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  1. Colorado had its earliest snowfall and coldest October 14th on record. Mile High Stadium had to be cleared of snow before the Broncos game. Temps back up to 18 degrees by the end of the week.
  2. mountain shadow

    Hurricane Michael

    NOAA Hurricane Hunter currently doing a recon. From flightradar...
  3. New museum shut as well as too dangerous for people entering alongside the river. My mum lives up the Hilltown. Trees down and debris everywhere.
  4. 102mph pm the Tay Bridge around 3pm!
  5. mountain shadow

    Storm Ali - Atlantic Storm 1 18/09/18

    That's a September record for Northern Ireland!
  6. mountain shadow

    Hurricane Florence

    Yikes, 85 feet in old money. Imagine if wave heights are similar as it approaches land at high tide and the narrowness of some of the estuaries around there. Serious flooding indeed.
  7. mountain shadow

    Hurricane Florence

    This a beautiful satellite picture from NOAA showing the three tropical disturbances...
  8. mountain shadow

    World Cup 2018

    Once again the media hyping up England beyond real expectations. The draw really opened up for them and they were beaten by the only two decent teams they faced. Still, you can only beat what's in front of you and the semi finals were a great achievement.
  9. Indeed Pom. A welcome bit of rain tomorrow but not enough before HP builds back in.
  10. Apparently I'll get some rain tomorrow!! This is crazy talk, surely?
  11. Looks that way. Drought continues this week, then flood next week.
  12. mountain shadow

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Never seen my garden like this after 13 years living in Norn Iron. Yellow and scorched.
  13. mountain shadow

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    The feature of the modelling this drought filled Summer is that the models keep putting back any breakdown. I really thought that a breakdown was coming after next weekend, now I'm not so sure.
  14. mountain shadow

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    NI water is still nationalised. No water meters here, Scotland's the same I think.
  15. Next two weeks....zero rain and scorchio to continue