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  1. Anyone remember matty m? He works for met eireann now and does some met eireann radio weather forecasts on an Irish radio station .
  2. The cold spell was rubbish here. Temperatures always in the range 0c to 3/ 4c one or two dustings most of which melted after a couple of hrs. Mostly cloudy, no frost. I would rate it 3/10 at a push. I would rate the much maligned feb 2005 spell for example better.
  3. This winter kind of reminds me of 08/09. Often on the cold side but no real deep cold spell. At least in my location anyway. Did scotland have a good winter that winter like its having this winter? Hopefully this winter is the beginning of a run of colder winters which will have proper cold spells just the way the winter of 08/09 was the beginning. 08/09 also had 2 very mild winters before it just like this winter.
  4. How many times in the past have we seen the gfs spot a trend run with it then ditch it and then go back to it again. Hopefully this is one of those times .
  5. Well there are those of us who think that feb could be the month that delivers so I wouldn't be surprised if perhaps it could start picking up on something.
  6. Very good point. I was thinking the same that as of yet no place seems to have gotten anything out of the ssw . So perhaps this is not the end of the story.............we just need more time to see how things unfold.
  7. Does look like we are going back next week to similar temps we had over the xmas period with more cold rain .
  8. Personally it's been feb that I have always thought of when the cold will come not last third of Jan. Perhaps the last week of Jan the models will firm up properly on a cold spell ,that will strike first week of feb. Hopecasting perhaps but that's my thoughts.
  9. The thing that concerns me about the potential cold spell later this month is that here in Ireland we have not had a real proper cold spell in the second half of Jan since the 80s. Could we miss out again? Very possibly imo. Unless any cold spell gets delayed till early feb. ..
  10. Personally I think there will be a delay. But I reckon February will be the month of interest.........
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