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  1. Very muggy here at the moment... And very gentle rain... Although looking at the latest storm radar, things might get interesting soon! Plus the U.K. Meto have just enlarged their yellow thunderstorm warning to include my area!
  2. Afternoon everyone. Well its been a classic morning here in North Wales so far... Dull, grey, cool, but around midday the sun finally burnt through the grey crud and it’s started to heat up quite nicely. But sadly about half an hour ago the grey crud returned... This is gonna be a 50/50 one for me I think. But the good news is that things appear to be starting to kick off around the Kettering area. As always good luck to everyone with this today.
  3. I see that some folks had thunderstorms yesterday... Meanwhile, I had overnight drizzle. :wallbash:

  4. The say that March is a month of may weathers, and the 06z run from the GFS seems to confirm this. Saturday night into Sunday looks like it could be a little be breezy for the north and west of the UK. Monday looks unsettled to say the least! And then we appear to be in an Atlantic driven flow, with frequent north westerly incursions.But by the end of the run, high pressure looks to slowly moving in from the Azores introducing a more settled conditions... But this is way into FI. One thing is for certain, with the jet stream moving much further south, its gonna feel much colder than what it has done of late. But, there does look to be lots of weather coming up, so plenty to keep an eye on. (I don't know why this hasn't posted the final chart? )
  5. Last year wasn't too bad, but there was a bit of a thunder drought in the summer. Friday the 1st of June last year we had three separate single cell storms move through one after another... It was great seeing the next one brew up after one had passed. Then the thunder drought of 2018 was broken on Sunday the 12 of August, and we had quite a nice little evening storm for about half an hour or so, which left some beautiful convective cloudscapes. And then on Friday the 21st of September, and extremely blustery day, we had a couple of distant rumbles from a storm that was over towards Ellesmere Port way, but we had blue skies! So far this year we've had one small storm that produced a few flashes and a couple of good rumbles, and a covering of hailstones as well. But as I said in my previous post, although I've seen an increase in the amount of thunder days for this area, the type of storm has dramatically altered! I just hope we don't have to wait too long before our next thundery outbreak.
  6. I wonder... If this lovely weather that we've got at the moment was to happen during say, May, June, July, August, or September, I wonder if it would probably end in a nice big and juicy thundery breakdown? 🌩️:oldrolleyes:
    Ahh well, its nice to be back... Even if I have got a gammy leg. :friends:

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. lassie23


      is that permanent

    3. cheeky_monkey


      my Dad had a DVT in his leg when he was 50 almost killed him..he is still with us at 86 but has been on constant blood thinners so has had a gammy leg for 36 years

    4. Dangerous55019


      WOW!! I'm sorry to hear about yours Dad's encounter with a DVT @cheeky_monkey, but the good news is that he's still here. :oldgood:
      I really don't know is the honest answer @lassie23:unsure2:

  7. Hello everyone. Yes I have now woken up from my winter hibernation... I am whats probably known as a reformed coldie. ... I used to love the cold and snow, but as I've got older and the aches and pains set in... Well, enough of my ailments, I have to say this weather outside is absolutely beautiful. But as we all wonder what spring 2019 holds in store for us, I've just had a look on Gavs Weather Vids' and I see that Terry Scholey has released his spring 2019 forecast! I won't spoil it for you, but its an interesting read... Especially for May!! https://www.gavsweathervids.com/terryscholey.html
  8. WOO HOO!! The first thunder of 2019! Yep... I can confirm thunder and lightning on the Dee Estuary. By the looks of it just a one flash, one bang wonder... But I ain’t complaining.
  9. The sky is black around here and everywhere is white with hailstones... Wnd it looks like something is starting to kick off, just off the North Wales coast!
  10. Well, up here in North East Wales we had our first snow of the winter today.
  11. So I've briefly woken from my winter hibernation and had a quick look in the MOD thread, and the model banter thread... Dear lord!! :blink2:
    The one thing that struck me was how stressed everyone is over a snowflake! ... Or lack of! Forecasting, hopecasting, wishcasting...Lol. :oldlaugh:
    Seriously though, I hope you all get the cold and snow that you're all craving, and in the mean time, I'm going back to my winter hibernation, to carry on dreaming of thunderstorms. :friends:🌩️:oldgood:

    1. lassie23


      it's garbage the weather

    2. karyo


      @Dangerous55019 you don't like snow? Obviously you are not missing much either way this winter.

      By the way, I got a total of 0 thunderstorms last year. It was a record for me.

    3. Dami


      it was colder today.

  12. Now’t happening for me today, but I’ve just seen this little beauty over towards the Liverpool, Manchester area.
  13. There was a beautiful sky in the wake of that storm. Let’s just hope that it’s broken the storm drought of 2018.
  14. Just had a good rumble of thunder... Sandycroft area of Deeside by the looks of it. And another one!!
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