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  1. Yes had the same here earlier, horrible freezing rain. Hopefully wont cause too much travel problems
  2. Afternoon all, Patiently awaiting the snow here in N.Essex. Hopefully will get a few cms before the thaw sets in. Anyone else in essex reporting snow?
  3. Morning!.woken up by loud thunder here in north Essex. Interesting skies!
  4. Evening all. Hopefully we shall see some thundery rain this far east. Waiting with anticipation!
  5. Evening all, A very windy day here especially this morning around 6-07:30. Very powerful gusts and plenty of trees down in the area.
  6. Holiday booked.... Roll on May :D Need to escape the cold and wet!!!

  7. Looking forward to going skiing in feb!!!

  8. Cheers for adding me as a friend :)

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