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    Just when I was ready to give up on the Great British Winter, along came the proper winters of 2008-09, 09-10, 10-11 & 12-13 to restore the faith. A new trend perhaps?
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  1. Happy New Year, kilters. This winter: snoozefest so far. One of the mildest Hogmanays I can recall (Flambeaux snaps attached) followed by this quiet weather for days on end. We did manage a second ice day this winter on Ne'er Day, so that's something. Signs of change from mid-month. Possibly. Currently grey, 3.3C and ZZZZZZzzzzzzz...
  2. 2.0C and 100.2mm for me please.
  3. Some weekend snaw snaps (from Sunday). We got well whumphed and the snaw was the dense and claggy variety. Its weight took out the gutters on one side of the garage. The cover lasted through Sunday and Monday and still a covering of slushy melting wintry mush on Tuesday morning at first light. A decent wee event to start the season.
  4. Ah, but is it 'stella' and 'nailded on' yet or still 'F1'?
  5. A decent wee dump of the snaw once it got going after dark. Horrible 'wintry mix' until then. 3" level and still going. Couple of snaps from Comrie and a wee festive one from Crieff.
  6. Snaw's on: a few flakes at first; now properly getting going. Wind strengthening, too. 1.1C/-2C.
  7. Looks like we had a snow flurry overnight. Still awaiting the main event today. Wind has picked up and it feels bitter out. Currently 1.1C/-2C.
  8. -1.5C overnight. A heady mix of frost and cauld drizzle to start the day and that wintry grey halflight that's barely there. Typical sh*te easterly in November - still too early, despite what all the feverish trumpets in the TOORPing thread have been banging on about for weeks. Will it snaw? Aye, probably soon. Will we have another 1947/63/78-9/2010? Probably not yet, but you never know. And that's yer winter forecast. Next!
  9. Bit drookit for the fireworks last night - over an inch of rain yesterday. Much milder than of late, too. Today: calmer, drier, sunnier and still fairly mild. A final tidy-up for the garden methinks.
  10. -5.8C overnight here - and a snaw flurry as well. Currently, -3.0C. Aaaaaand we're aff!
  11. The Tower is a good gastropub.
  12. Second air frost of the autumn here with an overnight low of -0.5C. Glorious start to the day. Cloud now beginning to build up.