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  1. November 2019 Gors-las, Carmarthenshire, Wales Temperature Max Temp:13.4°C (01/11/2019) °C Min Temp: -3.1°C (10/11/2019) Mean: 6.1 Days max temp above 10°C: 8 Days max temp below 5°C: 1 Days max temp below 0°C: 0 Air Frosts: 5 Ground Frosts: 8 Rainfall Total: 261.58mm Wettest Day: 42.29mm (02/11/2019) Rain Days: 23 Dry Days: 7 Pressure Highest: 996.21 hPa (30/11/2019) Lowest: 945.01 hPa (02/11/2019) Snow Days with snow falling: 2 Days with snow lying: 1
  2. Snowing here now dewpoint and temp currently 0! Got to love evaporative cooling. We are 178m absl here!
  3. Wet snow on the cars here when returned from work quite slushy and temps dropping like a stone currently 2degrees down from 4....come on evaporative cooling
  4. Oh that’s ok then it is only wet in ‘Wales’ after all!? Wales has suffered some of the worst flooding the past few weeks and more rain is certainly not welcome! Thankfully it is subject to change let’s hope for better/dryer runs for the whole of the British Isles! This forum’s English centricity is sometimes very frustrating.
  5. This certainly has been much better than the beast from the east for areas west of neath and it keeps coming
  6. We’ve only been under blue and had a good 4cm in places now closer to 2cm on hard surfaces...don’t loose hope
  7. Definetly pepped up and backed a bit further west we have around 2-4cm :-)
  8. I’m glad the somewhat gap in carmarthenshire is being plugged! I dont understand it.....
  9. Quick note to the mods can we have a new Cymru/Wales thread please I mean we are now on page 330! Diolch
  10. Arpege really doesn’t like SW Wales! It seems to underplay snow here often!
  11. There’s talk of a trough formation over Ireland do you reckon this could pop up a surprise for the morning?
  12. Frustrating whats happened to our Nwstly streamers since 2010? Showers are a lot more scattered and not so hefty these days ideal conditions this evening for snow to settle widely across Wales yet not much in the way of precipitation!
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