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  1. Already had a bit of graupel in Suffolk this morning.
  2. Radar accumulation suggests that the highest 24hour total near Hastings is over Sidley, which shows a total of about 40mm. Quite localised though. Most areas around there show more like 15mm
  3. 24mm of rain in 30 minutes. Drought is over
  4. Watch out Norfolk! This storm is crazy! Best I’ve seen in years! Constant lightning, 50mph gusts and rainfall rates touching 200mm/hr!!
  5. So...I can finally see some towering cumulonimbus to my south, and the radar is showing showers breaking out in the Thames Estuary. Could this finally be something on track for east Suffolk/Norfolk?
  6. I can just about see some towering clouds to my south. Nothing on the radar, but hopefully something may be starting for us eastern folk.
  7. Same here, and the heat seems to be even more oppressive than earlier. Still 31C
  8. You have to keep watching the map. Blue dots come and go as people go live. Click on one when you see it.
  9. If you're on facebook, go to www.facebook.com/live. Few videos on there, one guy showing live coverage in Norfolk with some hail the size of grapes.
  10. That cell north of Thetford is exploding! I'm watching it grow from here. So well defined against a blue sky.
  11. Lots of cells going up to my north. 33.6c here now
  12. Cambridge and Wattisham both 34.0C at 14:00. I'm sure there will be higher than that confirm though, as I've been higher than that today (not by much though!) https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/daily-top-20/maxt
  13. Radar returns suddenly showing in SE London.
  14. I think we've missed that boat already. Much of East Anglia now covered in cloud. My high was 34.4C, now back down to 33.8C with a bit of cloud about.