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  1. Well, its fast approaching midnight on the 30th November, and autumn 2019 is almost over. But even the autumn lover here has to admit that its been a bit of a grey, and wet ole autumn, but oddly quite calm, with no gales or storms that i can think of. Although we have had quite a few misty foggy days, which I have to be honest I do enjoy, plus that lovely sunny spell towards the middle of September, and the one towards the end of October which have all been very welcome Ahh well... Until next summer, when I (usually) get my first pangs of the coming autumn, all I can say is farewell autumn, and lets hope you're a tad dryer next year.
  2. So as I pulled my boots on this morning to drag a seriously unimpressed hound out for his morning walkies, I knew it was going to be quite misty over the fields this morning, but I wasn’t expecting to see the sun breaking through when I set out. Sadly we don’t seem to get the classic grey foggy November days around here anymore... Maybe it’s the lack of coal fires? I dunno. But there is something about a misty foggy day in the autumn that just seems right.
  3. It’s another beautiful misty and frosty start to the day here.
  4. Some lovely convective cloudscapes happening over Merseyside at the moment.
  5. Well, as others have said it’s currently shaping up to be a very wet autumn, but it hasn’t been continuous rain here (thank goodness!). But one thing I did notice at the start of this month was that the gentle mists of August and September have started to give way to proper fogs, and perpetual dampness. A gentle reminder that autumn is a season of change... From summer to winter.
  6. With the equilux now gone, we now have more darkness than daylight for the first time since the 17th March! Also we are now loosing daylight at its fastest rate! ... Currently four minutes and nine seconds a day! So I'd say that we're now pretty much at full speed towards the clock change and Halloween.
  7. I have to say that last week certainly felt like September, with that last burst of warmth... This week feels like October has come early!
  8. Here comes the fog. Its a right ole misty, murky day in this neck of the woods. In fact it’s the sort of still, grey mistiness that wouldn’t be out of place in October or November! Sooooo atmospheric.
  9. I have to say what an absolutely beautiful Septembers day, today has been. To me, this is how September should be... Just need this mist and fog in a morning now and as far as I'm concerned... Perfection will have been achieved.
  10. But remember that we are now in September, and whilst we could very well get a late burst of summer, the longer nights mean that the temperatures will soon drop away! The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is now well and truly up on us. ... And swerving swiftly back on topic... Morning everyone, here is a look at what the CFS is showing for the next four weeks... Now I'm no professional, but my take on these charts is that high pressure is gonna be anchored pretty close to us here in the UK. So I think it feel rather pleasant by day, but with the obvious cool down come evening time. Now then is it gonna be warm? Or is it gonna be cool? Time will tell on that... But I do know that I've seen far worse looking in June! Early June this year being a classic example! So lets see how things pan out, but I'd say that we looking at a very fine and settled autumn period, with nothing much to complain about.
  11. I'm hoping that the return of the high pressure will allow the misty mornings and evenings to return...
  12. And here it is... the 1st of September... And that autumnal nip in the air is very noticeable this morning! Hello Autumn!
  13. Ahhhhh... The joys of sorting horses out in the darkness... And mud! Only another eight weeks to go before we are at that point again.
  14. First time on earlies since the early part of August, and I'm shocked at how much the darkness at the morning part of the day has come on! Its like I've lost an hours worth of twilight!
  15. This season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is well underway this morning. Hello autumn!
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