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  1. Here we go. Showers just starting to fire up in West Norfolk going by the radar. Expect everything to develop quickly now
  2. We had that from about 7.30. 4.8mm. That put a halt to my plans of cutting the grass this morning
  3. These showers seem to producing a lot of snow considering how relatively light they are showing up on the radar. I imagine the cold uppers and surface temps are meaning the snow to moisture ratio is better than we are used to.
  4. It's -5c outside and snowing. People have been slating this cold spell but that's not bad for any winter, let alone when nearly into March! Fingers crossed these stronger shower in the North Sea continue to build and multiply
  5. There's some good looking showers in North Norfolk heading your way. I wouldn't despair too much just yet.
  6. I'm just a few miles North of you. I wouldn't take much notice of the apps, they are taken directly from data provided by one model and won't be accurate regarding precipitation. Anything north of an easterly is best for us. Some of us could do VERY well next week but as always, others may not....all boils down to luck. The best advice I can give is get the Netweather radar and keep an eye from Sunday evening onwards.
  7. Ribena! Hot Ribena is THE drink for a cold snowy day ...... well as far as non-alcoholic goes anyway
  8. The uppers would certainly be conductive of those sorts of temperatures in December/January. Now the days are getting longer I imagine we will struggle to get that low, bit with some deep snow cover and if winds fall light I can see -12C to -14C being achievable.
  9. Yes indeed. The best analogy I've heard is imagine the cold air is syrup on a plate. Try washing that plate by running warm water over the top. The thick syrup clings on and only slowly erodes away.
  10. Have just been looking at this looking at winters gone by in Suffolk, some good photos. http://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/days-gone-by-do-you-remember-when-heavy-snow-fall-brought-ipswich-to-a-standstill-1-4830928
  11. Sorry to disappoint but it shows about 102mm of snow in total...about 10cm. The metcheck site shows snow accumulations in pink, and rain in blue.
  12. For anyone who hasn't seen this, I highly recommend you have a watch! Now we know what some of the BBC forecasters are really thinking! https://weathertrending.com/2018/02/20/bitter-quickchat-next-weeks-extreme-cold/
  13. The MetOffice and Meteogroup are both service providers. Just like any other service provider they have to bid for the contract. Meteogroup undercut the MetOffice and hence why they now provide the BBC with the forecasts and data for both the TV forecasts and that on the website/Apps. The BBC will only distribute the information that is given to them! I don't know much about MeteoGroup, but the MetOffice have some of the best forecasters in the world, so I will continue to refer to their website.
  14. Now Meteogroup have the contract for providing data for BBC forecasts, I wonder if the quality of forecasting will change? Look east forecast and that on the website look totally wrong going by what the models are showing currently.
  15. Snow is much lighter than the radar suggests here.