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  1. Hey all, here's my latest historic video: http://www.gavsweathervids.com You can watch this video and all my other historic videos here: http://gavsweathervi...historical.html Thanks for your support.
  2. Hello everyone, My latest historic weather video - Fire And Ice - The Summer Of 1975 - is here: http://www.gavsweathervids.com/historical.html
  3. Here's my new historic video for Bank Holiday Monday: From Heat To Snow - May Day Weekend 1997: http://gavsweathervi...historical.html
  4. Thanks Damian. Yes, synoptics were very unusual and unique.
  5. Here we go then: Extreme Blizzard April 1981: http://gavsweathervids.com/historical.html
  6. Thanks for the feedback Damian. I WILL do the late April snowstorm at some point, but it really depends what else is going on at the end of April. If theres interesting weather I might not have time and in that case my next one would be the May Day holiday weekend. But April 1981 WILL happen sooner or later.
  7. Video can now be found on my historic page: http://gavsweathervids.com/historical.html
  8. No problem Gavin. Glad you liked. Did you enjoy the little tease about summer 1983 at the end.
  9. Hey folks, Hope the mods don't mind if I create this thread to post all my historical videos in as and when I do them? It will save me keep posting individual threads each time I do a video and cluttering up the forum. Todays Bank Holiday Monday historical vid is The Snowy Easter Of 1983: http://gavsweathervids.com/
  10. Please find video on my historical page now; http://www.gavsweathervids.com/historical.html
  11. To mark the 60th anniversary of this amazing spring blizzard I've done a video looking at how it happened. Check it out; http://gavsweathervids.com/
  12. My latest historical video
  13. Hey NetWeather, thought you might want to have a look at my latest YouTube video looking at the Ice Storm in January 1940;
  14. Easily the best summer of my life and I'm not just talking about the weather.
  15. Anybody know whats going on with La Nina? It appears to have weakened quite a bit this week? Is this a temporary pause? Or have we had an early peak? Now; http://www.weather.u...ce/sst_anom.gif Vs A week ago; http://www.weather.unisys.com/archive/sst/sst_anom-111106.gif
  16. According to The Sunday Times: "The warning (of another cold winter) coincides with research from the Met Office suggesting that Europe could be facing a return of the "little ice age" that gripped Britain 300 years ago, causing decades of bitter winters. The prediction, to be published in Nature is based on observations showing a slight fall in the sun's emissions of utraviolet radiation, which over a long period may trigger mini ice ages in Europe." Obviously we need to wait until we see the piece in Nature, but this does look like a significant annoucement may be coming from the Met Office in due course. (Incidentally, theres no link because Sunday Times online content is behind a paywall. I copied this directly from the copy of the Sunday Times I bought this morning)
  17. To be fair, even if the grit stockpiles aren't used this winter, they will almost certainly be needed in the coming years as solar activity probably becomes extremely weak or even non existent in the second half of the decade...
  18. I like Joe B'astardi. I know he has his critics, but I think he makes weather more fun. Just don't take him too seriously. ;)

  19. Hi, no I've not spoken to Joe B'astadi since he left Accuweather.

  20. I can't remember much about the 89/90 winter. The only thing that really stands out is the Burns Day storm.
  21. Well, not every month from 1988 to 1992 was dry. There were some isolated wet months like April 1989 and June 1990 and as we're discussing June 1991, but overall November 1988 to June 1992 was an incredibly dry period with the majority of months coming in with below average rainfall. Then from July 1992 to February 1995 we had a much wetter period with a lot of above average rainfall months. April 1995 to April 1997 had another extended dry period, including the incredibly dry and hot summer of 1995. May 1997 to December 2000 saw a very wet period, including the incredibly wet autumn of 2000. It amazing how rainfall evens itself out. This actually has some relevence on the current situation, because since about October 2008 we've had a lot of drier than average months. As we can see these periods usually last 2-3 years, so we've probably not got much longer to go before we get a switch into a much wetter period.
  22. The odd thing about June 1991 was that it came right in the middle of an extended drought which started at the end of 1988 and didn't end until the summer of 1992.
  23. Thanks Kevin. March is frequently one of the driest months of the year, so this must have been quite surprising.
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