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  1. Should be some hefty wintry showers next wk. I would presume most of any snow being reserved for the hills,heavy hail showers etc for low levels.
  2. Working outside a lot today and this evening ive a bit of sunburn on the top of my head (dont have a lot of hair on that part of my head it must be said). It never would have dawned on me at all about getting sunburn in early april,especially with temps here today only at 13c or 14c. Im not fair skinned and get a decent colour during the summer. Well just shows the sun is certainly getting pretty strong now.
  3. yesterday i recorded my warmest day of the yr so far,17.2c warmest march day since 2012. All this warmth at this time of yr,recent history has shown us a poor summer awaits.
  4. 9.7c for me please.
  5. Can understand somone not wanting a chart llike that in late april but i thought late april was one of the more if not the most interesting spell of weather we had during 2016. Our weather the last few yrs has become a borefest at least it broke the monotony if only for a short while imo.
  6. coldest here was - 1.8c
  7. Today i recorded my warmest march day since 2012. 15.6c.
  8. If 2017 sets a new recored for lowest min ,it will a 5 yr pattern. 2007, 2012, 2017.
  9. Another way of looking at it,48 spotless days since june 1st last yr. There wasnt any spotless days for the first 5 months of 2016.
  10. I thought winter 2016/17 was just as bad as last winter when it came to cold and snow. Over 40% of the days of the winter i recorded temps in double figures which is similar to what i recorded last winter. It was a rather cloudy winter here. The only good thing i can say about the winter was at least there wasnt many storms and little or no flooding. The number of days with snow falling here was 4,got a brief dusting on the 12th of jan and that was my snowcover for winter 2016/17 lol. 14 airfrosts Coldest min a pathetic -1.8c on the 3rd jan (last winter it was -2.4c) coldest max temp 3.1c on the 13th of jan (last winter it was 3.7c) Warmest temp 14.7c in the 7th of dec (last yr winter it was 14.5c)
  11. 6.4c for me please.
  12. Looks like this winter is all over bar the bs. Another winter for the tip.
  13. I think its come to the stage that when forecasting a winter that if there has been a warm sept before it then it should be seriously given thought to be used with teleconnections etc.
  14. Yes i understood what summer of 95 meant,but its stlll nothing thing to do with sept. Im only talking about sept and a warm one at that as normally i would agree that why should a 30 day period have any effect weeks down the line. But imo a warm sept for whatever reason does seem to be a sign of a crap winter at least in more recent times. In my head by the end of last sept i had already pretty much written off this winter however i got reeled in by the hype later in the autumn and indeed there was positive signs at that point of perhaps an interesting winter. But i should have gone with my earlier thoughts and if i had i might have saved myself being more frustrated then usual this winter given the positive signs in oct/nov.