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  1. On and off snow showers all morning. Current Temp: 1.3c Overnight Low: -4.7c Wind:7mph N Max Wind Speed: 20mph Lying snow: 3cm
  2. Supposed to be going to York this morning to get my phone fixed. Bugger that Im staying at home by the fire watching the snow showers pile in. Car now has 4cm on it and still snowing.
  3. Just had a beefy shower here, about an inch on shed roof now with another incoming beefy shower.
  4. Late for the first time...oooppps. 5.1c and 77mm for me please, thanks.
  5. Around 2cm overnight with further showers looking likely from the radar. Temp: 0.0c Dew: -1.4c
  6. Yep same here a few miles down to road, had 3 decent showers now that have left a good covering. Deffo time for bed!
  7. Beautiful morning in Sheffield with lots of sunshine, nice to see some snowcover from Grenoside up to Stocksbridge area above 200m. Only places that had fog was Crystal Peaks/Drakehouse area that had thick hoar frost on all surfaces.
  8. Showers look like heading my way soon. Temp -4c with a dew of -4c so just need the precip now....
  9. Very cold with freezing fog to start, sun came out for a time but now fog rolling back in. Current Temp: -2.8c Max Temp: -1.8c Min Temp: -6.8c Wind: 2mph SSW Max Wind Gust: 5mph
  10. Hope so bud, will look forward to your photos on Twitter, loving the account by the way!!!!!
  11. Coldest night of the winter here and the coldest since Jan 2013 at -6.8c. Many stations across North Yorkshire fell to -9/10c overnight. Coldest I can find is Newby Head Pass in the Yorkshire Dales at -10.4c. Still -1.8c here so very likely the first ice day since the beast from the east. Gorgeous sunshine now after freezing fog has lifted. Looking good for some snow showers tonight :)
  12. Aye maybe some hope for us eastern folk early Friday. Saw some light snow in Sheffield this morning, with Grenoside upto Stocksbridge white over and looking stunning in the morning sunshine. Turns out South Yorkshire is't so bad after all
  13. Just sleet throughout here, around 1 degree too high once again with a covering above 200m in the nearby Wolds. Need to start looking at buying a house above 400m if winters like this continue.
  14. This band is lacking intensity over the region, no chance snow will get to lower levels unless we see it get heavier.
  15. Moderate sleet here, some decent flakes mixed in but still too warm for anything of note. 1.8c with a dew of 0.7c.
  16. Chilly sunny day. Current Temp: 1.7c Max Temp: 3.5c Min Temp: 0.4c Wind: 4mph WNW High Wind Gust: 22mph
  17. Slight uptick to 3.9c here over the weekend, 0.4c above the 1981-2010 average. Below average by the end of this week I imagine.
  18. Here's the 12z GFS snow depths for tomorrows event. Whilst these aren't the most reliable charts, I do find they don't exaggerate snow amounts as much as some of the high res modes ie: Hirlam, NMM, ICON etc. Strange that it shows the North York Moors getting the highest snow amounts, at odds with the UKV showing it dissipating somewhat as the front crosses the Pennines. Here's a few more precip charts for tomorrow. Thursday night is currently looking good, with widespread snow to all levels across the region, however with this being some 72 hours away changes may occur for the good or the worse. Could we see the coldest night of the winter across the snowfields early Wednesday? Coldest we've seen round here is -7.5c last week in a local frost hollow. An interesting week nonetheless and I hope we all see some snow, especially @The PIT
  19. Reckon its worth a weather station there? Got the Moors fairly covered now...Rosedale, Chop Gate, Farndale etc RE: frost hollows Always scoping out potential sites though.
  20. Cool, sunny with great visibility. Current Temp: 3.7c Overnight Low: 2.4c Wind: 11mph NW High Wind Gust: 31mph Rainfall: 2.2mm
  21. Mild, dry and mostly cloudy. Current Temp: 8.9c Overnight Low: 7.0c Wind: 6mph SSW High Wind Gust: 28mph
  22. Great to see that weather.us know which is the best city in North Yorkshire Matt
  23. 3.8c here to the 23rd, 0.2c above the 1981-2010 average. 15.8mm so far.
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