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  1. This certainly has been much better than the beast from the east for areas west of neath and it keeps coming
  2. We’ve only been under blue and had a good 4cm in places now closer to 2cm on hard surfaces...don’t loose hope
  3. Definetly pepped up and backed a bit further west we have around 2-4cm :-)
  4. I’m glad the somewhat gap in carmarthenshire is being plugged! I dont understand it.....
  5. Quick note to the mods can we have a new Cymru/Wales thread please I mean we are now on page 330! Diolch
  6. Arpege really doesn’t like SW Wales! It seems to underplay snow here often!
  7. There’s talk of a trough formation over Ireland do you reckon this could pop up a surprise for the morning?
  8. Frustrating whats happened to our Nwstly streamers since 2010? Showers are a lot more scattered and not so hefty these days ideal conditions this evening for snow to settle widely across Wales yet not much in the way of precipitation!
  9. These showers are so frustrating optimal conditions now as well...
  10. Had a few hail and snow showers here today...bitterly cold wind! Temp 2.3.
  11. Diweddariad y Metoffice yn edrych yn ddiddorol am weddill yr wythnos Great Meto update for this week....disruptive snow anyone?
  12. I fully agree with Inghams85 reading the last 20+ pages of this thread as a Welshman I thought I was in the South East Regional....let us have less imbyism and more of a Uk wide view? I mean Scotland is cold and snowy from this night onwards, Wales has seen a lot of snow last week and more looks likely this week, Midlands North and Wales tapping in on snow showers from tomorrow onwards...but reading this thread you’d think the UK stops north of the M4!
  13. Mods, can we ban the words ‘Stonking, Stellar, Game Over and Boom’ please? I think removing such words would greatly improve the atmosphere in this thread and help keep expectations in check...i mean Game over? really? it will be a stonking set come the 18z again - more up and downs here than a jack hammer at full throttle!
  14. Frustrating radar watching this evening! Come on showers pep up and wind...guide them my way! Diolch butt!
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