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  1. I've had enough of the cold too Boofer. Can't wait for the first morning when I can walk to work without a jacket.
  2. Tiniest pellets of snow here.
  3. 36 plus hours of steady rain here, awful Hopefully see at least one decent snowfall from the blast this weekend.
  4. What ECM are you looking at? The ECM 0z shows a cold Easterly then slighty less cold then a ridge building to Greenland. Do you have access to ECM data that we don't?
  5. Remarkable for any time in Winter, never mind the middle to end of March.
  6. Staggering output this morning. Another Easterly incoming with sub -10 850s by the end of the weekend. Don't be putting your snow shovels away just yet.
  7. Just shows the unpredictability. I'm sure the Met Office would have gone Amber if this was predicted.
  8. I watched the forecast late last night and I didnt get any indication of disruptive snow in the central belt for rush hour. Bit of a surprise?
  9. Pretty sure Livingston isn't 100mtrs above sea level, forecasting mistake I think?
  10. 18z seems to be doing just that Flabby ridge helps move the pattern East bringing in a Northerly flow No sign of Spring warmth yet.
  11. Snow And Ice In The Northern Hemisphere 2017/18

    That's the North Sea effect I suppose .
  12. Spring 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Lovely Spring day here in North Down.
  13. Still heaving down here. Marvellous stuff.
  14. The wife wanted to go clothes shopping so I'm hoping to get snowed in!