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  1. At least there is no sign of any persistently bad weather. At the end of the day, we do live in the worst part of the islands for calm and dry weather due to our proximity to the big blue.
  2. And when the storm hits the Himalaya, the rainfall total could be off the charts. Bound to be massive flooding
  3. I'm not sure this data exists, but our own experience on here tells us all we need to know. Despite numerous upgrades the GFS is still way inferior to the ECM and UKMO. If we had free access to the wide range of charts on the ECM that GFS provides, I doubt we'd even look at the GFS.
  4. I never thought i would ever welcome some rain, but it has been a remarkable dry spell and the garden needs a watering. An unsettled week ahead but signs of pressure rising through next week.
  5. That cut off low West of Portugal looks certain now. Could be a lovely Bank Holiday weekend
  6. ECM is a big turnaround too with pressure building again over Scandi and keeping the Atlantic mostly away. Hopefully we can get a more Southerly draw and get some higher temperatures.
  7. What's the odds that this lovely weather continues for the two months of lock down and then as soon as we can go back outside, the heavens open?
  8. The panic buying has eased up here as retailers have restricted purchase of the main items. Local Centra has toilet roll pasta and rice. I'm sure it will ease up soon.
  9. Nipped out this morning for milk and bread. Still staff said their toilet roll, pasta and rice were fully stocked at 8am when they opened. All gone by half past eight. She said it was older people in the main panic buying.
  10. Avoid social contact? Contradiction right there.
  11. My two boys BB has been cancelled for the rest of the term. A shame because their parade was in two weeks time and they had been working hard.
  12. And how do you buy food if you can't get it delivered?
  13. Do they smoke or vape? From a quick Google, 28% of French people smoke. I'm wondering whether this could be contributing.
  14. Given that this virus attacks the lungs, it is worth noting that around 25% of Italians smoke, compared to around 14% in the UK. Could this explain the high Italian death rate?
  15. We normally get our food shopping delivered by Sainsbury's and their booking system is now fully booked for weeks ahead. I think the panic buying is going to get worse unless government steps in.
  16. A neighbour of ours has gone round all the houses to set up a Whats App group so we can all look out for one another, particularly as we have a couple of over eighties in our street who live alone. Things like this, can bring communities together.
  17. But, then, what will the 2nd wave look like? We will only know if the UKs policy of infecting the herd works when all the figures are in at the end of the year.
  18. Agreed. Or it could be that there are numerous strains, some more potent than others.
  19. So, I've had my first confirmed Covid person that I know, a neighbour, 3 doors down. He was tested last week as his son had been diagnosed after coming back from Italy. But, here's the thing. He had no symptoms at all, nothing. And he's in his seventies and suffers from asthma, high blood pressure and heart problems. The medical explanation given to him was that his exposure must have been very low, but they just don't know enough about it yet.
  20. I'm Scottish, I kiss the dug more than the wife.
  21. All, if you have Netflix, there is a documentary series called 'Pandemic ' Only out this year. Watch it.
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