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  1. Dear God. You can literally see the front of the ball on the ground in that picture! Time to move on to Headingly. .
  2. And he shouldn't be claiming for a catch when the ball clearly hit the ground. Unless he has absurdly long middle and fourth fingers which dug into the earth......
  3. Err no. The ball clearly bounces off the turf into Roots hands. A shame for Marnus as Australia were cruising before the Umpire error. He has a chance of replacing Warner.
  4. That was a disgraceful decision by the Third Umpire for Marus dismissal. You could literally see the ball bounce off the ground.
  5. Jeezo. England have found themselves are real proper hostile bowler in the Barbadian.
  6. GFS 6z op was absolute Summer killer. Low after low spinning in with frequent Northerlies to boot. Awful.
  7. The worst should have passed there by Friday Morning. Still some heavy showers likely and windy.
  8. Big hailstorm and rain moving through Greater Belfast. Heaving down.
  9. Given that Australia were at one point something like -33/3, that is pretty poor.
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