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  1. Yes,I suppose today is the very start as such. Dry air from the continent making its presence felt.
  2. I always felt tomorrow and Friday are the crucial days imo regards the modelling of the cold spell or more correctly the start of it. The more serious business regards the models starts tomorrow.
  3. Better regards snow alright. Temps I'd say not as cold due to the time of year. But of course once it's cold enough for snow which it would be, is of course the main thing. I don't want to sound greedy.
  4. I'd say us guys in the east will be buried to the balls ( in snow) next week. Looking very good,just wish we were closer to next week.
  5. Maybe the models are starting to sober up a bit. The last week of Feb would be the best guess I think for any cold spell to get going.
  6. The ssw is the equivalent of the models having their drink spiked. They don't know what's going on. Wait till a few days till they sober up and come round.
  7. Totally agree. Anyone thinking that the models have any real handle on this atm need to get real. It just isn't worth getting worked up over what's showing on the models atm . No point till later next week in taking the models more seriously.
  8. Yes any type of beasterly if we were to get one would suit me. Although my fav wind direction for cold and snow has always been a north easterly. So we will see what transpires later this month.
  9. No luck here either, just a few flakes on the car etc this morning. My thoughts are all on the aftermath of the ssw. Pm air isn't really worth jack s**t for my location.
  10. If anything comes out of the upcoming ssw I really hope it's a Greenland high. A Scandinavian one will most likely led to disappointment for Ireland whatever about the UK. Anyway it will be very interesting to see what happens.
  11. A couple of cms here on the grass,etc dusting on the roads and paths.
  12. Probably only fooling themselves imo. I can't see how with Dec and Jan not delivering anything of real note (for many anyway) but certainly no real proper cold spell, that a magic wand will be waved in Feb to save the winter. It seems to be the same thing every winter lately with all hopes resting on Feb. Which then goes on to not delivering. So another poor winter it seems. I have faith in the next few perhaps starting next winter.
  13. I presume he meant Feb 2009. First half of which was on the cold side.