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    I love cool/cold winters, cool/cold springs, cool/cold summers and cool/cold autumns. I love cool/cold Atlantic weather types. I love "cool/cold sunshine and cool/cold gentle showers" weather types. I love cool/cold/frosty sunny weather types. I love snowy/sleety/blizzards weather types. I love cool/cold and stormy/thundery weather types. I love cool/cold and cloudy and cool/cold foggy weather types. I love cool/cold and light rain/drizzle weather types. I love Maritime Polar and Continental Polar and Arctic airmasses.

    I hate mild/warm winters, mild/hot springs, mild/hot summers and mild/hot autumns. I hate mild/warm and humid Atlantic weather types. I hate mild/hot and sunny weather types. I hate mild/hot and stormy/thundery weather types. I hate mild/hot and humid continental weather types. I hate mild/warm and cloudy and mild/warm and foggy weather types. I hate moderate and torrential intensity rain weather types regardless of temperature. I hate gale force and worse force winds without snow. I hate mild/warm and light rain/drizzle weather types. I hate Maritime Tropical and Continental Tropical airmasses.
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  1. 14C 😞 Last sub 5C April in 1837. Last sub 6C April in 1986. Last sub 7C April in 1989. Last sub 7.5C April in 2012. 200mm of Atlantic garbage!
  2. 12C 😞 Last sub 2C March in 1883. Last sub 3C and last sub 4C March in 2013. Last sub 5C and last sub 5.5C March in 2018. 200mm of Atlantic garbage.
  3. Rest in pieces 'winter' 2020/2021! 10C 😞 Last sub -1C, last sub 0C and last sub 1C February in 1986. Last sub 2C February in 1991. Last sub 3C and last sub 3.5C February in 2018. Out with a mild whimper... Also very wet with 500mm of Atlantic garbage
  4. Rest in pieces 2020!!!!  Another frustrating thing... even our cold winter synoptics are both milder and wetter than they use to be.  In fact instead of getting the classic "crisp sunshine and frost with snow flurries" weather they are almost as bad for giving washouts as the classic (pre-'90s) cold wet summer cyclonic patterns or even the infamous pre-2008 Bartlett High warm zonality setups. That deterioration in our cold synoptics as been notable ever since winter 2014/2015.  Since clean northerlies and easterlies have gone, the only way to get "crisp sunshine and frost" now is via clean Rex blacks which itself rules out snow.  😠😞

    1. lassie23


      this cold spell sucks

  5. Adios President Donald Trump!  It was nice knowing you...  NOT!!  Its a pity COVID and global warming can't naff off too!

    1. lassie23


      I think the white house will have a squatter

  6. 2021 will be a very horrible year and the hottest on record at 15.5C CET and both COVID-19 and COVID-20 will be there as well and all the attendant lockdown misery through it all. The Globe will average 16C making it the hottest year on record Globally. This summer the polar jet reaches the Artic, dies and leaves a "polar weakstream" swirling around a dying Greenland PV. The subtropical jet also reaches the Artic and replaces the dead polar jet. A main "subtropical weakstream" swirls around the North Pole whilst an even weaker "subtropical weakstream" merges with the last "polar weakstream
  7. 9.5C 😞 Last sub -3.0C January in 1795. Last sub -2.0C and sub -1.0C January in 1963. Last sub 0C January in 1979. Last sub 1C January in 1987. Last sub 2C, last sub 3C and last sub 3.5C January in 2010.
  8. Rest in pieces 2020! Also rest in pieces bloody COVID19 and please naffoff for good! Also 12C 😞 Last sub 0C, last sub 1C, last sub 2C, last sub 3C and last sub 4C December all in 2010. 200mm of Atlantic garbage
  9. I hate autumn and winter now, especially these monsoonal versions! "Flooding concerns" is the new buzz word of the miserable seasons!
  10. I think one of the things if not the main thing that stops intense surface heat rising is a strong temperature inversion, effectively laying extremely hot air over very hot air and stabilizing the very hot Continental Tropical airmass, at least until the next deep active cold front arrives. This temperature inversion is created by a mass of very hot and dry upper level Tropical Superior air subsiding through a very deep layer of the troposphere and warming at the dry air adiabatic lapse rate. This subsidence is strongest went its forced by both upper level convergence under the upper level r
  11. Rest in pieces naff "autumn" 2020! 13C Last sub 3C November in 1915. Last sub 4C November in 1925. Last sub 5C November in 1993. Last sub 6C November in 2016. 200mm of Atlantic garbage
  12. 15.5C. Last sub 6C October in 1740. Last sub 7C October in 1896. Last sub 8C October in 1992. Last sub 9C October in 1993. 200mm from monsoons and Atlantic garbage
  13. 19C Last sub 11C September in 1952. Last sub 12C September in 1986. Last sub 13C September in 2015. Winter 2020/2021 is over before its even started. 200mm from monsoons and Atlantic garbage.
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