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  1. Despite being wet, windy and unsettled, August 2019 still finished well above average with a CET above 17C.  Summer 2019 was the first summer since 2003 to have more than 1 month above 17C.

    1. karyo


      Not a surprise. Ideal synoptics are now needed to get a below average month. Anything else leads to above average. 

    2. cheeky_monkey


      we get below average months on regular basis here these days...August was well below making it 7 months in a row of well below average temps

  2. The Greenland Icesheet isn't just melting, its falling to pieces.:oldsad:

  3. I'm disappointed that posts can only be liked yet again.

  4. I've just looked in the Greenland Ice thread and for the first time ever, at least from what I've seen, virtually the whole Northern Hemisphere is forcasted to have warmer than average 500HPA Heights.

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    2. snowray
    3. karyo


      What 'swings and roundabouts' do you see @Astral Goat Juice?

    4. Astral Goat Juice

      Astral Goat Juice

      @karyo The fact it's happened many times over millennia. It's nothing new. 

  5. I am not going to bring any children into this unjust, overheating and overpopulated world.

    1. karyo


      Good! As you say, the planet is overpopulated already.

  6. Days since last heatwave and moorland fire in Britain? Zero.:oldsad:

  7. First 20CA In winter coming up no doubt with this early heatwave.:oldsad:

  8. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm not Noah.  I wish I was though.

    1. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Build it, they will come.

    2. Mokidugway


      Rub it ,it will come 🤔

  9. I hate it when forecasts rub it in these days by saying "no easterly" or "no beast from the east".

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    2. Dami


      or rain preceded by snow.

    3. snow*please


      I agree! proper inconsiderate of them. Us coldies have feelings too 😭😂

    4. lassie23


      or in your face you cold-loving ******

  10. Your back for the first time since my 14h of July birthday!  Welcome back and Merry Christmas!

  11. After this bloody year, I feel like my biggest ever mistake was surviving 2017.

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    2. lassie23


      what happened to you in 2017 and moki...... divorces😨

    3. Mokidugway


      1  divorce  ,lol

    4. lassie23


      oh lol otherwise if it was more you would be looking for your dinner in the local bins

  12. Glacier Poiint's back!😀

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    2. Weather-history


      Lol, forgot about the infamous torpedo. What winter was that now and did it ever fire?!

    3. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      That would be the infamous "winter" 2015/2016.  After that awful recordbreakingly mild, wet, windy and stormy monsoonal December, I remember the papers in early January 2016 were hyping up a so-called frigid Polar Vortex to hit the UK after the Arctic Stratosphere was "torpedoed" by an exceptionable Sudden Stratospheric Warming event.  Needless to say it was a non event for the UK.

    4. Weather-history


      That's an example of where not to use a soundbite in a desperate world.  It was clutched onto like a drowning man to a straw and morphed to an out of control monster. 

  13. CAGW skeptics are blaming global warming on good old oxygen and nitrogen whilst downplaying Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water vapor!  What's the next piece of garbage there gonna come up with when that falls flat!?

    1. Seasonality


      Ha ha, they're probably all flat earthers and anti-vaxxers too.


  14. My own dad screwing with me off yet again!  Blowtorch and muggy wet, windy and stormy maritime tropical Atlantic garbage yet again?!  Definitely autumn at its worst for me.

    1. lassie23


      hopefully get it out of the way before november

  15. Its really nice to see your pattern threads returning!

  16. burned out :(

    1. lassie23


      the heat wave has burnt itself out thank flog

    2. Mokidugway


      Last year's bonfire 🤗

  17. I believe algae removing carbon dioxide from the air may be our best hope against runaway global warming.

    1. lassie23


      i'll have 3 kilos please

    2. Mokidugway


      I have some on my pond ,you can have it if you want it ??

  18. Your guesses for July rival mine!

  19. I hate my miserable life.  I want to end it.

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    2. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Have to agree with everything that others have already said; there is help out there. Just don't allow yourself to be dragged down by those who simply do not understand our difficulties: they know not what they do...:D

    3. Seasonality


      I was sorry to read this. I can sympathise with you. Do what everyone else has said and do talk to someone. It won't be an instant fix, recovery can be slow and erratic, there are no shortcuts I'm afraid, but it is important to talk when you reach a crisis point like you have. It is my sincere hope that things get better for you. If you can, get outside and enjoy this sunshine, be physically active, eat properly too. Those things actually have a proven physiological effect that can help improve your mood. All the best.

    4. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      I’m sure this has been said , but please feel free to message any of us on here even if it’s just to sound off ... thinking of you x

  20. I hope your May 2018 CET forecast comes off.:good:

    1. Ice Man 85

      Ice Man 85

      Well a warm up next weekend is looking odds on now. The GFS pub run is a peach. Considering how wide of the mark the GFS was last time, mid 20s won't be out of the question. The EC 46 still paints a below average picture for May, but I can't see how that will verify at this rate.

  21. It always disheartens me when I hear about exceptional Arctic warmth and low sea ice. :(

  22. Farewell Beast From The East! :( It was nice knowing ya!  Gone but not forgotten.  Please come home for Christmas!:santa-emoji:

    1. lassie23
    2. Weather26


      Preferably NOT AT ALL! 

    3. Mokidugway


      Got wind again :nonono:

  23. Yet another year has gone by and the world is still nowhere closer to slowing down global warming let alone stop or reverse it.

  24. Welcome back! I've missed you.

  25. It looks like only geo engineering could have any chance of undooming us from more than +2C global warming

    1. Gray-Wolf


      I(t just worries me as that is how we got into this mess in the first place! I suppose this time around we will be very mindful of our impacts though?

      I am sure carbon capture, of various applications, will become widely available to us should we will it so ...... it is just getting that 'will' organised and I'm still afraid that it will take something truly horrible to garner it from the masses?

      No politician wants to commit to massive spending on this but once they are 'forced to' then it will not be a 'choice' ( free will) but a 'response' ( forced action)?

    2. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      The question is, what "force" would it take?  If it takes something devastating like a methane burp or the irreversible collapse of the remaining icesheets or all the rainforests or any combination of the above to "force" the world into action then even the most powerful and farfetched geoengineering won't save us from a runway greenhouse state.

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