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  1. Autumn thoughts

    At 9:02pm tonight the sun will be leaving the northern hemisphere . Really starting to notice now how much the leaves are starting to change colour. Definitely earlier then many recent autumn's and if my memory serves me correctly more like how it used to be .
  2. Autumn thoughts

    Part of Irish weather lore is that whichever direction the wind is coming from on Halloween is an indicator for the coming winter,so say a northerly on Halloween indicates a cold winter ahead etc etc etc. Perhaps there is a small truth to it to a certain extent.
  3. Hurricane Irma

    Climate change unfortunately. People have been warned often enough what will happen if action isn't taken to tackle the problem.
  4. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    This was said on spaceweather site last week, For reasons researchers dont fully understand the weeks around equinoxes have more geomagnetic disturbances then at any other time of the yr
  5. Considering how dry the first half of the yr was ,im not surprised that the second half will overall be likely much less settled
  6. 13.9c for me please.
  7. Autumn thoughts

    Cool day today for August with a max temp of 15.5c, feeling autumnal.
  8. Autumn thoughts

    Well indeed that maybe the case ,but getting a warm sept would seem to mean a likelyhood of a continuation of a warm period for at least a few more months, so little chance of a decent winter. Thats the way i would look at it. Low and behold it looks like this sept starting off on a warm and dry note hmmmmmmmm................yyyyaaawwwnnn.
  9. Autumn thoughts

    Here in ireland since 1996 ,14 septembers have been warmer then average,of which 11 of the winters that followed were warmer then average. Good correlation imo. Im sure for the uk its very similar.
  10. Autumn thoughts

    I think we have one or two more crappy winters to get through before we see a decent cold spell. Early 2020s or 2019 at the earliest imo.
  11. Yet again looking like another disappointing aug, although personnaly im fairly ambivalent when it comes to the weather in the summer. Just dont want another poor aug to be followed by another warm sept and then autumn to last for 6 months (i like autumn but would also like a winter after it). Please god not more of the same yet again this yr.
  12. Autumn thoughts

    Saw a few halloween decorations for sale in a shop yesterday,wont be long now.
  13. Summer 2017 Discussion

    Well next summer will be in a yr ending with an 8 ,the last few decades with years ending with an 8 the summers were not great,78,88,98 2008. 2018???
  14. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    16.3c for me please.
  15. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Another spotless day,43 so far this yr,solar flux down to 71. We should get a spotless stretch of at least a few days?