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    Just when I was ready to give up on the Great British Winter, along came the proper winters of 2008-09, 09-10, 10-11 & 12-13 to restore the faith. A new trend perhaps?
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  1. Better weather today - and a mid-afternoon earth tremor that woke the place up.
  2. Evening zen sky after a wild couple of days. The week ahead is looking pretty decent.
  3. Gin clear skies. A belter of an evening here after a cracking day and a max of 19.1°C.
  4. Hope everyone is keeping well. Another fine day here with lots of decent sunshine - bit hazier as the afternoon wore on. Reached 14.6°C after yesterday's colder blip and an overnight low of -2.1°C. Very dry month so far, with only 4.4mm of rain recorded here to date. As others have mentioned, the forecast out to the end of the month is looking settled and very dry - am just starting to wonder if we could land a repeat of 2018's fine spring and first two thirds of summer, with a recurring pattern of high pressure. Would be a wee tonic for folk given the current wider situation. Lovely day topped off with a belter of a sunset. Tak tent and keep well, fellow kilters.
  5. Morning, fellow kilters. A glorious morning here. Sunny and still, after a slight air frost overnight. Tak tent and keep well.
  6. We really have taken a doing this month. Just imagine if it had all fallen as snaw... *sigh*
  7. A wee trip to Aviemore with PG junior. Wed: rain. Thurs: beefy snow showers and sunshine - felt like proper winter. Fri: back to persisting it down. Flooding in the countryside surrounding the A9 on the drive hame looked significant. Back in Comrie, rainfall for the month so far is 250.3mm (30 year average is 79.1mm - for the whole month). Starting to wonder if we're heading into (or have reached?) record breaking territory a la December 2015. The Earn remains scarily high and it's hosing it down. Again.
  8. After lots of snaw falling but not really settling earlier in the week, we've had this little lot since 9pm last night. 30 year monthly average for February is 79.1mm. This 'wonter' can do one.
  9. Third measurable fall of snaw this winter. Frost overnight and then the snaw started before 9am this morning. Has turned to cauld rain in the past hour, so now it's all drip drip drip... Hoping February and March can rescue what has been a dire winter for snaw and cauld here so far.
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