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    10 minutes ago, carinthian said:

    I would say go with your dreams. Its a super interesting location and a great spot to record some low winter temps with cold inversion. Probabaly one of the best places in England to hold snow when conditions are right.Funny enough, talk about the cricket ground, it had no changing rooms, so strip off in the car ! But the advantage is a great local pub next to the ground. We had a few big hitters in our team that peppered the sheep on the side of the hill you mentioned. 40 years ago , I fell in love with an Austrian village and now I live there for most of the year, so you can do it in Thixendale.

    Cheers and good luck.


    Thanks for those kind words! Did you know Maud and Eric who still run the village shop? I visit her often and love hearing Mauds tales of winters gone by when they were cut off/stranded for days, I actually helped her deliver some post in Dec 10 as the postman couldnt get into the village.

    I've just turned 26 and me and my fiancee are almost ready to buy, we have our heart set on the Wolds, Thixendale would be the dream, but there are many other beautiful villages in the area. 

    I've attached some more photos from Thixendale in early Dec 2010, this time for you as it includes the cricket pitch and the pub.

    Thanks again, Vizzy :)


  2. 1 hour ago, carinthian said:

    Love the pictures. Have many happy memories of playing cricket in Thixendale,a truly remarkable setting. A good pub to visit after the match,I think called the Cross Keys. Going back 20 years or so . Loved the Yorkshire Wolds.


    The reason we went to Thixendale on this day is to sledge on the bank next to the cricket pitch behind the cross keys. Most hills in the area there is a fence at the bottom but as its a cricket pitch you don't have to worry about hitting anything and fly down like a maniac. I remember we even went down the bank on a canoe this day. Hoping to buy a house in this village one day, it has a facisnating microclimate and would love to build up years of data.

  3. 2 hours ago, mike57 said:

    Certainly Dec 2010 was a memorable winter over North and East Yorkshire, even at Bempton right on the coast we had over 12 inches at one point.

    Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

    Only time since we have lived here (10 years) that the Brid to Scarborough rail line has closed due to snow. I was returning from Manchester by train the day the snow started in earnest, and got as far as Scarborough, train from Scarborough home wasnt running, but the bus decided to set off. There was very little snow in Scarborough but once we left Filey it was a different world. Driver announced "I'm sorry but I will have to stick to the main road, best I can do is drop people at the nearest point to home" I had a 20 min walk from Grindale Lane end as wife couldn't get car out.

    I remember visiting Thornwick Bay in early December and there being a good few inches of snow even on the beach, something I'd never seen before. We also went to Saltwick Bay near Whitby where water running out of the cliffs had frozen solild creating huge ice formations down the cliff, again quite spectacular being right on the coast.

    I was living in York where life got back to normal pretty quickly with roads mainly clear, but rural roads in the region were hazardous for a good few weeks after the main snowfall. My visit to Thixendale will be a trip I will never forget, as the sheer volume of snow was unforgettable and also the car reading -7c at 1pm is potentially something I may never see again.

    Thanks for your comments.

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