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  1. Feel like we actually have a chance of a storm today in East Anglia. although I'm sure the Estofex Level 2 has probably jinxed that. Could do with the rain as much as anything. Everything is parched, my pond is getting very low, to the point I've got to come up with a rescue plan for the fish if it gets much lower. I keep the garden watered by pumping an old well in my garden, but its been dry for two weeks. The first time I've ever seen it do that.
  2. I am going to be very disappointed if we don't get at least one storm out of all of this heat. Worst year I can remember for storms in this area. Not even one rumble. I'm working right on the coast in Great Yarmouth today and it's much more bearable, but it's going to be another tough night for sleeping.
  3. 34.4C here but it's levelled out. Beats the record here in recent times when I recorded 34.3C on 27th July 2018.
  4. Hit 31.8C here now, hottest day of the year so far here, and not even midday.
  5. Not a breath of wind and already past the 30C mark, now at 30.4C. It's going to be roasting by this afternoon with no breeze and full sun
  6. Can see towering cumulus now to my North West. Quick look on visible cloud satellite shows some over west Norfolk just gone up in the last 10 mins. Expect the radar to show something there in the next 30 mins.
  7. Convective Weather warning is much better for our part of the world today. Hoping to end this storm drought soon! Convective Weather WWW.CONVECTIVEWEATHER.CO.UK Forecasting thunderstorms and severe convective weather across the British Isles and Ireland for up to the next 5 days.
  8. I'm not convinced. I think we would have seen some decent shower activity by now at least. The sun has been out quite some time here.
  9. Less than Hong Kong Flu though in 1968 (although it did come back in 1970/71), that kiilled about 33,000, and 4 million globally!
  10. Winds down to 29mph average now. Eagerly awaiting the squall line now. With the conditions being as awful as they are, I thought I’d visit my 90 year old neighbour and ask if she needed anything from the shop, Turns out she did. So I gave her my list too. No point in both of us going out in this terrible weather
  11. Average 33mph currently with max gust at 61mph. Couple of trees down but not too bad
  12. Well GFS seems to be increasing the forecast wind speeds rather than decreasing them nearer the event - opposite of what is usually the case. Norwich now peaking at 41mph gusting 75mph at 3pm - about the time the cold front moves through. Pretty unusual windspeeds for this part of the world. It will be interesting to see what the sustained speeds actually are. I find anything over 40mph and you start to hear that 'roar' which is synonymous of damaging storms.
  13. Woodburner was alight all day yesterday. Our house is extremely well insulated and air tight (built it ourselves 4 years ago and we made sure it was going to be a heat efficient as possible). We like a warm house so tend to get to woodburner lit as soon as the living room is below 22C. Was a toasty 28C downstairs most of yesterday.
  14. Mud, and the car constantly being dirty. Driving to and from work in the dark. Non-descript weather, ie. overcast, 8c and damp.
  15. Up to 39mm now since midnight (which is an unusually high total in this part of the world). Still raining but eased right off.
  16. 26mm of rain in two hours here, and it's still raining anything between 10mm/hr and occasionally up to 30mm/hr. Will be interesting to see where this stalls before it pivots, I'm right on the border of what's modeled.
  17. Sunday looking very wet for our part of the world. Still very much needed in Suffolk, where we have had a long run of below average rainfall. The recent rain has hardly made a dent - rivers and ditches still dry.
  18. Not here. Only had 5.6mm from Tuesday's episode. Not had an awful lot more today. Will take an awful lot more to overcome the last two dry years.
  19. So, has anyone taken the plunge and bought the new WeatherLink live system from Davis? "Now you can stream your sensor data live, effortlessly, to any smart device in your Local Area Network (LAN). WeatherLink Live receives your data from your outside Sensor Suites and add-on sensors and transmits it via Wi-Fi to the WeatherLink Cloud. Setup couldn’t be simpler. (And you can keep your tool box in the garage!) Just download the app, follow the steps, and you’ll be viewing your data on your phone app or desktop in minutes" I like the thought of being able to see the data on my station when I am out and about, but at £250 I'm hesitant to make a purchase until I know if it's as good as it sounds!
  20. Best storm for a few years here. Strong gust front which has left a lot of debris on the road. Lots of power cuts locally and a few sirens. So much more comfortable now, dropped the temperature from 28C to 22C now.
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