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  1. Been a dreadful July and August. Models have been poor too with constant predictions of sustained Azores ridging which has failed to appear.
  2. In Memoriam

    Loved that man. One of the greats.
  3. Make sure you take Euros with you. Do not use the ATM. Cost us £204 for €200!! Thanks Brexiters.
  4. Been roasting here for the last fortnight. Touching 40 degrees in the open daily. Back home tomorrow to the cool rain. Hope your digs have aircon!
  5. I've been in Majorca for ten days, the heat is unbearable. Local guy says It's as hot and dry as he can remember.
  6. Weather looks great in..............................................Majorca! Thank goodness I'm heading there for a couple of weeks to escape the monsoon. Hopefully when I get back mid August we'll see a decent end to the season.
  7. Why would you bank that? Looks like a UK based trough.
  8. There are numerous cities missing from that list though, Dundee, Derry, Aberdeen, Belfast, Sunderland etc..
  9. We had our one blue sky day yesterday. Back to cloud and drizzle here.
  10. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Since that great spell mid June it has been endless cloud and dullness and bar the odd day there is no end in sight.
  11. Another rotten cloudy day here in the land of perpetual cloud and rain. The Azores High ridging occasionally is of little benefit.
  12. My car thermometer should 5 degrees at 9 O'clock, struggle to see that in most Winters.
  13. Not really, but minimums of 6 or 7 degrees is cold enough for the heating.
  14. Looks pretty awful for the next two weeks or so. Heating will need to go back on I think.
  15. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    What a fantastic last 5 or 6 days this has been, just what Summer should be. Unfortunately, we look like paying the price with a very unsettled and much cooler period coming up from Thursday onwards, hopefully it won't last to long into July.