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  1. How soon is soon? Given the continued weakened vortex and the possible SSW early December we could see a significant cold spell in mid to late December which might coincide with the shortest day.
  2. Too many let downs in the past. Once we get that chart inside t+144 then I'll get excited.
  3. Is that them in the house until Spring or do they stay in the field all Winter? What breed do you keep?
  4. I expect this will look even more impressive tomorrow with many areas South of the snow band seeing heavy snow.
  5. Live heavy snow in Rochester, New York State... Rochester, New York | Jines Restaurant Cam ROCHESTERWEBCAM.COM
  6. Flooding on the main Perth to Inverness railway near Carrbridge...
  7. It's not zonal, it's blocked. Low pressure is stalling nearby and moving NW. The problem is the blocking is not favourable.
  8. Really frustrating at the moment. We have excellent synoptic but the air just isn't cold enough yet for snow. Tomorrow has rain all day with temps in the 2-4 degrees bracket, in a couple of weeks, that would be 0-2 degrees and snow.
  9. Buffalo, NY is getting its first lake effect snow of the season, some webcams here to follow--- Buffalo, NY | Elmwood Ave | Posterartusa - Mr. Pizza BUFFALOWEBCAM.COM setTimeout("location.href = 'http://buffalowebcam.com';",180000);
  10. That would be good news and hopefully might lead to an early SSW in December
  11. Ha ha... Here is the final charts from today's GFS 12z to highlight what I meant--- Arctic High----Check Scandi High---- Check Core of PV in Siberia - - -Check Very little in PV in Greenland/Eastern Canada------Check GB & Ireland Conditions - - - - - Benign
  12. As per yesterday. Copious Arctic blocking , unfortunately at our latitude all the peaks and troughs are in the wrong place. If the Arctic blocking continues then surely the dice will fall.
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