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    Horses, trains, cars, the weather, and also have a thing for food as well.
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    Mellow autumn days are the best! Although I does enjoy a good thunderstorm.

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  1. Morning @Mapantz😊 You beat me too it. Your post popped up just after I hit send. 😂
  2. Morning everyone 😊 A lot of water to go under the bridge between now and then… But the U.K. Meto have just issued a three day thunderstorm warning! 🌩⛈🥳👍🏻
  3. This morning I've got dark sombre glowering skies, and a really quite strong and gusty, but cooling wind... I have to say that it feels wonderful on my poor sunburnt skin. ☁️ 🌪️☁️😊 I have to say that from an IMBY persprective, summer 2021 has gotten off to an absolutely blistering start! ☀️ So this cooler spell today is really most welcome from my point of view.☀️🥵
  4. Evening everyone. 😊 I realise that I may be torn limb from limb and then battered with the soggy ends for saying this, but, as someone who was working outside in the direct sunlight this morning I was slowly being cooked! 🥵 When the cloud eventually rolled in this afternoon, a very pleasant cooling breeze came with it. From a personal perspective, it was a very welcome relief.
  5. @Paul ShermanI’d say that something changed more than 10 years ago. There’s a thread on here somewhere about a decline in thunder days which also highlights what you’ve said. From an IMBY perspective something has definitely altered! Having lived in the North East Wales/Chester area all my life I’ve also noticed a change. Before 2004 we always used to get one big storm a year (quite often at the end of May), and then that was it. Then came along 2004,2005… Absolutely horrible thunderless years… One distant rumble of thunder per year, and that was it! ☹️ Then one morning in
  6. Yet more convective frothyness in the skies over north east Wales… ☁️☁️☁️
  7. Morning everyone. 😊 I don’t know how well this is going to show up in this photo, but there looks to be some pretty strong convection starting to brew up over the Warrington/Runcorn area. ☁️🌩 I’ve got to be honest… I’m certainly not expecting anything to go bang… But hey… It’s still nice to see. 😊👍🏻
  8. Starting to go really dark over to my South west… Still got a feeling that this could be a bust. 🙁 I’m gonna take the dog for a quick walk… Just incase. Lol 😂
  9. Morning everyone. 😊 From an IMBY perspective just looking at these charts from the 00z run I have a feel that everything will be just too far south for me personally. But hey, the weather will do, what the weather will do! Lol 😄 As always, good luck to everyone today, and lets hope its a good and thundery one. 😁🌩️⛈️
  10. Morning everyone. 😊 With just four weeks to go until the solstice, today was our first pre 05:00 sunrise of 2021! 🌅
  11. Morning @markyo 😊 Seconded, thirded and fourthed mate. 😃👍🏻👍🏻 Morning @Bobafet😊 Hang in there mate… The good times will return. 🙏 Morning @Sunny76😊 Some people suffer with reverse S.A.D. I know I suffer with a form of it. The past few years I’ve been able to control mine quite well, but with the shock of loosing my Dad last year it’s brought it back for me big time. I fully understand where you’re coming from, as I’m surrounded by folk, just like your good self, who want long summer days and very short nights... Meanwhile I just want to crawl into a cave till al
  12. Evening @markyo 😊 It certainly has my friend. 😊🍁🍂🍃 Evening @Sunny76 and @hillbilly😊 In this neck of the woods, the darker evenings tend to be first noticeable from around the middle of July, although it is only marginal at that stage... But by the end of July its really becoming very prominent. The mornings however really get noticeably dark at a right ole pace... But most tend not to notice as its in what most normal people call the middle of the night. Lol 😂 But I have to be totally honest, the rate at which the mornings have gotten lighter over the past two w
  13. There looks to be a small thunderstorm over towards the Llangollen area at the moment. ⛈️😊 This is my current view of things…
  14. Morning everyone. 😊 Only another five weeks before the nights start getting longer again. 🌌 … I just had the urge to share this cheerful thought of mine with you all on a Monday morning. 😁 *shuffles back into dark corner for fear of brick bats coming my way* 👀
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