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    The weather of course particulary cold weather snow, frost etc. movies,sport and military history and painting military miniatures(toy soldiers).
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  1. 'They found Mary Bellows cuffed to the bed with a rag in her mouth and a bullet in her head. Oh Poor ,poor Mary,Mary Bellows'
  2. Much much prefer cool and sunny rather then warm and cloudy . Same in winter, love clear cold frosty weather, hate cloudy mild winter weather. I also like seeing the temps drop in clear weather during the evening and night .
  3. Disturbing,most disturbing. More heat records broken........ sad state of affairs. Worrying stuff.
  4. sundog

    Crafty people

    Outside the post hospital at Rorkes Drift.
  5. Last winter wasn't a winter imo. A total disaster of a winter from start to finish. The second half of Jan did feel more winter like but that part was still very meh at best. Dec was a disaster ,what a horrid dull mild cloudy depressing month, but many of us held onto the hope that the ssw at the end of the month would deliver at some point. Well of course the way things happened it didn't deliver which felt like a kick in the teeth. That weekend in Jan when the models just flipped was hard to take. It was a winter of being led up the garden path . Then the warm spell in Feb was the final insult.
  6. The solstice is at 3.54pm tomorrow. Can't wait for the nights to get longer again.....
  7. The warmth we had back in feb I thought was a bad sign for this summer. I still hold that belief.
  8. I reckon here in Ireland we will do whatever Britain decides to.
  9. Well I hope Ireland stays in winter time which is the real time anyway.
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