeks since I last posted the weather here in Dunoon has been pretty good recently plenty of days with no rain or wind and sunny as well thanks to that high pressure. On Monday we had a max temp of 11.6c our highest since the 23rd of October a sign at last spring is here. It's all change today though colder in the strong North Westerly wind with gusts around 40mph but for now its still staying dry with some sunny spells. It's looking to stay unsettled for the next few days but at least according to the 00z ECM high pressure may try to make a brief return at the start of next week.
  4. This week so far in Dunoon has been cloudy with showers no real change then! Today was very windy for a while in the afternoon with a few heavy hail showers but mostly it's all just been rain. The snow on the hills around here has almost gone now. The good news is high pressure looks to be coming in next week giving us some drier and settled weather but how long it will last is still uncertain at the moment.
  5. It was a nice sunny day here in Dunoon the best day of weather we've had in a few days after going about 5 days straight with heavy showers and mostly cloudy. Went out this afternoon to take some photos a few of the hills still with snow on them, Some boats sitting outside Greenock in the distance, A look over to Gourock, And looking over to Gourock again possibly some of Greenock and I believe that's also Erskine bridge in the distance as well just shows you how good the visibility was today.
  6. Its been a cloudy day here we had a few heavy sleet showers earlier on today. Most of the snow we had on the ground has melted away today.
  7. Nice pictures I didn't know you came over to Dunoon today in the picture above is actually where I live in one of the houses on the right lol.
  8. Overnight we had some more snow with a light covering on the ground this morning. This afternoon so far has been sunny with a few hail and sleet showers passing through.
  9. Got some pictures of the snow here in Dunoon the shower lasted at least half an hour and its just started to snow again, One of the sheep in the field was the first to notice and went down the hill to shelter, The rest soon followed, Once it cleared the sun came back out and it left a light dusting of snow on the field something I haven't seen this winter, The hills still looking snowy, @Mr Frost Yes we have settling snow on the grass over here just a small amount though and on the cars as well. The roads and pavements are all still clear.
  10. Currently heavy snow here in Dunoon and its actually started to settle on the ground for once, Earlier today it was clearer and sunny and still plenty of snow on the hills,
  11. We had some sleet and snow showers in the morning but it didn't settle at low level still just on the hills. Today has been cloudy but mostly on the dry side.
  12. The showers have eased off today here in Dunoon but a few are still about at least the wind has finally gone down. In between the showers we had some nice sunshine and the snow still remains on the hills also saw a few rainbows appear today its still cold with a low of 2.6c at 10.57am currently at 5pm the temp is 4.5c.
  13. Very heavy showers with strong gusts last night around 60mph here. This morning at 10.30am and again at 11.30am we had some thunder followed by a very heavy hail shower.
  14. Possible storm coming on Monday for Scotland but there's still come uncertainty over it as explained in this video So what do the models show this evening? Well between the GFS, ECM and ICON all show a similar track with the low passing over highlands, Which would mean the strongest winds would be over the central belt from about 12pm to 9pm on Monday I think it would bring very strong gusts inland as the low pressure is passing right over Scotland most of the lows and storms we've had this winter have been out in the Atlantic this time it looks like it's going to actually move over inland. So what gusts can we expect? Between the GFS, ECM and ICON they show mainly 60 to 70mph with some exposed parts much higher it's difficult to say at this stage and would need to wait until the day before when the higher res models give a clearer picture on what to expect it could still downgrade and not come to much or move North as the video mentions and wouldn't be as bad. GFS 12z take on the gusts, 12pm 60 to 70 mph in the South West possibly just under 80mph for exposed parts, 3pm Similar wind speed speeds but moving further inland, 6pm and 9pm Widespread gusts over 60mph inland with exposed parts over 70mph, 12am Tuesday winds start to ease in the West but still remain strong in the East with 60mph gusts still being widespread for many parts,
  15. All week here in Dunoon its been wet and windy with constant heavy showers mostly just rain but some had a bit of hail mixed in. Today has probably been the best day of weather this week so far we've had some sunshine and also around 2pm we had a heavy snow shower mixed with a bit of sleet and hail too it was enough to turn the place white and stayed that way for at least 2 hours something we haven't had this winter so far the temperature before the heavy shower arrived was 3.6c and dropped to 1.7c in just 15 minutes.
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