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    Comrie, Perthshire, Bonnie Scotland
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    Partick Thistle FC, The Blue Nile, meteorology (funnily enough!), astronomy, writing, music, snow - and lots of it!

    Just when I was ready to give up on the Great British Winter, along came the proper winters of 2008-09, 09-10, 10-11 & 12-13 to restore the faith. A new trend perhaps?
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    Winter: bright & frosty/snowy; summer: hot and sunny.

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  1. Crash bang wallop (again) and sporadic bursts of heavy rain.
  2. Crash bang wallop here now. Before that, we maxed out at 25.5°C. Oh well, the ground needs a good soak, I suppose...
  3. Hello, all. Briefly breaking the annual estivation to note the heatwave. Past fortnight here has seen maxes above 20°C every day - trend continuing today. Top max for the period was 26.5°C on Wed 21st. On day 13 of no rainfall, too. Suspect that's about to change! Some random snaps from the past week attached. Hopefully, we'll manage another decent spell in August before we start the annual countdown to frosts and the white stuff. Hope all well.
  4. Another ice day here. A low of -4.4C and max today of -1.0C. Some further snaw this arvo, then went off for a few hours, before coming back on again after dark and giving us another covering. Sledging again today. Young Master PG is going to miss the regular weekend snawy fun when it finally melts, wee winter maniac that he is. Currently -2.3C /-6C here, eerily still and cloudy but nothing falling from the sky (other than Scotland's dreams crashing yet again in the 6N...).
  5. Overnight low of -8.6C from late yesterday evening. Cloudier this arvo after some initial brightness and the temperature has nudged up to 1.4C, so a bit of a gentle thaw on the go. This winter is one of the greats already, up there with the winters of the 1980s, and looking at the Met O long range forecast and the mood music in the models, I don't think we're quite done yet. "The game's afoot."
  6. A maximum of -3.2°C here this arvo on another stunning winter's day, and so a third ice day this winter. Temperature plummeting and down to -5.7°C already.
  7. Brisk! And a new record low here since we moved in 2014.
  8. A cracking, baltic and bright wintry day here. Overnight low of -7.1C and a max of -0.1C, so a second ice day of the winter and 6"(15cm) of snaw on the level. Temperature already down to -4.5C and, as others have noted, it looks like a perfect set-up for some exceptionally low minima overnight.
  9. Had about 8cm on the level by this morning and was thinking that was decent - if unspectacular - from an easterly. Slight thaw today as well in the sunshine as the temperature wriggled up to 0.5C. And then, since darkness fell, we have been totally whumphed, doubling that total. Never underestimate the power of the Beast! Currently -1.6C.
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