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  1. Great display again this morning - taking place now
  2. Not sure if this is the place but at 3.30am there was a nice display of Noctilucent Clouds. They were no longer visible by 4am
  3. A decent description from ChrisK regarding the triggerpoints relating to the plume. The warm front due to arrive overnight Friday into Satuday will likely provide some good thundery activity given the instability still around into the early hours, and the high potential across N.France later on Friday. The cold front on Saturday would appear to be when we may expect the most violent storms as the parameters across Eastern England by mid afternoon are excellent.
  4. Indeed - posted that one yesterday - probably should have mentioned it was about Mr Madden's excellent forecasts(LOL)
  5. Well I was appalled by the attack on NW in the past week Anyway, the following is an interesting testimony that is doing the rounds this afternoon Very cleverly constructed and tells us what we as enthusiastic amateurs already know about the site in question;0) http://weatherman79.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/winter-forecasting-the-broken-clock-conundrum/
  6. Largely agree with those comments. I have thought for some time that we will see a predominance of Northern blocking again this summer and a resultant rather poor summer. I really hope I'm wrong but my head says that it will be rather wet and at best average in terms of temps
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