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  1. cookie

    Announcement 14th February

    This better be good
  2. cookie

    Tour 2 2019

    Don’t make it to early if you haven’t booked it yet. As it can impact the final chase day. Going for a late afternoon or evening flight back is recommended normally
  3. cookie

    Tour 2 2019

    Haha just way the flights fall
  4. cookie

    Tour 2 2019

    I get in at 22:30 on the 14th ugh
  5. cookie

    Tour 2 2019

    Glad to see some things never change 🤣
  6. cookie

    Tour 2 2019

    Me to. And I hope to add to my 13 tornadoes and judging by your numbers I should be In luck
  7. cookie

    Tour 2 2019

    About 4 months to go now. Just woundering who else is on Tour 2?
  8. cookie

    Xmas Update

    Cannot Wait
  9. cookie

    T4 Flights 2019

    I am going via Denver also. Ends up being cheaper then straight to DFW
  10. cookie

    New Radar apps RAIN SNOW

    Thanks Paul makes sense
  11. cookie

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Shame he isn’t s little further east
  12. cookie

    New Radar apps RAIN SNOW

    Any news on the IOS release feels like a long time since we first heard about this?
  13. cookie

    StormChase 2018 - Chase Day 1 - KS

    Good luck
  14. cookie

    Stormchase 2017 - Chase Day 13 - Marginal Risk

    Ready to rock and roll