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  1. Meh meh blydli meh meh proper snow in Wales is becoming rarer!
  2. Nice snow shower here has left a sprinkling
  3. Let’s be frank....this is a poor show tonight....lack of intensity and convection a huge killer tonight!
  4. This is now starting to get very interesting mid week low further south again still too far north atm for Wales to tap in on snow however it mves through quicker colder upper air less mild sector and air behind it is colder.....this could be fun!
  5. I Concur, I sometimes feel the same when it comes to WALES with all the talk about the North because on an UK level Wales is obviously central but our topiography means we on the whole are much colder and snowier than you would expect this is often overlooked especially durin NWstly spells of weather tbh I Would like to look at this further as I’m sure snowfall totals often can be far greater here than many parts further north!
  6. Haha love your posts in mad thread Andy! keep em coming!
  7. Looks like an easterly hence the tawelwch here! Easterlies aren’t my favourite being in West Wales dry and cold not much snow unless battleground when we always seem to be too far West!
  8. very wet but heavy snow all way back from Carmarthen bar lower down in porthyrhyd. Snow sticking in Gorslas all be it very slushy!
  9. Have had a good 2 inches here happy with that consdering we were not even under the warning warnest temp today was 1.2 at 4am! Been below 0 all day
  10. Haha have always struggled to understand that 5cm here now and still snowing hasn’t stopped since 8!
  11. Can someone explain direction of travel of the pre ipitation, seems to be pepping up gain is it nos curling around and sinking back south?
  12. We’ve no warning for here which I find odd and the snow keeps building up
  13. Heavy settling snow here now temp -1! hopefully a lot more to come?
  14. horrible rain here at 0 degrees! Surley this should start turning to snow now we’re at 176m! ‘
  15. I don’t think that is fair snow is notoriously difficult to predict and it hasn’t happened yet could still track further north!