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  1. Are the lapse rates different depending on air mass? Ecm uppers of -8 would normally give +3/+4 at 2meters wouldn't they? This would make snowfall marginal.
  2. Bound to be some wobbles given all the different models and runs. Overall output still looks almost perfect to me
  3. Its a balmy 9c here in the West Midland today. My other half Susie Bear, thinks is cold already. Told her to get her thermal draws ready for next week.
  4. 4am and there is Who's Online 40 Members, 1 Anonymous, 159 Guests you know something is a foot lol.
  5. Well lets hope we all get a decent spell, and of course our friends in Ireland as well
  6. Or is it Eagle"s location, being further west in Ireland, any southward correction would effect him more? I'm a pessimist by nature, and now I'm concerned
  7. And yet other are ramping the charts up. Are we going to get buried, or is it all going to end up in France?
  8. Because you use phrases like "blink and you will miss it" and "short and sweet" When I'm sure you are aware that even if this solution verifies, it would be a 4+ day very cold event. Many on here would gladly take that
  9. Already 1000 viewing the site, members + guests. The record stands at 3100 11/01/2017
  10. Impressive and exciting charts no doubt. But very much FI. Some of the charts shown are two weeks away!!!!!!!.
  11. Is it ever going to come ? Seem to be always 7-10 days away
  12. Looking out to the west and north it seems very hit and miss for the West Midlands. Unless its going to pep up later, cant see it amounting to much
  13. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Well I can see your posts, if that helps
  14. Check out the UKMO GFS Ops see what you think