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  1. Snow fell at a few of my stations today that were recording over 1040mb pressure. Quite amazing!
  2. Mostly cloudy with frequent light showers, some of which wintry on high ground. Current temp: 4.0c Overnight Low: 2.5c Wind: 6mph N High Wind Gust: 18mph Rainfall: 0.2mm
  3. Clear skies, sunshine and feeling pleasant away from the Northerly wind. Current Temp: 7.9c Overnight Low: 7.4c Wind: 6mph N High Wind Gust: 19mph
  4. Finished 5.3c here, 1.5c above the 1981-2010 average. 70.8mm of rainfall. 105% of the average.
  5. Tough one so far, surely we can see a repeat of 2013/14.
  6. Had 4 Michelin Alpin tyres on with good tread. Not gonna lie, apart from an overheating clutch there was nothing stopping me, no matter the incline Vectra just ploughed through.
  7. Dry and mild after earlier rain. Current Temp: 10.3c Overnight Low: 3.9c Wind: 4mph SW High Wind Gust: 13mph Rainfall: 0.4mm
  8. I agree. Although expecting a cool month with HP close by, keeping temperatures generally down but not much rain/snow. A close but no cigar month, 4.1c and 35mm.
  9. Mild, fairly breezy with some sunshine. Current Temp: 11.1c Overnight low: 6.2c Wind: 10mph W High Wind Gust: 33mph Rainfall: 0.8mm
  10. A cool day after an early ground frost, with patchy fog remaining in situ for much of the day. Current Temp: 4.2c Max Temp: 5.3c Overnight Low: 1.7c Wind: 0mph NNE High Wind Gust: 6mph
  11. Well its quiet in here as expected and no sign of these thread picking up in the next week or so. Facebook memories kindly reminded me of 4 years ago today which put a smile on my face, a runner moving into cold air was forecast to give a good dumping to parts of West/South Yorkshire. Living in North Yorkshire I was quite frustrated by the forecast, so decided to take the other half to the Peak District for the day, in hope that we would see lots of snow on the drive home. We weren't disappointed! We left Edale near Castleton at 5pm and we didnt get back home till around 10pm, mainly due to the amount of stranded drivers between Castleton and Sheffield. I was driving a Vauxhall Vectra at the time, only FWD but had 4 good winter tyres on which coped well in the fairly wet snow. We did however get stuck around Wadsley Bridge on the A61 in Sheffield as it became a complete standstill for around an hour and half, eventually managed to turn around and join the M1 near Meadowhall. I do have some pictures somewhere that I'm going to try and dig out, but with this thread being mainly folk who benefited from this event it would be good to see some pictures to cheer us all up. Probably the best snowfall I have seen so close to Xmas day itself. @The PIT
  12. Worst December for snowfall throughout the whole of North Yorkshire that I can remember, including the mountains. Even December 2015 saw low lying snowfall around mid month for some parts despite it being horrendously mild month overall. One temporary snowfall above 400m is all gods county has seen this month. 2019 has a lot of making up to do but looking at the current charts Im not holding my breath.
  13. Sun burning through, feeling pleasant doing jobs in the garden. Current Temp: 8.9c Overnight Low: 6.4c Wind: 4mph SSW High Wind Gust: 12mph
  14. It's correct mate, earlier in the month there was quite a North/South split so even though we are only 60 miles apart we were the opposite side of the dividing line.
  15. Merry Chrimbone Chris, its been a pretty dismal start to winter for coldies. Luckily were only a third of the way into winter so no need to throw in the towel just yet.
  16. 4.9c here to the 24th, 0.9c above the 1981-2010 average. 68.8mm of rain so far, just surpassing the average month total (66.8mm)
  17. Indeed. Mean down to -4c in far FI for Gods county. Although the drop looks more impressive as the mean is running around 5c for the next week or so.
  18. Cool, dry with fog starting to thin. Current Temp: 4.1c Overnight Low: 0.9c Wind:1mph SW High Wind Gust: 10mph
  19. Raining. Current Temp: 5.7c Overnight Low: 5.6c Wind: 0mph S High Wind Gust: 13mph Rainfall: 7.6mm
  20. Some sunshine and feeling mild. Current Temp: 8.5c Overnight Low: 4.4c Wind:4mph W High Wind Gust: 15mph Rainfall: 0.2mm
  21. Mostly clear now after a miserable morning. Current Temp: 5.3c Max Temp: 6.1c Min Temp: 4.9c Wind: 2mph High Wind Gust: 16mph Rainfall: 4.2mm
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