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    Horses, trains, cars, the weather, and also have a thing for food as well.
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    Mellow autumn days are the best! Although I does enjoy a good thunderstorm.

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  1. Just caught my first Daddy Longlegs of the season... Always a good harbinger of autumn.
  2. I’m outside currently watching this storm! Strobe effect lightning!!
  3. Holy Cow! That last clap of thunder sounded like a cannon going off!
  4. Just had a small storm pass over the other side of the Clwydian Range... A fair few good rumbles of thunder.
  5. After the horrendous heat and sweatfest of yesterday, the hill fog has rolled in. In fact it was yesterday evening, when I saw the first patch of mist starting to form on the side of the hills. The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is almost upon us.
  6. Morning @Wynter Same here mate... It’s felt very autumnal recently, and I’ve also fully enjoyed it. Speaking from an IMBY perspective, last night was extremely backendish around these parts. Now then, where are these proper cool, misty, early autumn mornings? As I’m certainly more than ready for them.
  7. On my way to say good morning to the horses, and I’ve noticed yet more trees just starting to gain their autumn plumage.
  8. More leaves on the turn... And the first of this years autumn leaves have fallen! Hello autumn.
  9. As long as it ends with a good ole thundery breakdown. ... But that’s for another thread.
  10. What an absolutely beautiful autumnal feeling morning it is today! Strong sunshine one way, dark glowering stormy looking skies the other, and a wonderful coolness to the air and breeze.
  11. Tonight is the first night that I’ve actually noticed the nights getting longer again. ... Mind you, the increasing darkness in a morning has been coming along for a while now.
  12. Morning everyone. I have to say that there’s a definite autumnal nip in the air this morning.
  13. Hello @Weather Enthusiast91 If that’s the case then I’m in the minority with you... As I too feel more at ease now that the nights are getting longer again. From a personal point of view, I love this period from the 1st of July up to Halloween... It’s that summer winding down and fading and autumn increasing that I absolutely love. Once Halloween has passed a strange switch happens to me, as I tend to fall out of love with autumn... Don’t get me wrong, I do like November and there is a real beauty in November, but the magic that is there throughout the rest of the season just vanishes. Now this is the bit that’s really weird with me, by the time we get to December, I tend to find myself craving a bit of extra daylight... But again by the time we get to January, that bit of extra daylight makes me more comfortable... But anyway I’m veering way off topic now. But yes I too find beauty in all of the seasons, but this late summer/early to mid autumn is the one I love the most.
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