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  1. If only it would stick around until October before holidaying in Greenland!
  2. Been the story of this "Winter". Any proper cold showing did not make it inside T+240
  3. Wee bit of snow here this morning. Not much but the most since March 2013.
  4. Bar a few days, I can sum up my Winter in 5 words..... Dry, cloudy and eight degrees.
  5. I would say that probably the only proper decent UK snow picture I have seen this Winter. Good stuff.
  6. Bit of a sleety mix in the Castlereagh Hills. Miserable journey to work.
  7. Nice direct Easterly showing on the BBC forecast there for Saturday.... 7 degrees in the SE!!
  8. There's nothing more satisying than putting on an old jacket and finding a fiver in it.
  9. I have one snow shovel for sale..unused.
  10. I have been saying for a while that the sub tropical high pressure belt is expanding Northwards in response to warmer oceans and this chart shows it nicely. No Northerly blocking either.
  11. Can we therefore say that the much saught after MJO phase 8 is actually of no real use at all as a marker for a Greenland high?
  12. Or even with a dead Atlantic all Winter we still cannot get proper cold.
  13. So thats another Winter down the pan without a +3 proper snowy cold spell. So near and yet so far. Well next Winter will be -qbo, solar minimum approaching. What can possibly go wrong.
  14. Always been that way. I hardly see the point of them.
  15. Yes, but a few days ago it looked like more of a cold spell rather than a very brief leasterly. The ECM was derided when it showed this and has proven to be correct. The models have also just about given up on any Greenland retrogression, resulting in what we have had all Winter, namely the UK High.