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  1. We’ve just had a really heavy power shower! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything this afternoon, but after that, something MIGHT kick off. This is what I can see as it heads off towards Helsby area.
  2. We’ve now got ‘normal rain’ here @SarahWxm... But sadly it looks like the electrical side has now died. But it was a pleasant little storm whilst it lasted.
  3. Sadly I think it has @Chris.R
  4. Here’s a close up of the lightning map @Summerstorm
  5. Evening @Summerstorm Its about a flash every minute to two minutes.
  6. The lightning is this side of Hope Mountain @SarahWxm
  7. This is really weird... This storm is more or less right over me, and yet we have no rain!
  8. Third storm incoming! This time from the Wrexham area!
  9. So as the first storm sadly dies off, we have got a spectacular convective cloudscape in its wake... But then I looked to the other side... And we’ve got another storm kicking off over the Buckley area!!
  10. The storm appears to have honed in on Caerwys.
  11. Good afternoon @Chris.R Its coming up from the south mate. But the thunder is now getting more frequent and louder.
  12. Confirmed thunder and lightning here in North Wales.
  13. Just seen this little beastie brewing up nicely behind the hill.
  14. Evening @SarahWxm There is still hope I suppose, as it looks like things have kicked off again north of Oxford... Let’s see what happens.