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  1. Sorry I meant April 2010 instead of 2007 , getting my decade mixed up there. Safe to say 2010 is by far my favourite year of this decade.
  2. Jan 2010 Feb 2018 March 2018 April 2007 May 2010 June 2010 July 2013 August 2010 September 2012 October 2012 November 2010 December 2010
  3. The last few mornings have felt nice and fresh,got down to 7c early this morning. I'm so glad the near constant warmth of this summer is all over bar the shouting imo. Not saying any warmth is over but the worst or best (depending on your point of view) is now over.
  4. Off to cork for nearly two weeks tomorrow. Looks like the first week should be good. Perhaps the second week a more typical type of Irish summer weather?
  5. sundog

    World Cup 2018

    England may have had luck in the draw but it's still a very good achievement. In fairness England are not exactly the luckiest team when it comes to world cups - pen shoot outs , decisions going against them ,hard luck stories etc. Look who Germany played to get to the 2002 world cup final - Saudi Arabia, Ireland and Cameron at the group stage, Paraguay in the last 16, united states in the last 8 and South Korea in the semis.
  6. sundog

    World Cup 2018

    Well done England. Thought they had blown it. But came through in a rare pen shoot out win for them.
  7. Well the good weather can only last for so long. Perhaps a sign of a summer of two halves?
  8. The grass out at the front of my house could do with a bit of rain lol.
  9. Not a fan of heat myself. Won't mind too much if the heat lasts for a week or so but then starts to FO after.
  10. As much as it's nice I view the upcoming spell with some trepidation. As personally I've never been a heat lover , don't mind it for a few days but then it quickly for me loses its appeal .As far as im concerned it can stay for a week or so and then FO.
  11. The long journey back to winter has started. Of course at this stage it's just psychological . But I don't like the days being so long at this time of year so I look forward to the days getting that bit shorter for starters.
  12. Recorded my first 20c of the yr today. Lovely evening.
  13. Walpurgis night April 30th ,May Eve's night. https://www.google.ie/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.thoughtco.com/walpurgis-night-the-other-halloween-2595375&ved=2ahUKEwjqkdnrxOLaAhVlBMAKHeNkDJ8QFjAAegQIBxAB&usg=AOvVaw1soTwBnOodAkncL1yRMTYS Halloween isn't the only night the supernatural rules. There's a penetrating chill in the wind. The bright moon rises behind the shivering, nearly naked trees. A profound sense of foreboding permeates the darkness. This is the night, after all, when witches ride their broomsticks through the sky, and the natural world is forced to confront the powers of the supernatural. No, it isn't October 31 and this is not Halloween.t's April 30 and it's Walpurgis Night. Like Halloween, Walpurgis has its roots in ancient pagan customs, superstitions and festivals. At this time of year, the Vikings participated in a ritual that they hoped would hasten the arrival of Spring weather and ensure fertility for their crops and livestock. They would light huge bonfires in hopes of scaring away evil spirits. But the name "Walpurgis" comes from a very different source. In the 8th Century, a woman named Valborg (other iterations of the name include Walpurgis, Wealdburg and Valderburger) founded the Catholic convent of Heidenheim in Wurtemburg, Germany. She herself later became a nun and was known for speaking out against witchcraft and sorcery. She was canonized a saint on May 1, 779. Since the celebration of her sainthood and the old Viking festival occurred around the same time, over the years the festivals and traditions intermingled until the hybrid pagan-Catholic celebration became known as Valborgsmässoafton or Walpurgisnacht -- Walpurgis Night. The Other Halloween Although not widely known in the US, this May-Eve night shares many of the traditions of Halloween and is, in fact, directly opposite Halloween on the calendar. According to the ancient legends, this night was the last chance for witches and their nefarious cohorts to stir up trouble before Spring reawakened the land. They were said to congregate on Brocken, the highest peak in the Harz Mountains -- a tradition that comes from Goethe's Faust. To ward off the witches' evil, the citizenry would burn bonfires, sprinkle holy water and adorn their homes with talismans of blessed palm leaf. One of the best ways to keep evil at bay, they thought, was through noise. This is an idea that probably dates back to early man. On Walpurgis Night, the citizens would ring bells, bang drums, crack whips and beat blanks of wood onto the ground. As technology advanced, they would shoot firearms into the air. Walpurgis Night even features its own version of Trick or Treat in some parts of Europe, especially Germany. In Bavaria, for example, where the celebration is known as a Freinacht or Drudennacht, the young might roam the neighborhoods pulling mischievous pranks, such as wrapping cars in toilet paper and smearing doorknobs with toothpaste. In Thueringen, Germany, some of the little girls dress up as witches, wearing paper hats and carrying sticks. In Finland, where the holiday is called Vappu, the ordinarily reserved Finns run screaming through the streets wearing masks and carrying drinks. Halloween-like scarecrows make an appearance, too. Life-size or smaller strawmen are created and ritually imbued with all the back luck and ill will of the past year. They are then tossed on the Walpurgis bonfires along with worn-out, burnable household items. A Time of Magic Some believe that Walpurgis, like Halloween, is more than a time of ritual spellcasting -- that it is a time when the barrier between our world and the "supernatural" is more easily crossed. "