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  1. Another spotless day,43 so far this yr,solar flux down to 71. We should get a spotless stretch of at least a few days?
  2. Got down to 6.3c here early this morning chilly for the time of year. Katesbridge County Down got down to 0.8c.
  3. 17.5c for me please.
  4. Recorded my warmest day since summer 2006 today, max temp of 27.9c, very impressive considering there was a reasonable amount of cloud about today.
  5. xmas here we come
  6. indeed,most of the first half of july can probably be written off for those who like this type of weather.
  7. 26c this afternoon, a cool wind from the irish sea set in now at 16c and dull,quite a turnaround here.

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    2. sundog


      15c here now,would need a jumper if outside here. Earlier today i was in a t shirt and shorts,was 25c here during the late afternoon then the cool wind set in

    3. lassie23


      33.7c this afternoon, was a bit toasty

    4. sundog


      wouldnt like that heat at all ,got down to 12c here last night.  Which made for a comfortable nights sleep.

  8. Psychologically at least, this wednesday is an important day for winter lovers.
  9. Warmest day so far of the yr here ,wall to wall sunshine,max temp 25.5c.
  10. Easily my warmest day of the yr today,hardly a cloud in the sky today,max temp 25.5c
  11. Already 20c here,should be the hottest day so far this yr here.
  12. Another spotless day ,38 days so far this yr. 70 days since june 1st 2016, so almost 20% out of the last 365 days.
  13. Id much prefer snizzle to drizzle. A very cold raw cloudy day with a bit of snizzle about is something i dont mind.
  14. The surely inevitable june monsoon will keep temps from getting too warm lol. A fairly average 15.0c for me please.
  15. As soon as we entered winter last yr things started to fall apart for cold lovers. As soon as we enter summer things dont look too great either for summer lovers,for the time being anyway. Or what is showing could be just a blip? Would not be surprised in the slightest if after many months of often dry weather the rain returns with a vengence just in time for summer season.