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    The weather of course particulary cold weather snow, frost etc. movies,sport and military history and painting military miniatures(toy soldiers).
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  1. The last third of November can can be prone sometimes to getting cold snaps/spells, hopefully this is one of those yrs . 2005 for example. Wasn't there some guy years ago who had dates or periods during the year most likely to get cold snaps etc. I think the last third of November was one of those periods .
  2. Back in 2009 after the very wet nov I think it was thought that the very unsettled weather of that month had something to do with what followed - the cold spell mid Dec-mid Jan.
  3. I think the winter of 1919/20 was nothing to write home about though.
  4. Are you ready for some Snow Hunting this year


  5. Id say a decent chance of snow on the dublin and Wicklow mts on Friday .
  6. Putting the heating on yesterday evening for an hour and the same thing a few days ago. All we have needed so far.
  7. Ah the winter of 87/88, winters have been mostly poor ever since.
  8. My wife went to that part of spain yesterday for a week's holiday with her sisters. She said the rain was very heavy today with thunderstorms. She wasn't too happy. Lol.
  9. The ice near svalbard had done better this yr compared to recently I think. Maybe that's what caught them out.
  10. The odds are certainly favouring a warm up no question. But anyway next week is a bit far off yet as to know how long the warm up lasts . Fwiw ,latest gfs going for a cool down later next week. Too far out of course at this stage to know what will happen by then.
  11. Well these charts from the ecm for next week would put a smile on my face if they came to fruition. Cooling down with cool night's I would imagine. Perfect autumn weather.
  12. Spotless again. 170 spotless days. 69% Flux 69
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