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    Just when I was ready to give up on the Great British Winter, along came the proper winters of 2008-09, 09-10, 10-11 & 12-13 to restore the faith. A new trend perhaps?
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  1. Cheers @Hawesy - will bank that once again! Bring it!
  2. A further top-up overnight. Nearing half a foot of snaw here now. Kudos to @Hawesy - great prediction skills. Any ideas for tonight's Lotto numbers? Intermittent sunshine and snow this morning. Slight thaw underway, too. Overnight minimum of -2.8C. Currently 0.4C/1C. Turning into a memorable snaw snap - or maybe a snaw spell.
  3. Had a lively drive back from Crieff just after 4pm. Left here: roads clear, even after the regular top-ups throughout the day. One very heavy shower - and another temporary whiteoot - later and it was a crawl back from Crieff in a caterpillar conga line behind a bus, taking about 40 mins. Has continued to snaw at will and now we're safely below freezing point, it's topping up nicely. -0.4C/-1C. Snaps from a couple of hours ago. Was a mere 3 inches then.
  4. Praise be. Finally... *slow handclap for the Met Office*
  5. About an inch of snaw overnight and settling readily from around midnight onwards - a good start. Regular top-ups from the heavy showers birling though. Roads not clever this morning and not helped by ****trumpets who don't moderate their speed in the midst of the temporary whiteoots. Total nuggets. Temperature currently -0.2C/-1C and the snaw's back on. Braw!
  6. Still not snaw yet. Currently 1.2C/1C. It's a-coming though.
  7. What absolute wibble from the MO. As oft said previously, the sooner we have a Scottish MO, the better. Amber warnings issued contemporaneously once severe conditions are already happening are basically a load of p*sh. And they have form for this up here.
  8. Hairy Highland Coos, that suggests we could be on for over a foot of the white stuff here! Gritters out and about: check. Temperature falling: check. 2.3C Dew Point falling: check. 2C Daring to dream... Bring it!
  9. Love this - cheers, mate. *Bank!* Snaw not here yet. Intermittent showers, snawline creeping down the hills and 4.2C currently. I sense a whumphing could be on the cards this week.
  10. So, this is the 'mild' blip for this week? It's not exactly toasty, is it? 1.4C and dreich about covers it this morning for here. Next week's charts are looking very tasty for some more proper winter.
  11. Overnight temperature eventually bottomed out at -10.5C. Headed out for a wee drive round and about this morning and took a few snaps. Cracking wintry day.
  12. A touch fresh here this morning. Proper winter.
  13. A bonnie and bright day here today. Brisk at the moment: 1.9C/1C. Bit nippy with the windchill. Had a further cauld rain to snaw event overnight into Friday. Only a covering though and melted away through the day, helped on by further cauld rain. Agree with some of the posts above re this winter so far: showing potential but not really delivering much for a lot of folk. We've done okayish here so far, but such snaw as there has been has been pretty transient stuff. Still, well over half the winter to go (plus March) so it could yet improve. Keep the faith, fellow kilters. Will take the dry and bright cauld that's on offer for the next few days gladly though. A wee bit of wintry sunshine aids the post-festive cheeriness levels. Almost time to start the haggis and drams, too.
  14. It's trying to turn here, but on the wrong side of marginal so far. Currently 0.6C/1C, so have not given up hope of some more of the white stuff overnight yet.
  15. Sadly, so far it's just cauld rain, washing away today's snaw cover.