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  1. The first tropical storm in the series this year was Arlene. MetOffice storm names for this year are: Aileen Brian Caroline Dylan Eleanor Fionn Georgina Hector Iona James Karen Larry Maeve Niall Octavia Paul Rebecca Simon Tali Victor Winifred Interesting to see the MO has issued an Amber Warning this morning. Seeing as trees are in full leaf I can understand why with the winds that are forecast.
  2. Hurricane Irma

    Jeff now in the eye https://www.pscp.tv/Jeff_Piotrowski/1MnGnmvYgmjKO?
  3. Hurricane Irma

    No, it wasn't.
  4. Hurricane Irma

    West of Ft Myers is Sanibel and Captiva islands.....I have visited there every year for many years (last there in March). It's like no other place in the US, no big franchises, bikes have priority over cars, and over half of it is nature reserve. Much of it is only just above sea level. I fear that its going to be almost wiped off the map.
  5. Hurricane Irma

    BBC News website now reporting "The four "most solid" buildings on the island of Saint Martin have been destroyed, French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb announced." That doesn't sound good at all!
  6. Most probably, looks as if Downham Market now getting in on the action, heading on to King's Lynn.
  7. Pokey little cell just fired up south of Bristol out of nowhere! I can hear the thunder from the storm currently over Stansted! Can see the odd flash too. It's a hour and a quarter drive from me!
  8. Just had a storm develop directly overhead and then rumble away to my east. I could see the scud overhead going east to west as the shower came west to east, 10 minutes later, boom. Very muggy now, waiting from the showers to my west to electrify...fingers crossed
  9. At last! Things now starting to fire up south west of Cambridge.
  10. Well that decent storm has just gone straight over my house, with radar returns of about 200mm/hr. Unfortunately I'm at work in Ipswich and can only see black clouds in the distance and hear the odd faint rumble
  11. I'm about 12 miles south of Diss, have seen a few flashes in that directions and my strike alert has picked up a couple too.
  12. Not enough rain for Eastern Counties on those charts. We need at least an inch of rain here in Suffolk after it's been so dry.
  13. Another week gone without a drop of rain, and it doesn't look like anything will come until next weekend at the earliest, and that doesn't look significant. Everything is so dry at the moment, following 6 months drier than average. Hosepipe bans this summer?
  14. Heavy snow here in mid Suffolk.Turning into a proper winter wonderland. A couple of cm accumulated and the temp has been pulled down, now 0.7C, wind westerly at 18mph average, gusting 25mph. Looks like it may clear Norfolk/Suffolk in the next hour. The temperature will inevitably rise and it will be slush late this afternoon Good to see though
  15. Some quite heavy snow for a time just north of Ipswich. I'm now in Ipswich and the snow has now stopped here, but a dusting on everything. Was settling on minor routes as I drive in. Just hoping the next band gets here soon before temperatures rise too much!