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  1. Looking at Wundermaps weather stations around Pembrokeshire coasts (Pembroke, Tenby etc.) the temp has flown up 4-5c+ over the last hour or two as the cloud pushes in... Shame really, it's looking like rain/sleet for southern coastal areas judging by this.
  2. Created: 09:55 on Mon 28 Jan 2019 GMT Further details A band of rain will arrive across Wales, northern and western England through the middle of Tuesday, then move eastwards through Tuesday afternoon and evening. The rain will turn quickly to snow on hills, then also to low levels in places. 3 to 5 cm snow is likely above 200 metres, with up to 10 cm in a few places. A patchy covering of 1 to 2 cm is possible at low levels, although some places will see no snow at all. As skies clear overnight, ice is likely to form on some surfaces. In addition, wintry showers will follow into west
  3. Haha came here to post this as well! Looked out my window and it's lashing down... with rain. I thought yesterdays repeat foehn effect gap was the kick in the teeth. I was wrong. Today's heavy rain from the same direction is the real kick in the teeth. It's like some kind of sick joke. And to rub it in........ a tweet half hour ago from DEREK "Now a tropical +5 in Swansea" Roll on summer!
  4. Someone mentioned (I think J10) it's because of the Foehn effect? We're in a rain/snow shadow because of the direction the precipitation is moving in How unlucky
  5. Is this going to be a repeat of last night for the South Westerners? Nice kick in the teeth for us Swansea/Llanelli gash is back on the radar
  6. All the models I've looked at this morning are keeping the shield firmly in place... except for HIRLAM so let's hope that's correct! HIRLAM chart attached... though I think it will be more patchy than this. Edit: Not sure about the direction maybe someone else can answer that. It looks to me though as if it will be similar to last night
  7. Carmarthenshire and Swansea in the same sentence as SNOW? Hmm that doesn't seem right!
  8. Waw Pembroke, Milford Haven and the west of Pembs taking a hammering according to the radar. More red echoes there than over Cardiff and SE Wales!!
  9. Hardly record breaking snow here in Llanelli but nice to see something in March... very patchy with a few inches here and there. Some 5 inch drifts but nothing crazy At least my puppy loved it!
  10. Yes HIRLAM model showing the moderate to heavy stuff 6pm onwards
  11. Yes nice surprise... Been watching the radar. Some nice green pixels over Swansea heading toward me in Llanelli... but every time the radar refreshes the intensity drops before it gets to me ahahaha! I can't complain though everything is turning white and the wind is blowing it around like crazy
  12. Haha it's sickening, even Penzance looks like it's accumulated more. We've just got to laugh at this point I think
  13. HIRLAM gives us westerners hope Still though, even on this model parts of Carmarthenshire look like the only place in Wales to not get some decent snow
  14. Between mid afternoon and early evening I believe
  15. Not a good sign for those out West... but I've flicked through most of the models and looked at the radar... From my observation I think nearly all the models have underdone the precipitation in the South UK/Wales That's a good sign I hope
  16. I've been trying to stay positive but all the high res models show it. Met Office graphics show it (though their automated forecast does show snow now)... BBC website graphics even show it! I find it quite hilarious but I'm going to be disappointed at the same time
  17. Yes I notice MO automated forecast is actually showing several hours of snow here instead of being bone dry like it was yesterday... Is the automated forecast from their own in house model? I assume so... HIRLAM looking decent. I'd be happy with 8cm in snow starved Llanelli I do love your enthusiasm Andy. I hope we all get a hammering. I'm in my 20's so don't remember anything special but the snow events that do stick out to me from my childhood happened during March! So roll on tomorrow and Friday
  18. 30-40 min drive east and it's a snow fest! I can't believe it, after all the hype and the perfect set up for a dumping the high res models are keep the snow shield over Swans and Carms
  19. I think all the high res models I've looked at this morn show a very insignificant event for Swansea and Carmarthenshire.... I hope they don't verify as I'll be gutted. GFS and ECM not so bad with their precipitation BUT..... like ever high res model shows the area mostly dry or with light PPN
  20. 4 times daily. Currently up to date with the 12z run. Should update later before midnight for 18z
  21. They use the NetWx-SR/MR model for their forecast https://www.netweather.tv/charts-and-data/netwx-mr Looking at the precipitation charts it shows nothing over parts of West and South West Wales on Thursday! This is what I was on about when I posted earlier... snow shield between Swansea and Carmarthen that I keep consistently seeing! But I'm trying to be positive for snow... I'm sure there will be a dumping
  22. https://weather.us/model-charts/euro/wales/snow-depth-in/20180303-1500z.html This is a good site for looking at model data... specifically ECM data as you don't seem to find much of that around. This chart shows snow cover for all of Wales by Sat morn at 9am
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