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  1. Not really, but minimums of 6 or 7 degrees is cold enough for the heating.
  2. Looks pretty awful for the next two weeks or so. Heating will need to go back on I think.
  3. What a fantastic last 5 or 6 days this has been, just what Summer should be. Unfortunately, we look like paying the price with a very unsettled and much cooler period coming up from Thursday onwards, hopefully it won't last to long into July.
  4. Enjoy the heat this week, as the models are agreed across the board for a more unsettled and cooler weather type from the weekend and through next week as the upper trough becomes dominant. The gardens will be needing it though.
  5. Get out and enjoy the warm dry weather for a couple of days as from mid week, for what looks like a couple of weeks, things look very unsettled and cooler.
  6. That was my view a couple of days ago and was lambasted for it by some. Looks nice next weekend though.
  7. What a crackin' Summer's day. Flip me.
  8. I'm the real deal. Meto also hinting of unsettled weather from the South.... UK Outlook for Tuesday 13 Jun 2017 to Thursday 22 Jun 2017: Tuesday will be unsettled across the north with showers or longer spells of rain. Elsewhere, it will be largely dry with some sunny spells. Temperatures will remain around average, perhaps rather warm at times. As the week progresses settled conditions are likely to extend across the UK with some sunny spells developing, but there may be a risk of rain in the far north and far west at times. Feeling slightly warmer as we move through the week, especially in any sunshine, but there may be a risk of rain in the far north and far west at times, and it could become very hot or warm in places over the weekend. There are signs of more unsettled weather developing into the following week, possibly with thunderstorms across the south.
  9. I suppose that's the fun of model watching. I see a lovely mid week into the weekend which could be glorious, however, the High Pressure looks like to could slip away and allow more unsettled conditions to intrude from the South. Its a long way off though and subject to much change.
  10. Not the best overnight runs from the GFS & ECM. The high pressure just about makes it in to bring a dry and settled mid week into the weekend of next week. Unfortunately it doesnt look like a sustained dry spell for now.
  11. Was just about to post the same. From around day 8, high pressure in control. Lets hope the models start firming up on this soon.
  12. Bank that GFS op run all the way. Hopefully the ECM will back it later.
  13. I was actually impressed how similar the 0z was to the 6z op. A sure sign that the models have a good handle on a wet couple of weeks or so.
  14. Dreadful GFS run this morning with low pressure in charge until towards far FI when the Azores ridge topples in. Low pressure situated south of Iceland throwing bands of rain across with secondary features moving through the UK.
  15. I'm not sure it's uncertain at all. Pretty good agreement for an unsettled couple of weeks. It's only the finer detail of how far East the various troughs can get there by determining the likely severity of the unsettled period. June as a whole does not look pleasant at all.