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  1. Im hoping to see some more LATER TONIGHT
  2. https://www.netweather.tv/secure/cgi-bin/premium.pl?action=radarv7;sess=da668cd7bbcdaec95ca3e3d3726293a9
  3. precipitation would be further east ??
  4. Is the Euro 4 , a top model though. Is it up with the gfs and ecm and the like?
  5. One line of showers to far north, the other line too far south. The black country snow shield fully working lol.
  6. light snow here in Wednesbury. Encouraging that the showers are making it over to the West Midlands, considering there is Little in the way of wind yet
  7. That was very true in the good old days of the 70s and 80s. But we are in different times now Can the beast walk the walk in 2018, when challenged
  8. Not one flake of snow has fallen yet lol. and already folks taking about an early thaw. Lets get some of the white stuff down first, even that's going to be hit and miss.
  9. Iberian lows normally end up being further south nearer the time dont they?
  10. I guess we all really want a lot of snow AND an extended period of very cold weather
  11. Your take on the Icon Steve, and that shortwave
  12. When are Icon"s ensembles out. see what support if any the run has
  13. We hope the Icon is a rouge run, without support.