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    Mellow autumn days are the best! Although I does enjoy a good thunderstorm.

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  1. WOO HOO!! The first thunder of 2019! ⛈️ Yep... I can confirm thunder and lightning on the Dee Estuary. By the looks of it just a one flash, one bang wonder... But I ain’t complaining.
  2. The sky is black around here and everywhere is white with hailstones... Wnd it looks like something is starting to kick off, just off the North Wales coast! ⛈️
  3. Well, up here in North East Wales we had our first snow of the winter today.
  4. So I've briefly woken from my winter hibernation and had a quick look in the MOD thread, and the model banter thread... Dear lord!! :blink2:
    The one thing that struck me was how stressed everyone is over a snowflake! ... Or lack of! Forecasting, hopecasting, wishcasting...Lol. :oldlaugh:
    Seriously though, I hope you all get the cold and snow that you're all craving, and in the mean time, I'm going back to my winter hibernation, to carry on dreaming of thunderstorms. :friends:🌩️:oldgood:

    1. lassie23


      it's garbage the weather

    2. karyo


      @Dangerous55019 you don't like snow? Obviously you are not missing much either way this winter.

      By the way, I got a total of 0 thunderstorms last year. It was a record for me.

    3. Dami


      it was colder today.

  5. Now’t happening for me today, but I’ve just seen this little beauty over towards the Liverpool, Manchester area.
  6. There was a beautiful sky in the wake of that storm. Let’s just hope that it’s broken the storm drought of 2018.
  7. Just had a good rumble of thunder... Sandycroft area of Deeside by the looks of it. And another one!!
  8. Yep... I heard the very distant grumblings
  9. Here’s the back edge of that cell now heading over the Wirral and towards Liverpool. Its coming your way @Chris.R
  10. Sadly the heatwave didn’t end with a bang for me, all we got was one very gentle shower of rain. But on the bright side, today we’ve got strong sunshine, a very strong and gusty breeze, and some beautiful convective cloudscapes going on.
  11. Morning all. Something appears to be trying to brew up over towards the Warrington/Manchester area. I don’t know if I’ll see anything storm wise today... But at the moment, there’s hope. 🌩️⛈️ As normal, good luck to everyone with this today. ... And if anyone is wondering about the orange band across the sun, it’s smoke from a wildfire that’s currently raging on Llantysilio Mountain near Llangollen. And I’ve no idea why the size of the text font has changed size? Lol
  12. WOO HOO!! The sound of distant thunder over towards my east. ⛈️
  13. The app on my phone has just told me that there has been a lightning strike less than ten miles away! 🌩️ Personally I never saw, heard or felt anything! But we have got heavy thundery rain though.
  14. Well, we’ve just had almost an hour and a half’s worth of proper thundery rain! And the gardens and fields are most grateful for it as well. But sadly no thunder. But hey... Although today looks like being a total bust for me, there looks to be a few more chances next week... Finger crossed anyway.