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    Yorkshire Puddin' aka Kirkham, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
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    I love cool/cold winters, cool/cold springs, cool/cold summers and cool/cold autumns. I love cool/cold Atlantic weather types. I love "cool/cold sunshine and cool/cold gentle showers" weather types. I love cool/cold/frosty sunny weather types. I love snowy/sleety/blizzards weather types. I love cool/cold and stormy/thundery weather types. I love cool/cold and cloudy and cool/cold foggy weather types. I love cool/cold and light rain/drizzle weather types. I love Maritime Polar and Continental Polar and Arctic airmasses.

    I hate mild/warm winters, mild/hot springs, mild/hot summers and mild/hot autumns. I hate mild/warm and humid Atlantic weather types. I hate mild/hot and sunny weather types. I hate mild/hot and stormy/thundery weather types. I hate mild/hot and humid continental weather types. I hate mild/warm and cloudy and mild/warm and foggy weather types. I hate moderate and torrential intensity rain weather types regardless of temperature. I hate gale force and worse force winds without snow. I hate mild/warm and light rain/drizzle weather types. I hate Maritime Tropical and Continental Tropical airmasses.
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    cold winters, cold springs, cold summers and cold autumns

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  1. It sucks that we can't edit out forum posts anymore...

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    2. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Only if we could edit other posters' posts...A nightmare for the mods, too.:D

    3. Dami


      that would be very very bad. 

      We need an edit thingy on status.:good:

    4. Paul


      Yep, would be nice to have an edit function on these, but the software doesn't allow it at the moment. It's still possible to edit posts, but only for a short time - more info here. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/16103-need-help-on-the-siteforum/?page=140#comment-3574479


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