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  1. Cloudy and mild. Current Temp: 7.9c Overnight Low: 7.3c Wind: 9mph W High Wind Gust: 24mph
  2. Mostly cloudy day after a ground frost to start. Current Temp: 6.8c Max Temp: 7.3c Overnight Low: 1.8c Wind: 4mph NW Max Wind Gust: 11mph
  3. Mean Max: 6.4c (+0.4c) Mean Mins: 2.0c (+1.0c) For here in North Yorkshire you are correct but both still above average.
  4. A bright morning after a frosty start with some sunshine. Current Temp: 4.0c Overnight Low: -0.6c Wind: 1mph W High Wind Speed: 6mph
  5. Earlier sleet showers now cleared. Feeling chilly. Current Temp: 4.4c Overnight Low: 2.8c Wind: 5mph NNW High Wind Gust: 22mph Rain: 1.6mm
  6. Partly sunny and a cold breeze from the North. Current Temp: 7.1c Overnight Low: 5.1c Wind: 14mph N High Wind Gust: 26mph
  7. Moors looks prime for a covering of snow by morning, especially above 200m if the showers are beefy enough. We are forecast sleet here for a time overnight which is about as exciting as the winter has been so far. Tempted to drive up in morning for some snow pics if there is any.
  8. Dusting over the North York Moors possible tonight, many of us close the east coast may see some showers but likely just wintry in nature with accumulations reserved for the Moors. Here's the forecast for the high point in the NYM at 454m asl. 20 miles south here we are forecast sleet showers so the harsh winter continues @4wd
  9. Can you shed any more light? Sliders, cold southerlies, warm northerlies, beast from the easterlies or snowy sw'erlies?
  10. Hi Banbury, apologies was a sarcastic comment as Feb posted a really nice chart.
  11. Truly horrendous output Feb. GFS seems adamant on sinking those lows into Europe over the last 24 hours in FI which does fit in with Chionos comment yesterday. Once we have low pressure to our S or SE hopefully that's when we will see some decent blocking to our NW. Whilst ECM is dire in its output, GFS is still showing the jet diving SE outside the 10 day frame, lets just hope its got the right idea and ECM might start showing something similar is far reaches in the coming days. What could possible go wrong? Everything.
  12. Cold start, now warming up nicely in the welcomed sunshine. Current Temp: 5.8c Overnight Low: 0.8c Wind: 2mph S High Wind Gust: 6mph
  13. Happy with those, lots of members between -5 to -10c from around day 8 onwards, there's even one member pretending to be cat in FI which is usually a precursor to a cold spell. Sorry to hear that mate hope you get well soon.
  14. GFS one of the mildest compared to its ensembles at day 7/8. Poss more upgrades to come in the shorter term? Image above for eastern North Yorkshire.
  15. Cloudy and cool again. Current Temp: 3.9c Overnight Low: 3.3c Wind: 5mph NW High Wind Gust: 12mph
  16. Sun finally peeping through the clouds after a cold cloudy day. Current Temp: 1.4c Max Temp: 2.1c Overnight Low: 0.8c Wind: 0mph NNW High Wind Gust: 9mph
  17. We were forecast -4° this morning by the Met Office with clear skies. Was really looking forward to it, in end it was 1° with cloud persisting all night.
  18. Yes thats why I wondered if it could be the small Marton, as its near Dalby Forest.
  19. Gonna have to sell up and move to the Moors Colin, at least there is a small bit of snow interest in the worst of winters so far! 2 snow events so far up there, albeit very small and fleeting.
  20. I would highly recommend it! The biggest and best county in England by a long shot. :D Just to check Matthew, do you live in the Marton near Cleveland or the small village near Pickering?
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