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  1. Unusual to have the North West / South East divide working well for the North West in Summer. Glorious up here today as it has been most of the Summer.
  2. It happened once I think. Might have been the end of July 1886.
  3. Very disappointing day here. Cloudy all day with heavy rain this evening. Everywhere else seemed to have clear blue skies.
  4. And my wife's. Always miserable. Suits her personality to a tee.
  5. Let's get 20C this year before we start talking about 40C.
  6. Indeed. It has backed off the Atlantic pushing through next week and moved the jet much further North. Maybe some frontal activity into the North West but generally and much improved picture, lets hope it continues.
  7. Yes, bit of a let down, that run. Hopefully will change back tonight.
  8. Still waiting for Spring to arrive! Baltic out there.
  9. A decent covering in Carryduff this morning and snow at sea level in Belfast City Centre too, in April!
  10. That was a very, very poor forecast. Was meant to snow from 10 until 6 or 7, and it was only 10 till 1. Maybe got an inch or two if lucky. Sums this Winter up.
  11. Seems to be pushing through much more quickly. Is that it? Was meant to be six or seven hours of snow, that was only about three. Another let down and barely enough for sledging.
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