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  1. 3 amateur weather stations in Scotland hit -10c last night. Inverey: -10.3c Braemar: -9.7c Feshiebridge: -9.6c Closer to home my station in Keld, Yorkshire Dales fell to -7c for the 2nd time this month. Inverey and Candacraig are already at -6c at 4.15pm.
  2. 17 drops round Sheffield this morning. Never been so wet at work in my life, glad I was out of there by 11am as roads were already starting to flood. Back in virtually dry North Yorkshire but my first drop is at Meadowhall at 6am so hoping the area doesnt flood.
  3. Biggar in Scotland fell to -6.7c yesterday morning. My guess is Braemar at -22.4c. This link may be of use to you. Strathspey Weather WWW.STRATHSPEYWEATHER.CO.UK Last year isn't included on there but i think last winters coldest was Braemar with -15.9c on the 1st of Feb.
  4. Great pics, how do I find this swimming pool/hot tub with views like that?? :O
  5. Got married on the 13th of July this year. Temp was around 21c with party cloudy skies and then the heavens opened at 9pm which was perfect as it meant everyone ended up on the dance floor. Warm enough for the ladies in the dresses and cool enough for the chaps in the suits, couldn't of asked for better!
  6. Based on your budget and needs I would suggest a Davis Vantage Vue which cost around £300-400 You will need to buy the Davis software to connect it to your PC which costs around £100. All the best!
  7. Unfortunately my job clashes with my love of snow. I do multi drop deliveries in and around Sheffield every morning in a 26 tonne rigid HGV. Those who know Sheffield will know not much of it is flat. Ive been lucky the last couple of winters, either roads had been cleared in time or it had snowed on my day off. Only a matter of time before it causes me absolute hell at work, I always pray it snows heavy enough back home so I can't get into work in the first place.
  8. great news, i saw fog yesterday
  9. Coldest amateur station in the UK this morning looks to be Inverey in Scotland with -3.8c. My station in Keld, Yorkshire Dales looks to be the coldest in England with a min of -2.6c. A low of 1.6c here this morning, making it the 3rd ground frost of the Autumn.
  10. Can't find anywhere that fell below 0c last night but some came close. Coldest being Langcliffe (just north of Settle) with 0.3c this morning. The only air frost this Autumn remains to be Keld in the Yorkshire Dales way back on 8th of September with -0.7c.
  11. Upper 850's look too high unfortunately for snow even at the highest point (454m). They need to be around -4c for snow falling above 400m from a convective flow but they look to be around -2/3c at best. I was doing some maintenance on my weather station which is at 398m on the top of the North York Moors this afternoon and the wind was perishing, the temperature was 7c with 25mph mean NE wind making it feel close to freezing. I saw snow on the Moors at the end of October last year so probably a few weeks to go before we see any of the white stuff this far south.
  12. Lairg, Dalmore and Kinbrace in Scotland down to -2c this morning. Looking colder tonight with a risk that parts of Northern England will join in on the air frost action.
  13. Yes what a shame I was in Swaledale yesterday setting up a weather station and it was beautiful. Everyone had flags and decoration out from Buttertubs through to Reeth, another blow after the serious flooding the area suffered back in summer. We are now approaching 75mm montly total here after only having 14.4mm to the 21st!
  14. St Harmon in Wales fell to -0.3c last night. the only place to see an air frost away from the Scottish summits.
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