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    I love cool/cold winters, cool/cold springs, cool/cold summers and cool/cold autumns. I love cool/cold Atlantic weather types. I love "cool/cold sunshine and cool/cold gentle showers" weather types. I love cool/cold/frosty sunny weather types. I love snowy/sleety/blizzards weather types. I love cool/cold and stormy/thundery weather types. I love cool/cold and cloudy and cool/cold foggy weather types. I love cool/cold and light rain/drizzle weather types. I love Maritime Polar and Continental Polar and Arctic airmasses.

    I hate mild/warm winters, mild/hot springs, mild/hot summers and mild/hot autumns. I hate mild/warm and humid Atlantic weather types. I hate mild/hot and sunny weather types. I hate mild/hot and stormy/thundery weather types. I hate mild/hot and humid continental weather types. I hate mild/warm and cloudy and mild/warm and foggy weather types. I hate moderate and torrential intensity rain weather types regardless of temperature. I hate gale force and worse force winds without snow. I hate mild/warm and light rain/drizzle weather types. I hate Maritime Tropical and Continental Tropical airmasses.
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  1. The Atlantic had already on here in the Northwest when this forecast was posted.
  2. Glacier Poiint's back!😀

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    2. Weather-history


      Lol, forgot about the infamous torpedo. What winter was that now and did it ever fire?!

    3. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      That would be the infamous "winter" 2015/2016.  After that awful recordbreakingly mild, wet, windy and stormy monsoonal December, I remember the papers in early January 2016 were hyping up a so-called frigid Polar Vortex to hit the UK after the Arctic Stratosphere was "torpedoed" by an exceptionable Sudden Stratospheric Warming event.  Needless to say it was a non event for the UK.

    4. Weather-history


      That's an example of where not to use a soundbite in a desperate world.  It was clutched onto like a drowning man to a straw and morphed to an out of control monster. 

  3. Another mild washout whimper to end another naff year and my worst year ever. Rest in pieces 2018! 12C Last sub 0C, last sub 1C, last sub 2C, last sub 3C and last sub 4C December all in 2010. 200mm of Atlantic garbage
  4. With a blocking Scandi High of 588 DAM there must some exceptionally warm air tied in with that one! Even my wildest blowtorch predictions have never foreseen a 588 DAM Scandi High in the middle of November. That must be unprecedented for late autumn and winter. Even in summer heatwave patterns, 588 DAM Highs in High and Mid-High Latitudes are exceptional and noteworthy. You'd think though, that such a 500 HPA High would be impossible without low level maximum temperatures in the 30C+ range?
  5. CAGW skeptics are blaming global warming on good old oxygen and nitrogen whilst downplaying Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water vapor!  What's the next piece of garbage there gonna come up with when that falls flat!?

    1. Seasonality


      Ha ha, they're probably all flat earthers and anti-vaxxers too.


  6. It would be nice to get the coldest autumn of the century for a change but for that we need to beat autumn 2010s 9.77C and for that, November 2018 must finish no warmer than 5C.
  7. Rest in pieces miserable "autumn" 2018! 13C Last sub 3C November in 1915. Last sub 4C November in 1925. Last sub 5C November in 1993. Last sub 6C November in 2016. 200mm of Atlantic garbage
  8. Lettucing Gutted

    July to November 1993: cold

    I've always believed that cold period was a residual effect of the temporary but sharp global cooling which was caused by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991.
  9. Lettucing Gutted

    Least favourite weather events

    Winters 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 were all too mild and wet and stormy for my liking. Summers 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 have also been too hot and muggy. Autumns 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and 2018 have all been too warm and often wet. Springs 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 have also been too mild and often wet for me.
  10. 15.5C. The summer of hell is giving away to the autumn of hell. Last sub 6C October in 1740. Last sub 7C October in 1896. Last sub 8C October in 1992. Last sub 9C October in 1993. 200mm of Atlantic garbage
  11. My own dad screwing with me off yet again!  Blowtorch and muggy wet, windy and stormy maritime tropical Atlantic garbage yet again?!  Definitely autumn at its worst for me.

    1. lassie23


      hopefully get it out of the way before november

  12. Lettucing Gutted

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    As well as the "positive" feedback involving reduced albedo, the biggest doomsday scenario resulting from Arctic Sea ice loss is the massive release of methane from the Arctic seabed.
  13. Its really nice to see your pattern threads returning!

  14. burned out :(

    1. lassie23


      the heat wave has burnt itself out thank flog

    2. Mokidugway


      Last year's bonfire 🤗

  15. @CheeseAndOnionCrisps Not all summer and autumn Atlantic months are cold. In fact some have been warm or very warm. Examples are September 2002, September 2004, September 2006 and September 2011, August 2000, August 2002 and August 2004, July 2010 and July 2017. All of these months were dominated by unsettled warm and humid Maritime Tropical Atlantic Systems due to a Warm Zonality jet or the UK being in the eastern side of the Mid-Atlantic Trough. Even in months were most of the UK is stuck under hot and dry Continental Tropical air, at least northwestern Scotland is often stuck under Maritime Tropical West/Southwesterlies.