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  1. Thanks George wx for the explanation. Steavestorms I am SSSsssssooooo jealous !!!!!!! I didnt receive any email notification that there would be an aura and had given up actively looking some time ago Also in Norfolk Mum saw your photograph on the news and told me only way I found out You can see it on iplayer just fast forward to near the end http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01b4fgs/Look_East_East_23_01_2012/
  2. LOL I do that but then I kick myself for not having just done it in the first place and the worst part is I never seem to learn my lesson !
  3. Thats more or less the conclusion I have been coming to but from a far more reputable source. If you read the "few examples of prior events" there is no evidence of domestic appliance failure or cars which some doomsday reports have claimed. The research I found from the aurora storm effect point of view reads like doomsday but if you look up how to protect electrical equipment it tends to be unplug and/or put it in a cardboard box and cover with aluminum foil. I can only assume that the aurora storm reports are accounting for the effects of all the people who have not unplugged their electr
  4. I knew I should have put my beans in earlier. Ive been a bit surprised about the effects, I expected the grouse to have a good year as the cold would probably kill the parasites that have been causing them problems but it has also been a good year for several insects ladybirds, swallowtails butterflies and I have never seem as many humming-bird hawk-moths as this year before which I would not have expected. Well I thought I would rent a lorry and put all my electrical appliances in it I just wanted to protect my hard drives as I have lost all my photographs before when I had just start
  5. Thanks jonboy great website http://www.landscheidt.info/ They think it will be another cold winter I see I was having a search yesterday and found that a faradays cage will prevent damage from aurora, as I already have one when would you need to use it ? I take it when the aurora is expected to be seen and not when the flare has first appeared on the sun !?
  6. Thank you Kar999 very interesting ! I thought the photograph was manipulated until I read down to the caption, never seen one like that before, amazing. "The strongest geomagnetic storm on record is the Carrington Event of August-September 1859"" Lights spread as far south as Cuba and Hawaii; auroras over the Rocky Mountains were so bright, the glow woke campers who began preparing breakfast because they thought it was morning." All the doomsday films they have been making on viruses and climate change not long before the aurora version comes out, its just hard to believe that something so
  7. I heard that x class flares could destroy electrical equipment etc. How can you protect them ? Does storing them in a fireproof safe do anything to offer protection against flares ?
  8. Maximum Minimum maximum minimum maximum minimum http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wallbash.gif
  9. [quote name= Something I do if I think there's activity, and I'm not sure if the glow ia aurora, is take a photo of the northern sky with a digital camera capable of a long exposure (5-15 secs, enough to bring out the stars). Most aurora is a very particular colour of green - if you see that green in the photo, then it's definitely aurora - yellow-orange is probably streetlight glow, blue probably twilight, whitish probably cloud. Your eyes don't see colours well in the dark, so this is a way of removing a little doubt if you're standing around in the cold! sss
  10. All very interesting I will catch up with the links latter though. Very happy to hear about the water melons http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/yahoo.gif I had my reservations. I had noticed that there seemed to be alot of earthquakes recently and wondered if they could set each other off or something so it was interesting to hear about the sun connection !
  11. I had read people saying (so long ago cant remember who) that there was no direct correlation between the suns activity and the whether. But as the sun was so inactive I had thought it might be a cold winter which it was and with the recent activity I am wondering if it will be a hot summer !? Im trying to grow watermelons this year slightly bias !
  12. I wasnt accusing you of lying I just wanted to know if you actually saw them from London !
  13. I started when it became minimum as well. Your location says London and you say you are reasonably placed and have witnessed several good shows, I am in Norfolk/Suffolk and was under the impression I would be incredibly lucky to see one !? Is there hope for me yet !
  14. Few, thanks ! I thought for a minute that the animals were taking over the world through the internet http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif
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