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  1. Lots of berries on the trees and bushes this year, apparently means a bad winter, winter 2013/2014 forecasting = sorted
  2. Well, that Exacta Weather forecast would be cracking for us coldies, not too cracking for the gas bill however Still, a very long way off as yet
  3. Winter Is Coming :)

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    2. Eugene


      Alot of strange people on here counting down winter in only September, I don't see anybody doing that about summer in March, kidding yourself big time if you think a warm season is just around the corner

    3. March Blizzard

      March Blizzard

      Don't know about that, Eugene. There's plenty of "summer talk" on here by March!

    4. Eugene


      I mean't putting the weeks and days until the summer solstice in March, nobody does that but summer sun does for the winter solstice in September, it's trolling if you ask me.

  4. Ours was put on for the first time autumn/winter 2013/2014 this morning, just to take the edge off the cool (16c), now a comfortable 20c
  5. is it too early to be hoping for a snowy winter?

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