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  1. Are you ready for some Real Irish snow this Winter. Looks like we will have a good stab at a Winter 2010 2011 type Scenario.

  2. atrocious conditions here, just non stop heavy rain and severe gusts. just horrible to be out in.
  3. Happy new year sundog, hopefully winter 2014 is a good one for coldies. more to the present friday doesnt look good, i suspect an amber warning from the meto come tomorrow. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Rukm481.gif then come monday rinse and repeat. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Recm1201.gif we really dont need all this wind and rain, weve got enough of a battering already. also the land here in roscommon is waterlogged, river constantly burst its its banks since december 23rd. its a bit worrying. are we heading for another november 2009 scenario? also I have never seen so many
  4. wow! what a storm! almost 17hrs of non stop storm force winds. fence in garden blown down this morning.
  5. hope everyone had a great xmas day. still recovering from a hangover. really appalling out there tonight. candles at the ready.
  6. merry xmas and happy new year everyone.
  7. things deteriorating now, wind has really picked up inn the last ten minutes. heavy driving rain as well.
  8. stay safe out there, especially if you have to drive. atrocious conditions here, torrential rain and strong and gusty winds.
  9. jeewiz getting cold now. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/Recm961.gif were not out of the woods guys and girls.
  10. ever so slightly, more haily than anything because of the intensity of the downpours. the snow will have great difficulty settling unless the ground partially freezes, it's far too wet at the moment.
  11. welcome bma, couldn't have picked a better time to join up. another torrential downpour here, a wee bit of sleetynis in it but not much, flooding more of a concern at the moment.
  12. Right rushing down to off licence to get me beer. ho.ho getting excited now.
  13. really mental here torrential rain with very strong gusty winds, a bit worried about flooding.
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