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  1. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has a link for those ECM clusters? I've had a look at the Icelandic website a few times but haven't been able to track them down yet.
  2. Lovely list, many thanks. I might use this as the basis for a post on my blog tonight or tomorrow, if that's OK? Don't suppose theres any way of finding out what the OPI was in 46 and 62 is there?
  3. Given we're under the final ten day's of October and every day this month has been negative, surely the only question now is HOW negative will be the OPI be this October?
  4. Have to say I hadn't heard about the OPI but the evidence presented does look quite compelling.
  5. Hey all, I created a YouTube video about the developing El Nino a few days ago. I thought you guys might like to see it; Looks like El Nino is on the way for 2014/2015!
  6. Hi all, Thought some of you might want to see my new historic video looking at the severe cold and heavy snow of the winter of 81/82. Tomorrow at 12pm I'll have a video looking at November/December 2010 which you'll be able to find at. http://www.gavsweathervids.com But here's today historic weather video: Enjoy.
  7. Thanks. I noted that 2009 had a very mild and Atlantic dominated November, but remembered that on a global scale there was a lot of indicators pointing towards cold.
  8. Out of interest, how are we doing with the Strat compared to this point in 2009? Any similarity?
  9. Hello folks, To commemorate the 1987 Storm on the night of the 15th/16th October I've done a historic video looking at the synoptics that caused this mega storm event; lhttp://www.gavsweath...istorical2.html Also starts with a little cameo from a certain Michael Fish Enjoy
  10. Thanks Damian. Yep, it is shocking to see that -5c 850 isotherm over the country in September - Especially considering just a few days earlier we'd had 850's of 15c+ Don't you just love crazy British weather?
  11. Hi everyone, Here's my latest historic weather vid looking at the shockingly hot and cold autumn of 1919; http://www.gavsweathervids.com/historical2.html Thanks for your support.
  12. Ah I'm with you now. Thanks Ian. Sorry Syed. I hope you don't mind if I PM you?
  13. Oh, I'm not sure what the problem is then? YouTube vids should play on all PC Browsers? I've found Google Chrome to be the most stable browser, but YouTube videos should play on all PC's and browsers.
  14. Are you trying to watch on an i-phone? I have has some feedback that the vids are hard to play on i-phones. Unfortunately thats YouTube's fault and theres nothing I can do. I may launch an app next year though.
  15. Heres a video I've created just exploring some of things I like to keep an eye on through the autumn in terms of creating a winter forecast; What Goes Into A Winter Forecast? http://www.gavsweath...m/seasonal.html Hope you all find it informative.
  16. Thanks Damian. I suspect at some point (probably next year now) I'll do the whole of summer 1995 (from May to October)
  17. Morning all, Here's my latest historic video: 100f And Hurricane Charley; http://www.gavsweathervids.com/historical2.html Looks at three epic (notorious) Augusts - 1990, 2003 and 1986! Thanks all.
  18. Hey guys, Here's my latest historic weather video looking at one of the most infamous summers of the 20th Century: A Cold, Wet, Washout - The Summer Of 1954 http://gavsweathervids.com You can check this and all my other historic weather videos out on my historic page; http://gavsweathervids.com/historical.html Thanks as ever for your support.
  19. Thanks Damian. Good choices, all of them! I only do these historic videos occasionally, so I'll not be able to do all of those years this summer, but I'm sure over the next few years they'll all find their way on to GavsWeatherVids.
  20. LOL! That was a good call by you then John.
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