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  1. A cold frosty foggy start, cloud soon arriving which hasn't budged. Current Temp: 3.7c Max Temp: 4.2c Min Temp: -1.6c Wind: 5mph S High Wind Gust: 17mph
  2. 4.5c here to the 19th, 1.0c above the 1981-2010 average. 12mm of rainfall so far.
  3. Dull, cloudy start. Current Temp: 2.7c Overnight Low: 1.7c Wind: 0mph High Wind Gust: 5mph
  4. Tuesdays event now in range of the NMM, here's its take on the event. Looks good for much of Yorkshire, but likely to look different by the time it arrives. (hopefully upgrades)
  5. Overnight snow/sleet has cleared, mostly cloudy and cold. Current Temp: 1.7c Overnight Low: 0.8c Wind: 7mph SSE High Wind Gust: 24mph Rain/snowmelt: 4.8mm
  6. Was up there last night when it was falling! Beautiful grippy snow for the winter tyres to sink into. Went down to Thixendale and helped an old couple trying to get back to Pocklington, they had RWD Merc with summer tyres. Heres all thats left of mine, hill in the distance holding on to good cover.
  7. Well didnt expect anything tonight so pleasantly surprised by a cm of slushy stuff, snowed for a good few hours but was just to wet to really accumulate. A different story in the nearby Wolds above 150m where there is a good few cm and solid snow cover.
  8. You'd be laughing at your old spot Chris. Manor Top/Crookes etc at 200m + was still sheet ice from yesterdays brief snowfall when I was up there this morning.
  9. 4.8c here to the 17th, 1.3c above the 1981-2010 average.
  10. Cold day, mostly cloudy but some hazy sunshine getting through. Current Temp: 2.2c Max Temp: 2.9c Min Temp: -3.7c Wind: 11mph SE Max Wind Gust: 20mph
  11. 5.2c here to the 15th, 1.7c above the 1981-2010. Rainfall remains unchanged at 3.6mm All downhill from here temp wise.
  12. A cool dry afternoon with skies clearing after some light rain this morning. Current Temp: 5.1c Max Temp: 6.3c Wind: 4mph W Max Gust: 23mph
  13. Got a weather station in Thixendale if your interested in the data, cracking frost hollow like. https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=ITHIXEND2 You might not need to travel far if there are showers overnight, up to somewhere like Millington should be good.
  14. Interesting Mr Shockey. I have been keeping an eye on tomorrow night, whilst the flow stays mainly west of North we could see some disturbances down the east coast and with sub -8c uppers this would be wintry down to low levels. Quite a shame the flow isn't a bit more NE as this would really drive the showers inland. Met Office now have light snow showers here for Thursday daytime and some heavy symbols now showing for parts of the North York Moors.
  15. 4.9c here to the 13th, 1.5c above the 1981-2010 average.
  16. Pleasant day so far, some sunshine and light winds. Current Temp: 6.2c Overnight Low: 4.1 Wind: 0mph High Wind Gust: 16mph
  17. Mostly cloudy, very mild. Current Temp: 9.9c Overnight Low: 9.4c Wind: 8mph W High Wind Gust: 25mph
  18. 4.3c here to the 11th, 0.9c above the 1981-2010 average. 2.8mm of rain so far.
  19. Cloudy and mild. Current Temp: 7.9c Overnight Low: 7.3c Wind: 9mph W High Wind Gust: 24mph
  20. Mostly cloudy day after a ground frost to start. Current Temp: 6.8c Max Temp: 7.3c Overnight Low: 1.8c Wind: 4mph NW Max Wind Gust: 11mph
  21. Mean Max: 6.4c (+0.4c) Mean Mins: 2.0c (+1.0c) For here in North Yorkshire you are correct but both still above average.
  22. A bright morning after a frosty start with some sunshine. Current Temp: 4.0c Overnight Low: -0.6c Wind: 1mph W High Wind Speed: 6mph
  23. 4.2c here to the 9th, 0.8c above the 1981-2010 average.
  24. Earlier sleet showers now cleared. Feeling chilly. Current Temp: 4.4c Overnight Low: 2.8c Wind: 5mph NNW High Wind Gust: 22mph Rain: 1.6mm
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