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    Just when I was ready to give up on the Great British Winter, along came the proper winters of 2008-09, 09-10, 10-11 & 12-13 to restore the faith. A new trend perhaps?
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  1. 13.0C and 50.1mm for me please.
  2. Warmest day of the year so far here today as well, but a more modest maximum of 16.1C. Glorious evening sunshine as well. Flora and fauna all starting to spring into action. This doughty lass was on top of the hedge in the wee hoose's garden this evening. Cheeky...
  3. Usable weather this weekend. Bit grey after a bright start yesterday, but at least that scything easterly wind finally abated. Max of 12.4C. Chilly overnight with a low of 2.8C. Much sunnier the morn and currently 9.3C. Enjoy the sunshine, kilters.
  4. I'm not saying that it's been a colder and more prolonged winter than usual (well, actually, I am...) but we had these visitors at the wee hoose at breakfast time today. Cheeky...
  5. Bit of a snoozefest at the moment. Dank & grey, with occasional cauld rain. Currently 5.7C. Looks a bit milder through the weekend, then second half of next week, some proper warmth - finally. Temps into the 20s. Summer!
  6. Mildest day of the year so far yesterday with a max of 11.7C (still below the monthly av. max for April though). Cloudy all day then rain later on. Some snaw patches hanging on around Gleneagles, too. Braw sunny morn today. Bit cloudier now, but we've just smashed it with the temperature: 12.0C! Almost feels like spring - time to finally put the trusty snawdepth ruler away for its annual estivation. It's been a great winter and the banter on here has been superb as ever, fellow kilters. Great craic. I'll continue to pop in from time to time over the summer, hopefully reporting lots of warm days and sunshine. But for now, it's goodbye to the winter of 2017-18, a wee steathly stoater of a winter.
  7. PG junior (the youngest snaw addict in the wee hoose) was well chuffed to see this falling this morning. The last of the neverending winter? Beats the sleety p*sh we endured for much of yesterday. Currently 0.4C/0C and it's SNAWING!!!!
  8. Light, watery snaw came on around 4pm. Ebbing and flowing since then, but turning heavier now. Temp has since the early afternoon high of 4.8C. Now 1.3C/-1C and snaw thinking of settling. No surch worries on the Langside (local hill road). Whiteyoot!
  9. A fairly decent Easter weekend so far, given the prevailing weather pattern. Good Friday: cauld rain with some wet snaw chucked in. Meh. Sat: drier than expected. Still cauld, but usable weather. Easter Day: Easter egg hunting in Killiecrankie. Glorious day. Loads of sunshine and a max of 8.4C (snaps attached). Today: brisk and bright morning, but it's a-coming...a White Easter Monday to top off the classic cauld, snawy and prolonged winter that was 2017-18. Enjoy the snaw, kilters!
  10. Braw day out. Up to 9.2C already - today might be the day where we break 10C for the first time since 28th January! We've managed one above average max so far this month: 9.4C on Wednesday (mild muck). It's now 'nailded' on as a notably cold March. Charts still fluctuating about next week's snaw potential, but the ski centres should be very happy with the forecast. Not sure I'm up for an Easter weekend of cauld sleety rainy p*sh. Would rather it just snawed. Time enough yet though.
  11. 1983 and 1984 were great summers in central Scotland, but they were the exception, rather than the norm. Would love a repeat of summer 2013, which came along after the last time we had a notably prolonged winter (in Scotland).
  12. Normal service has been resumed today. Grey, milder, p*sh, bit windy. Max of 9.4C after overnight low of -0.5C. Enjoy the 'mild' blip while it lasts, kilters. At this rate, will be end May/start June before we're frost-free up here - garden's looking rustic.
  13. @Hawesy Er, so I'd be packing the waterproofs and thermals if I were you! I may have overdone it a wee bit on the auld autumnal snawdance this year...
  14. Happy Equinox, kilters! Another cracking day. Wall to wall sunshine and another braw crescent moon in the west tonight. Wee trip to Norn Irn today, with snaps from the plane attached. Glorious landscapes. Meanwhile, back at the wee hoose, it struggled up to 7.4C this arvo after an overnight low of -2.3C. Not a single day has been above average so far this month. Possible window for it to do so in the next few days and then back into the freezer - or at least the fridge - later next week. Cross-model agreement appears to be firming up for another properly cauld snap/spell over Easter itself. Still beyond the reliable of course and potentially will be of limited interest to our southern cousins given the time of year, but the Scottish ski centres look to be on for a total bonanza over the Easter holidays.
  15. 8.2C and 80mm for me please.