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  1. the Met office are giving gusts of around 45mph for London about 5pm.....the center of 'Brian' is around Dublin now heading NE i think
  2. no, not as wild as Monday, maybe top out around 70mph +/- a couple today, they give peak here about mid-day.... a mere Autumn breeze for Pembrokeshire
  3. http://www.raintoday.co.uk/ showing a nice rain wall around the center of 'Brian'...(most prob not 'nice' if you are under it)
  4. nice 'eye' http://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-5.27,54.70,2162
  5. squall line was a bit wild to say the least......http://www.raintoday.co.uk/
  6. Yes Tony it was pretty interesting down this way, sleet, snow ,rain, thunderstorm all at the same time, that tornado made the news UK wide
  7. 60mph here now, more big gusts than constant high wind, and the rain sounds more like hail with the speed its being blown, but the worst is still an hour or two away i think.
  8. All sent home about 13:00, roads closed because of downed trees, one of ours here hasnt blown over it has snapped off about 5ft off the ground and that is a 25ft conifer, houses have been damaged in the local towns and roads closed to, still like a low drone noise all the time then a howling gust, terrible, worst yet by far.
  9. the strange thing for me is you usually get the strongest wind/gust when it rains, but not today, wind seems to ease a touch when a shower goes through, now here is bright blue sunny sky.......but the wind is horrendous,
  10. http://vts.mhpa.co.uk/current_weatherb.asp and this is in the harbour, got power flashing here now, hear thunder to, but can only just hear it because of the wind howling around the house......
  11. http://vts.mhpa.co.uk/current_weatherb.asp and this is in the harbour, what somewhere like St Anns head would record would be worse stil
  12. Schools out, trees down and sirens going past the house here, lights flashing in here to, i think it will go altogether in a min......really really wild now
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