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  1. I was hoping with such a strong pv last winter which gave the Arctic a decent winter that last winter would help regards this yrs summer melt. But alas doesn't seem to have made much difference.
  2. We had our summer during the spring . This month has been forgetful in what I think will be a rather forgetful summer overall.
  3. Been a topsy turvy week but an interesting week for a change. Recorded a max temp of 24.8c on Tuesday easily my highest temp so far this yr. Yesterday one or two heavy thundery hail showers. A low last night of 4.8c. Max temp today 12.5c , a mild winters day
  4. Out of interest on this date last yr we were at 88 spotless days,so we are 33 spotless days ahead of last yr for this date. We didn't hit the current number of spotless days last yr - 121 until July 11th.
  5. It's been a very decent /decent spring overall and I wouldnt be surprised if we do indeed pay the price over the coming summer. Time will tell........
  6. Would mid dec 81 - mid Jan 82 be one such period. Although dec was below average overall I think Jan came in around average . I guess though thats more of a 6 week period, dec up to mid Jan.
  7. Coronavirus Has Sparked A Monkey Gang War In Thailand After Tourists Stop Feeding Them WWW.SICKCHIRPSE.COM Terrifying.
  8. Perhaps this yr we will finally see the effects if any of the deep solar minimum???. Perhaps more so later in the yr......??
  9. I had the most terrible dream last night that we hardly had any winter at all. I woke up in a terrible sweat. Thank God it was just a dream..........
  10. After the miserable wet winter we have had I think many including myself would very much welcome a chart like that. This winter if it can be called that is done, time to move on imo. From a cold perspective it's been a complete and utter waste of time ,a winter to forget. Let spring move in and move on.
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