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  1. Heavy showers already kicking off. Looking at the radar returns, just north of Bury St Edmunds has seen near 30mm in half an hour. With such light winds some places could see some flash flooding today.
  2. Another band will be coming through just after lunch. Still looking like a very wet afternoon for us. Might get a lunchtime walk in mind you.
  3. That's exactly what they've just done. Revised warning for rain now in place: "Spells of prolonged and often heavy rain will continue to affect parts of England today, before clearing from most areas this evening. 20-40 mm of rain will fall quite widely, with a few locations seeing 50-70 mm within around 12 hours - the wettest weather is likely to be over parts of East Anglia, the East Midlands and southeast England, as far west as Hampshire. Some thunder and lightning is also possible, most likely over parts of East Anglia and southeast England but heavy rain is the main hazard."
  4. Cell now gone up in East Suffolk about 15 miles from me, and first rumble just heard
  5. Sun trying to come out here with a temp of 22.6C and a dewpoint of 20C Looks like something starting to happen east of Chelmsford going by the radar so convection must be firing up.
  6. Sun trying to break through here. 22.6C here a dewpoint of 20C. My lunchtime walk is certainly going to be sticky.
  7. My word it's close this morning. Raining at 19C with a dewpoint of 18C. It's going to be unbearable when the sun breaks through later. Still, give us a good chance of some surface based storms hopefully.
  8. Reflected in the MetOffice warnings of 30mm in an hour, and 50mm in 2-3 hours.
  9. -1.1C here wind a keen wind blowing - it feels colder today than it has during this whole cold spell I think! No thaw at all today with no sun and very low dew points.
  10. So how cold are we going tonight then guys? MetOffice latest text forecast says -9C (earlier said -10C). Weatherquest at UEA said potentially -12C. How low can we go?
  11. I'm stuck under what shows as light snow on the radar. Have been all day yet nothing is falling. All it's doing is stopping the temperature from falling (holding at -0.1C here). Hopeful that when the wind turns NE and then NNE later tonight we might see some snow showers that North Norfolk has been hogging.
  12. I was thinking that we weren't going to be seeing much more snow out of this cold spell but the latest MetOffice video forecast actually looks pretty good for Eat Anglia right through tomorrow and into tomorrow night.
  13. Lynn looks like it's getting a pasting. Looks like it won't be stopping for some time yet either. Enjoy
  14. I just went out in it to get some firewood in, was covered in snow in seconds. I live on the side of a minor A road and it's gone from being clear to completely covered again within 15 minutes.
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