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  1. Quite foggy here too last night and early this morning,fog gone now but still rather cloudy. Recorded a high of 23.1c yesterday ,my highest of the yr so far.
  2. My first 20c reach of the year today,max 20.0c ,after what was an unsettled first half to the day.
  3. June 2012 July 2012 ,when you have to cut your lawn in wellies in July you know things are bad. Aug 1997, warm ,muggy ,humid . The kind of weather i hate,was a good month for thunderstorms but not a summer month i liked at all overall.
  4. Which i presume could be good for next winters prospects if that happened.
  5. Happy May eve. "In modern British and American popular culture, Halloween is the night most associated with the nocturnal activities of witches and the souls of the dead. But in much of Europe the 30 April or May Eve, otherwise known as Walpurgis Night, was another moment when spirits and witches were thought to roam about. The life and death of Saint Walpurga, who was born in Dorset, England, in the eight century, has nothing to do with witchcraft or magic, though. She travelled to Germany on missionary work, and became abbess of a nunnery at Heidenheim, dying there in the late 770s. The 1 May became her feast day because it was when her relics were transferred to Eichstätt in the 870s. The association of witchcraft with May Eve is actually to do with venerable rituals for protecting livestock at a time in the agricultural calendar when animals were traditionally moved to summer pastures. Bonfires were lit by communities across Europe to scare aware predators. In sixteenth-century Ireland, hares were killed on May Day, in the belief that they were shape-shifting witches bent on sucking cows dry and stealing butter. In Scotland, pieces of Rowan tree were placed above the doors of cow byres to keep witches away." "In Walpurgis Night rain. Makes good crops of autumn grain"
  6. 12.5c for me please.
  7. indeed. we will be back to the boring monotonous tripe soon enough,which some people seem to enjoy. Next month could have some nice summer like weather which people crave,but i would not be so smug if i were them. Never trust that type of weather in may,it could be a distant memory by june/july.
  8. Should be some hefty wintry showers next wk. I would presume most of any snow being reserved for the hills,heavy hail showers etc for low levels.
  9. Working outside a lot today and this evening ive a bit of sunburn on the top of my head (dont have a lot of hair on that part of my head it must be said). It never would have dawned on me at all about getting sunburn in early april,especially with temps here today only at 13c or 14c. Im not fair skinned and get a decent colour during the summer. Well just shows the sun is certainly getting pretty strong now.
  10. yesterday i recorded my warmest day of the yr so far,17.2c warmest march day since 2012. All this warmth at this time of yr,recent history has shown us a poor summer awaits.
  11. 9.7c for me please.
  12. Can understand somone not wanting a chart llike that in late april but i thought late april was one of the more if not the most interesting spell of weather we had during 2016. Our weather the last few yrs has become a borefest at least it broke the monotony if only for a short while imo.
  13. coldest here was - 1.8c
  14. Today i recorded my warmest march day since 2012. 15.6c.
  15. If 2017 sets a new recored for lowest min ,it will a 5 yr pattern. 2007, 2012, 2017.