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  1. 6.0c here to the 13th, 0.9c below the 1981-2010 average.
  2. Yes quite likely, they had a covering yesterday morning for a time too. What's your location?
  3. Gorgeous Spring morning in the Howardian Hills. Current Temp: 9.4c Overnight Low: 5.8c Wind: 3mph S High Wind Gust: 16mph
  4. 5.8c to the 23rd, 2.1c above the 1981-2010 average. 30.8mm of rainfall so far.
  5. Cracking start after early fog and mist has finally cleared. Current Temp: 5.8c Overnight Low: 2.8c Wind: 2mph ENE High Wind Gust: 7mph
  6. Beautiful sunshine, gentle southerly. Current Temp: 8.1c Overnight Low: 4.8c Wind: 5mph S High Wind Gust: 20mph
  7. Early rain and winds now easing, some sunshine, mild. Current Temp: 10.3c Max Temp: 11.1c Overnight low: 3.1c Wind: 8mph S High Wind Gust: 36mph Rainfall: 1.8mm
  8. January Stats for Firby, North Yorkshire: A dry month, frequent frosts with temps generally around average. Temperature: Mean Temp: 3.2c (-0.3c) Mean Maximum: 5.9c (-0.1c) Mean Minimum: 0.5c (-0.5c) Maximum Temp: 11.5c (7th) Minimum Temp: -6.8c (30th) Lowest Maximum: 0.3c (31st) Highest Minimum: 7.5c (12th) Air Frosts: 14 (120%) Rainfall: Total Rainfall: 27.0mm (58%) Wettest Day: 8.2mm (18th) High Rain Rate: 51mm p/h Rain Days: 16 Dry Days: 15 Pressure: Highest: 1044.47 hPa (2nd) Lowest: 981.82 hPa (26th) Wind: Highest Gust: 40.0mph Average Speed: 5.5mph Wind Run: 4364.0 miles.
  9. Dalby was quite something today, blue skies and around 6 inches of snow with temps still below freezing. There were some lads walking across the Lake today, very brave indeed but I imagine it was minus double digits at the Staindale Lake overnight. Coldest station in the Moors last night was Chop Gate at -12.2c.
  10. Recorded -13.0c on one of my stations in a notorious frost hollow called Duggleby in the Yorkshire Wolds last night. Thats the lowest temperature I've ever recorded on any of my weather stations.
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