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  1. Gwlyb iawn! Very wet! temp 12.3.
  2. Glaw trwm heddiw yn dilyn diwrnod o law trwm bore ddoe gyda’r tir yn wlyb sopen yn barod! Llifogydd ar y ffordd dros y dyddiau nesaf..... More heavy rain today followed by a heavy deluge yesterday with the ground saturated.....flooding will certainly be an issue over the next few days!
  3. Got down to -1.8! visible frost on grass, plants and cars!
  4. Set up in a lovely streamer atm! shame this low will distrupt it and then we’re back to that dreaded foehn effect! Well atleast I’ve got 3cm out of it so far!
  5. Had stayed off here for a while the last spell left me bitter...very bitter and not of the cold kind! But happy to report that the NEstly element rather than Easterly is better here! last shower left 2cm on all surfaces and plenty more to come by the looks of things
  6. Some of us were hugely unlucky and now temps increasing and we’ve got masses of precipitation thats wet snow at best but there we are until next time!
  7. Certainly no need for snow warnings between Carmarthen and Neath.......ice yes but not snow
  8. Still dont get how a small shower can reach here over the beacons from East coast of England and drop an inch on tuesday but a frontal system from South can’t and just evaporates!
  9. Highly selfish of me but I want a streamer from a Nwstly to align between Aberaeron and Swansea and to last 24 hours at least while the rest of you watch in ore because this is probably the most most cruel weather setup I’ve ever witnessed for this part of the world!
  10. Yn enwedig yng ngwlad Groeg especially in greece!
  11. Can you please share it with us we always share our snow! Diolch
  12. Haha dim problem ond bydde twpsyn anwybodus fel ti yn ffaelu yn deg â deall fy meirniadaeth wedyn a byddai hynny’n siom gan ei fod yn bwysig dy fod yn deall bod dy agwedd yn drewi ac yn sarhaus i hanes a threftadaeth ein gwlad! No problem but then you would fail to understand that your suggestions are rude and ignorant and need to be called out for what they are! Its important that you remember that a fair few of us here speak Welsh as our main language but have the courtesy to include others in using English also! Siarad Cymraeg rho galon i’r neges hon! If you speak Welsh give this post a like...it might enlighten the ignorance of some!
  13. Welsh is my first language I know what it means but Maesteg has never had an English name and it’s insulting to suggest it should/use translation! Be proud of a good solid Welsh name!
  14. Maesteg doesn’t have an English name and doesn’t need one either lol!
  15. if anybody wants to know what green looks like come this way! meh!