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  1. It shows anomaly of pressure, however, you have to be careful here, it does not necessarily show high pressure in those areas, particularly the first two charts. The average pressure around those areas might be 990mb, but the forecast is higher say 995mb, it is still low pressure but pressure is higher than normal, hence the above average anomalies. The only high pressure anomalies i take interest in are the off the scale black hole ones.
  2. Not massively though. There are heights to the NW and the East and the troughs are getting stuck around our latitude. The troughs are not really moving on a W-E axis into Europe.
  3. Over here in Northern Ireland, our apple tree and blackberry bushes were plentiful, seemed to thrive on the very dry Spring and Summer with just a bit of rain now and again. Also our veg patch was the best ever. Our soil is fairly poor clay and has to be heavily manured. The record breaking heat over here clearly helped.
  4. Not really, it is a three month mean after all. In fact, I think it shows Northerly chances with Western Greenland well above average and Iceland below average.
  5. Sure is. The Atlantic is as dead as a dodo. Will it last into Winter though?
  6. Yes, I know. but the weak 10hpa flow is leading to a weak sea level flow over the Atlantic.
  7. It must be a long time since the zonal flow over the Atlantic has been so weak for so long. High pressure dominant with talk of water shortages in Scotland over the Winter!!
  8. True, but in my experience, the only anomalies that count are the black hole ones, that are off the scale.
  9. Me neither. They can lead folk up the garden path, thinking that there will be huge Greenland Highs or something. All it could mean, is that rather than average pressure around 990mb it is actually 1000mb, which could still leave us in a Westerly airstream.
  10. If it ain't broken. Really struggling with it.
  11. It did look like the atlantic was going to come back in, but the jet stream seems really weak and is getting deflected away easily. if this hold until Winter...
  12. I thought it would have backed down from that scenario this morning, if anything, it has increased the risk. Will certainly wash the cobwebs away.
  13. A battle royale between the Atlantic and Scandi High, hopefully a repeat pattern for the Winter. If the Atlantic does make inroads against the block, any fronts may become stationary with large rainfall totals for those caught beneath. East looking best for once this year.
  14. The models showing an end to quite extraordinary dry period we've had in the North West with proper autumnal weather arriving next week. The benign weather has been great but I welcome the chance of some decent stormy weather.
  15. I remember Christmas Day 1984 when I was eleven as I got a BMX and it was lovely and dry to go out and ride it.
  16. Poor cloud forecast for today. Watched the forecast last night and it had wall to wall sunshine from dawn to dusk. Nothing but cloud for now and chilly.
  17. Cloudy over here, so just looks like the cloud is just moving around. Looking at the satellite picture, it is rather unusual with cloud in the East, then sun in the middle and then cloud in parts of the West.
  18. Stunning Summer has returned to the North West and looks set to stay for a couple of weeks. Just in time for the school's going back here!
  19. A win for Matt Hugo then. A couple of weeks back he was saying the teleconnections showed unsettled for mid month whilst the Met office were going for settled. Looks rubbish next week now and models getting it wrong too.
  20. A very Autumnal feel to the day here with gusty winds and 8/8 cloud cover. The models look like it is the end Summer too.
  21. First proper rain in nigh on three months for me.. Booooo
  22. That's the drought over in Northern Ireland. Three months of heat and no rain. Drought being broken big style with a large thunder storm and torrential rain..
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