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  1. Rest in pieces 'spring' 2019! 17.5C Last sub 9C May in 1902. Last sub 10C May in 1996. Last sub 11C May in 2015. 200mm from monsoons and Atlantic garbage!
  2. Its a shame that the slowdown won't be enough to stop and reverse the Artic and Antarctic rapid meltdowns.
  3. Since I love proper cold and dry crisp weather in all seasons my best eather types are any that bring clean crisp dry Arctic or Continental Polar air whether its from Northwesterlies, straight Northerlies, Northeasterlies, Easterlies or even clean Rex bloke highs. I also love Maritime Polar Northwesterlies and Westerlies as long as they are not too wet! Gentle showers or light rain or snow, nothing more. Sadly Arctic and Atlantic warming has decreased the potency and frequency of all our classic cold setups.
  4. I hate all mild Atlantic driven weather patterns regardless of season and I hate all heatwave patterns regardless of whether its Maritime Tropical air or Continental Tropical air involved.
  5. I've just looked in the Greenland Ice thread and for the first time ever, at least from what I've seen, virtually the whole Northern Hemisphere is forcasted to have warmer than average 500HPA Heights.

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    2. snowray
    3. karyo


      What 'swings and roundabouts' do you see @Astral Goat Juice?

    4. Astral Goat Juice

      Astral Goat Juice

      @karyo The fact it's happened many times over millennia. It's nothing new. 

  6. 14C Last sub 5C April in 1837. Last sub 6C April in 1986. Last sub 7C April in 1989. Last sub 7.5C April in 2012. 200mm of Atlantic garbage!
  7. I am not going to bring any children into this unjust, overheating and overpopulated world.

    1. karyo


      Good! As you say, the planet is overpopulated already.

  8. Days since last heatwave and moorland fire in Britain? Zero.:oldsad:

  9. Gray-Wolf, I think we will be very lucky if Antarctic Ice Loss and Arctic Ice "only" cause a Super-Interglacial. I fear more likely we are gonna end up in a full blown greenhouse era. We are already on track to be warmer than at least 4C above the global 1750 average. Even the Super-Interglacials of the Quaternary were only 1.5C-2C above the global 1750 average. I also think there could be more than sea level rise involved in the pole to pole melt connection. Loss of most if not all of Antarctic Ice would reduce or even eliminate Antarctic Bottom Water production in the Southern Ocean. With less AABW or no even no AABW in the North Atlantic Ocean, North Atlantic Deep Water production would increase bigtime which in turn would beef up the warm Gulf Stream current. This would cause rapid warming and deglaciation of both Greenland and the Arctic Sea Ice.
  10. First 20CA In winter coming up no doubt with this early heatwave.:oldsad:

  11. 12C Last sub 2C March in 1883. Last sub 3C and last sub 4C March in 2013. Last sub 5C and last sub 5.5C March in 2018. 200mm of Atlantic garbage.
  12. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm not Noah.  I wish I was though.

    1. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Build it, they will come.

    2. Mokidugway


      Rub it ,it will come 🤔

  13. I hate it when forecasts rub it in these days by saying "no easterly" or "no beast from the east".

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    2. Dami


      or rain preceded by snow.

    3. snow*please


      I agree! proper inconsiderate of them. Us coldies have feelings too 😭😂

    4. lassie23


      or in your face you cold-loving ******

  14. Rest in pieces 'winter' 2018/2019! 10C Last sub -1C, last sub 0C and last sub 1C February in 1986. Last sub 2C February in 1991. Last sub 3C and last sub 3.5C February in 2018. Out with a mild whimper... Also very wet with 500mm of Atlantic garbage
  15. I really love your idea of cooling the Equatorial Pacific Ocean and Equatorial Atlantic Ocean. Imagine the great shift from the Hyper Ninos and pesky Ninos of today to Hyper Ninas!
  16. Your back for the first time since my 14h of July birthday!  Welcome back and Merry Christmas!

