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  1. Lovely list, many thanks. I might use this as the basis for a post on my blog tonight or tomorrow, if that's OK? Don't suppose theres any way of finding out what the OPI was in 46 and 62 is there?
  2. Is there a list anywhere for the top ten most negative OPI years?
  3. Given we're under the final ten day's of October and every day this month has been negative, surely the only question now is HOW negative will be the OPI be this October?
  4. Have to say I hadn't heard about the OPI but the evidence presented does look quite compelling.
  5. Hey all, I created a YouTube video about the developing El Nino a few days ago. I thought you guys might like to see it; Looks like El Nino is on the way for 2014/2015!
  6. Ah I'm with you now. Thanks Ian. Sorry Syed. I hope you don't mind if I PM you?
  7. Oh, I'm not sure what the problem is then? YouTube vids should play on all PC Browsers? I've found Google Chrome to be the most stable browser, but YouTube videos should play on all PC's and browsers.
  8. Are you trying to watch on an i-phone? I have has some feedback that the vids are hard to play on i-phones. Unfortunately thats YouTube's fault and theres nothing I can do. I may launch an app next year though.
  9. Heres a video I've created just exploring some of things I like to keep an eye on through the autumn in terms of creating a winter forecast; What Goes Into A Winter Forecast? http://www.gavsweath...m/seasonal.html Hope you all find it informative.
  10. According to The Sunday Times: "The warning (of another cold winter) coincides with research from the Met Office suggesting that Europe could be facing a return of the "little ice age" that gripped Britain 300 years ago, causing decades of bitter winters. The prediction, to be published in Nature is based on observations showing a slight fall in the sun's emissions of utraviolet radiation, which over a long period may trigger mini ice ages in Europe." Obviously we need to wait until we see the piece in Nature, but this does look like a significant annoucement may be coming from the Met Office in due course. (Incidentally, theres no link because Sunday Times online content is behind a paywall. I copied this directly from the copy of the Sunday Times I bought this morning)
  11. To be fair, even if the grit stockpiles aren't used this winter, they will almost certainly be needed in the coming years as solar activity probably becomes extremely weak or even non existent in the second half of the decade...
  12. I like Joe B'astardi. I know he has his critics, but I think he makes weather more fun. Just don't take him too seriously. ;)

  13. Hi, no I've not spoken to Joe B'astadi since he left Accuweather.