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  1. Here comes the fog. Its a right ole misty, murky day in this neck of the woods. In fact it’s the sort of still, grey mistiness that wouldn’t be out of place in October or November! Sooooo atmospheric.
  2. I have to say what an absolutely beautiful Septembers day, today has been. To me, this is how September should be... Just need this mist and fog in a morning now and as far as I'm concerned... Perfection will have been achieved.
  3. But remember that we are now in September, and whilst we could very well get a late burst of summer, the longer nights mean that the temperatures will soon drop away! The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is now well and truly up on us. ... And swerving swiftly back on topic... Morning everyone, here is a look at what the CFS is showing for the next four weeks... Now I'm no professional, but my take on these charts is that high pressure is gonna be anchored pretty close to us here in the UK. So I think it feel rather pleasant by day, but with the obvious cool down come evening time. Now then is it gonna be warm? Or is it gonna be cool? Time will tell on that... But I do know that I've seen far worse looking in June! Early June this year being a classic example! So lets see how things pan out, but I'd say that we looking at a very fine and settled autumn period, with nothing much to complain about.
  4. I'm hoping that the return of the high pressure will allow the misty mornings and evenings to return...
  5. And here it is... the 1st of September... And that autumnal nip in the air is very noticeable this morning! Hello Autumn!
  6. Ahhhhh... The joys of sorting horses out in the darkness... And mud! Only another eight weeks to go before we are at that point again.
  7. First time on earlies since the early part of August, and I'm shocked at how much the darkness at the morning part of the day has come on! Its like I've lost an hours worth of twilight!
  8. This season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is well underway this morning. Hello autumn!
  9. During my early morning walk this morning I couldn’t help but notice that the autumn flame has been ignited once more... As this tree is definitely starting to show off it’s autumn plumage.
  10. Today is my first post 06:00 sunrise since the 20th of April! And I have to say that its noticeably darker this morning than say a week ago.
  11. I do sometimes think about my first victim... Sorry I mean 'my first love'... We split up in the late 1980s... In fact she became a lesbian after going out with me! I do have my suspicions as to where that relationship went wrong. Lol Anyway, I bumped into her back in September 2006(?), and she had lost the urge to kill me, which is/was a bonus! Lol She seemed to be doing very well for herself, and doing what she wanted, and I hope and wish her all the very best for the future. But I do think that when we're young, we have difficulty trying to distinguish between 'First Love' and 'Lust at first sight'.
  12. Just getting ready for a Saturday evening barbecue... Sausages, burgers, black pudding, chicken, corn on the cob, cheese, and of course... Baps! :oldgrin:
    ... Now where did I put that can of petrol? 🔥

    1. Iceaxecrampon


      Dont look at the latest GFS then 😐

    2. lassie23


      i had one too minus the pudding, had cake instead but can't stick that on the bbq . The toasted baps were awesome

  13. Give me cool and sunny any day! But if its got to be grey, then let it be misty and foggy, as at least mist and fog are atmospheric.
  14. Just been having a butchers at the 'Time and Date' website, and between now and the end of August we loose about an hours worth of day light! ... And I've just realised what I've said there... So if you dread the onset of the increasing darkness... Sorry about that. https://www.timeanddate.com/
  15. Evening everyone. Thought I'd throw in what the CFS V2 is forecasting, and see if this can shed a bit of light on the upcoming 'settled' spell. Week one shows us a trough of low pressure anchored just off the North West of Scotland, so I would imagine that being a continuation of this current unsettled/autumnal spell of weather. Week two however (which takes us pretty much through to the end of August) shows us here in the UK under a rather large ridge of high pressure, and I would say looking at it, that it could fetch us warm easterly winds! So if you're after a late burst of summer... This does look very promising indeed! And then weeks three and four, from the very end of August through to the 12th of September... One word... Plumey!!! Now as someone who enjoys thunderstorms, this has really gotten my interest! Two weeks worth of Spanish Plume(s)? Yes please!! As ever this is the CFS V2, so please take it with a gritter load of salt, but hey, lets see what happens.
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