  17. 2019 will be a very horrible year and the hottest on record at 15.5C CET. The Globe will average 16C making it the hottest year on record Globally. This summer the polar jet reaches the Artic, dies and leaves a "polar weakstream" swirling around a dying Greenland PV. The subtropical jet also reaches the Artic and replaces the dead polar jet. A main "subtropical weakstream" swirls around the North Pole whilst an even weaker "subtropical weakstream" merges with the last "polar weakstream" swirling around the dying Greenland PV. The African Monsoon Trough finally jumps the Sahara and Mediterranean into Europe and affects Britain and Europe from the 1000mb to the 500mb level with an outflow ridge on top to form the British Monsoon system. The British Monsoon forms a monster Mid-Atlantic Ridge and a monster Bartlett Ridge sending heatwaves to obliterate the last of the Artic Ice. Britain always remains mild if not very mild in winter and always remains hot if not very hot in the other seasons but swings from flood to drought so many times you just can't keep up! Britain gets monster floods from the interaction of the British Monsoon with Spanish Plumes which also create Supercell Thunderstorms and F5 Twisters. However Britain also gets monster droughts when ex-hurricanes and/or rare "weakstream" troughs send the monster Mid-Atlantic Ridges toppling over Britain and merging into the monster Bartlett Ridges. I am also expecting an explosive "Methane Burp" to occur in 2019 as the warming oceans destabilise Methane Hydrates. Combined with yet more water vapour from the warming oceans, this Methane Burp will worsen global warming more than ever this year. January the warmest on record 9.5C February the warmest on record 10C March the warmest on record 12C April the warmest on record 14C May the warmest on record 17.5C June the warmest on record 20.5C July the warmest on record 22C August the warmest on record 21.5C September the warmest on record 19C October the warmest on record 15.5C November the warmest on record 13C December the warmest on record 12C 2019 will be the Bob Beamon Year of CET Warming.
  18. After this bloody year, I feel like my biggest ever mistake was surviving 2017.

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    2. lassie23


      what happened to you in 2017 and moki...... divorces😨

    3. Mokidugway


      1  divorce  ,lol

    4. lassie23


      oh lol otherwise if it was more you would be looking for your dinner in the local bins

  19. 9.5C Last sub -3.0C January in 1795. Last sub -2.0C and sub -1.0C January in 1963. Last sub 0C January in 1979. Last sub 1C January in 1987. Last sub 2C, last sub 3C and last sub 3.5C January in 2010. 200mm of Atlantic garbage
  20. Glacier Poiint's back!😀

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    2. Weather-history


      Lol, forgot about the infamous torpedo. What winter was that now and did it ever fire?!

    3. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      That would be the infamous "winter" 2015/2016.  After that awful recordbreakingly mild, wet, windy and stormy monsoonal December, I remember the papers in early January 2016 were hyping up a so-called frigid Polar Vortex to hit the UK after the Arctic Stratosphere was "torpedoed" by an exceptionable Sudden Stratospheric Warming event.  Needless to say it was a non event for the UK.

    4. Weather-history


      That's an example of where not to use a soundbite in a desperate world.  It was clutched onto like a drowning man to a straw and morphed to an out of control monster. 

  21. Another mild washout whimper to end another naff year and my worst year ever. Rest in pieces 2018! 12C Last sub 0C, last sub 1C, last sub 2C, last sub 3C and last sub 4C December all in 2010. 200mm of Atlantic garbage
  22. With a blocking Scandi High of 588 DAM there must some exceptionally warm air tied in with that one! Even my wildest blowtorch predictions have never foreseen a 588 DAM Scandi High in the middle of November. That must be unprecedented for late autumn and winter. Even in summer heatwave patterns, 588 DAM Highs in High and Mid-High Latitudes are exceptional and noteworthy. You'd think though, that such a 500 HPA High would be impossible without low level maximum temperatures in the 30C+ range?
  23. CAGW skeptics are blaming global warming on good old oxygen and nitrogen whilst downplaying Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water vapor!  What's the next piece of garbage there gonna come up with when that falls flat!?

    1. Seasonality


      Ha ha, they're probably all flat earthers and anti-vaxxers too.


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