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  1. I'm going to try a spot of chasing tomorrow, I'm kent /East Sussex if anyone wants to join me, midday onwards
  2. It really has been that lively, alot of the lightning seemed to be high altitude but overhead and pretty impressive. Hail didn't last long but have received 0.78 of an inch in the last hour
  3. Omg imperial mint size hail, multiple lightning strikes, torrential rain, localised flooding, counted about 30 flashes so far, not had one like this for several years
  4. Yes, it is blowy, those showers need to come inland just slightly especially as i live right in the middle of sheep territory, however i just got soaked by a shower off of littlestone, very windy now as another shower heads in, strangely the lower clouds are going south easterly and the higher shower clouds are tracking north easterly
  5. Heavy blustery showers at the mo, yes my other half is sick of me going on and on, worth having a mini domestic for to get out of the house lol, no flashes yet though
  6. Got away from the wife and am sitting overlooking the english channel near dungeness hoping 2 catch a couple of flashes, love sitting in a car when the weather is grim, plus the obligatory kebab yum
  7. Hmmm whats that storm hopping across the channel !

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Seems to have croaked! Sorry I'll get me coat

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