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  1. Cauld, wet and dreich about covers it. Currently 5.4C/4C after an overnight low of 4.1C. At least we've (narrowly) avoided an air frost during this cauld snap. Snaw back on the hills. *sigh * If only it were January... However, it improves from Saturday onwards and next week is looking toasty and braw.
  2. Loving this settled spell. Max of 13.8C again today after a low of -2.2C. Fourth cracking day on the bounce. Snaps of the Perthshire countryside from St Fillans GC this afternoon.
  3. A mini-whumphing from the snaw here this morning. Around 3 inches since half 7. Easing off now. 0.7C/-1C after an overnight low of -2.1C. Springtime! Edit: getting heavier again.
  4. Latest shower very sleety with some wet snaw mixed in. Currently 4.3C/-3C.
  5. A few flakes of the white stuff earlier this morning here and it's cauld. Overnight low of -2.9C and currently 0.4C/-1C.
  6. Very sleety stuff falling with the odd wet snaw flake mixed in. Slim pickings (much like won'ter overall this year), but the hills will look bonnie again. Currently 2.4C/1C.
  7. It's the 22nd of February. Someone has broken the weather. Hope this isnae our summer...
  8. Going by the forecast and models tonight, it is starting to look as though this winter is petering out from a cauld and snaw pov. Hope this is wrong, but if it's going to go this way, would rather it just did so properly and got onto the warmer days asap, rather than this endless snoozefest. Dull, mild, keech.
  9. 27.4mm of rain since 2am. Earn is high - has slightly burst its banks in the village centre. Mild: currently 7.3C/7C. Can we have the cauld back please?
  10. Cauld rain on here, washing away today's snaw. Currently 0.8C/1C.
  11. Some snaw snaps from this arvo's sledging with PG junior on the family heirloom sledge (Stiga snawracer - 37 years old and still going strong. The Swedes know how to build stuff). Cracking. Had an audience, too. Bit of a thaw all day, but max was only 2.0C. Currently 0.3C/0C.
  12. A low of -5.6C overnight. Further flurries earlier on this morning, but the snaw is on properly now. Currently -0.3C/-2C. Wax the sledges!
  13. We had a load more 'naw' overnight. Not even a frost: minimum of 0.5C. Now up to 3.4C and glorious in the sunshine. May have to go on a snawhunt... No way is winter over yet btw: If Candlemas Day be dry and fair, The half o the winter's to come and mair. If Candlemas Day be wet and foul, The half o the winter's gone at yule.
  14. Aaaand it's fizzled oot. Another effort by the snawgods where you could count the individual snawflakes. Now leaden skies and cauld. But not that cauld.
  15. Aye aye, the cloud is building up towards the north. The game's afoot!
  16. Went for a wee drive along the back road from Muthill towards Braco and then over the hill road back to Comrie and took some snaps. Belter of a day. Temp rocketing up now: -2.8C.
  17. Not quite as cauld last night - a mere -8.5C overnight. Another stoater of a winter's day: everything frozen solid, place is white with rime and snaw remnants and the sun is splitting the skies again. Currently up to -7C. Potential for the 5th ice day of the winter today. Also looking good to spy the merry dancers this weekend.
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