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    Just when I was ready to give up on the Great British Winter, along came the proper winters of 2008-09, 09-10, 10-11 & 12-13 to restore the faith. A new trend perhaps?
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  1. 10.7C for me please.
  2. 4.7C for me please.
  3. Intermittent dustings (think icing sugar) of snaw yesterday and overnight. Also, a quality hail shower yesterday afternoon. All gone now as the Winter of Meh continues. Overall, very dry thus far. Reminds me somewhat of 2005-06. It had a late easterly, too. Kinda bored of this winter now. Beginning to look forward to summer already and hoping the anomalously dry weather continues... Currently: drab, grey, cauld. 4.3C/2C
  4. Dreich - thaw of the last of yesterday's snaw continuing. Grey & hill fog. 1.8C/2C. Ignoring the latest TOORPing primal scream therapy session, for us kilters, it looks cauld with some pop up snaw events possible over the next few days. Then chilly rather than cauld and possibly moderating out to give us something slightly less cauld during the day by end of next week. All appears to turn on what happens to the Scandi High (whether/how long it persists or flattens) & then whether there is retrogression to a Greenie High.
  5. Top forecasting, CMD. Mini-epic here this morning. Snaw gieing it laldy. 0.4C/1C.
  6. Happy Candlemas. If Candlemas Day be dry and fair, the hauf o the winter's tae come and mair; If Candlemas Day be wet and foul, the hauf o the winter's gane at Yule. Today: occasionally wet, grey/black, dreich, mild and getting blawy now. Darren Bett in weather form. Meanwhile, over at the TOORPing 12-Step Programme Outreach Centre, the hunt for the next (phantom) Beasterly is on - and it's all 'stella boom boom' time. Tonight's UKMO 168 chart is 'not without interest' (and hello to Jason Isaacs).
  7. Looks like the end of this wee cauld snap today, but it's been decent enough here. Overnight low of -3.0C and still some snaw patches hanging on from Fri/Sat. Very grey but looks and feels like proper winter. Looks like interesting stuff starting to happen in the strat - mid-Feb cauld spell? Currently -1.0C/-2C.
  8. Snaw/wintry stuff continued overnight and has given a covering here. Still going, though wet snaw now and a raw, dreich kind day out there. Currently 0.8C/1C.
  9. A cheeky wee ice day today. Max of -0.7C and everything frozen solid all day. Stayed quite foggy, too. Very light snaw started at half 7 this evening and has turned a bit heavier for now. Settling readily on the frozen ground. Slim pickings in this winter for us cauldies, but today has been a nice wee bonus before the Atlantic returns. I guess there's always the hope of a Beasterly later on in February/March to rescue winter 2016-17.
  10. A hard frost overnight. Currently still sat at the overnight minimum of -5.7C/-8C. Good to see a blip of decent cauld weather after one of the blandest (and driest) winters I can remember. I know there's still February and for us kilters, March to go as well, but it's hard to see anything notable rescuing what has been a very disappointing winter from this cauldie's p.o.v. To the weathergods: would really prefer a cauld and snawy February to another cold, wet spring.
  11. This morning: continuation of the snoozefest, but will added sunshine. So, chilly and bright. 1.4C Models hinting at the block hanging on a while longer. Think I may go hibernate for a month. Any money this is setting up for another baltic spring.
  12. 5.2C for me please.
  13. After a week of ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz... weather, awoke this morning to an unexpected light dusting of snaw. Barely there on the grass, bins, cars, etc, but grand to see. Yesterday was freezing fog all day. -0.4C/-2C and the very lightest snaw falling again.
  14. Woke up this morning to find the mild sector had done its work to whatever fell overnight. Snawcover fairly trashed and ice everywhere you don't want it. In the end, really just a typical Scottish cauld snap and all a bit meh here. By the sounds of things, the TOORPing Outreach Centre is best avoided this morning... Currently 2.9C/-2C and some sunshine on the go.
  15. And that's the snaw offski. Another frozen dandruff dusting. Looks like the hills to the north-west took the brunt of it and it was fizzling as it reached us. Typical showery northerly - always a bit hit and miss. On the upside, it's still baltic oot!