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  1. I always put down the hotel and no issues
  2. Feels really close cannot wait
  3. 96 mph here on Scaply bridge
  4. 52 mph at South Uist range at 03:00
  5. Seems to be downgrade on the last two model runs for this. Further North and West
  6. I did yesterday and got the stock response of impact based warnings.
  7. This is not a thread to bad mouth the Met Office but I really dont understand the warnings that they issue at times or lack of them. I known they are based on impacts as well as how bad the weather is. No warning for us in the Western Isles winds gusted 70 mph across the Western Isles. Road closed, buildings with structural damage, power cuts and dangerous driving conditions. For a time period of 8 hrs. So how dose that not warrant a warning?
  8. We still dealing with the 70 mph winds today!! then this on Friday!!
  9. yet nothing for today with winds gusting 70 mph
  10. My eyes are on tomorrow to start with 70 mph
  11. Christmas Day looks wild up here a little downgrade on 6Z tuesdsy could see 60/70 mph here
  12. Thursdays dont seem so bad here at the moment, Tuesday worth keeping an eye on for us in the Western Isles but again dont look like it will come to much?
  13. No we had storms that strength so far this winter. You would be naming everything
  14. Anyone know if recon has been out to it yet?