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  1. No need for that. If you want to know what Summer is like over here, then just stand under your shower for two months.
  2. On furnace Friday I currently have more rain (not forecasted) and temp of 12 degrees. Miserable.
  3. Pretty solid on a few days of Summer then back to wet Westerlies, especially for us in the sodden North West.
  4. Aye. Only 350 miles between us but might as well be 3000. My garden rarely floods like that in the Winter never mind Summer. The ground is 100% saturated.
  5. Another god awful day. Garden is like a swamp and essentially means Summer is over for getting out the tables and chairs onto it. Miserable.
  6. Another day dawns damp and wet with more rain later. Miserable.
  7. Jeez. More rain for here. Unbelievable. Cannot catch a break.
  8. If I woke from a coma and looked out the window and had a guess at what month it was, I would guess it was January.
  9. 1986 must have been something else! Have barely seen the sun. August starting worse too.
  10. They're over here. Big one yesterday, another right now.
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