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  1. Don’t think there is a stream this year. Probably been a hectic few days. Am sure a thread of similar will appear in time.
  2. cookie

    Tour 2 2019

    Just two weeks to go
  3. cookie

    Tour 2 2019

    Cannot wait getting really close now just over a month
  4. I like it. The only thing to add would be having radar overlays and functions buttons on the side like V7 not fan of having to click multiple buttons.
  5. I love seeing these
  6. cookie

    Tour 2 2019

    Hi Tom you forgot to mention that you are a PNE fan ?
  7. They don’t work as they should do. People over rely on them. They can easily be hacked.
  8. Should be all taken down. nightmare!
  9. Hi All, We are coming in to DFW on the 15th of May around 15:10. This is our first tour & looking forward to meeting you all.


    1. cookie


      Change over day?!

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