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  1. Woodburner was alight all day yesterday. Our house is extremely well insulated and air tight (built it ourselves 4 years ago and we made sure it was going to be a heat efficient as possible). We like a warm house so tend to get to woodburner lit as soon as the living room is below 22C. Was a toasty 28C downstairs most of yesterday.
  2. Mud, and the car constantly being dirty. Driving to and from work in the dark. Non-descript weather, ie. overcast, 8c and damp.
  3. 55.2mm here now. The wettest single rain event in a very long time
  4. Up to 39mm now since midnight (which is an unusually high total in this part of the world). Still raining but eased right off.
  5. 26mm of rain in two hours here, and it's still raining anything between 10mm/hr and occasionally up to 30mm/hr. Will be interesting to see where this stalls before it pivots, I'm right on the border of what's modeled.
  6. Sunday looking very wet for our part of the world. Still very much needed in Suffolk, where we have had a long run of below average rainfall. The recent rain has hardly made a dent - rivers and ditches still dry.
  7. Not here. Only had 5.6mm from Tuesday's episode. Not had an awful lot more today. Will take an awful lot more to overcome the last two dry years.
  8. So, has anyone taken the plunge and bought the new WeatherLink live system from Davis? "Now you can stream your sensor data live, effortlessly, to any smart device in your Local Area Network (LAN). WeatherLink Live receives your data from your outside Sensor Suites and add-on sensors and transmits it via Wi-Fi to the WeatherLink Cloud. Setup couldn’t be simpler. (And you can keep your tool box in the garage!) Just download the app, follow the steps, and you’ll be viewing your data on your phone app or desktop in minutes" I like the thought of being able to see the data on my station when I am out and about, but at £250 I'm hesitant to make a purchase until I know if it's as good as it sounds!
  9. Best storm for a few years here. Strong gust front which has left a lot of debris on the road. Lots of power cuts locally and a few sirens. So much more comfortable now, dropped the temperature from 28C to 22C now.
  10. MetOffice text forecast for tomorrow now saying maximum temperature of 39C for East of England. Always tends to be accurate as it's forecaster written rather than automated from raw model data.
  11. I'm sure it's pretty accurate. Official stations near me showed slightly warmer in a few locations. That temperature was recorded at 1.34pm. There was high level cloud sweeping in from the west that day which them tempered maximum temperatures. Highest temperatures were Bury St Edmunds eastwards that day, so many stations as you say did record 32Cish as a max.
  12. Woken up by incredibly loud thunder, house shaking stuff even when at a distance. Heaviest rain my station has ever recorded in 14 years! 1284mm/hr!!!! We only got 1.6mm but we had it in the space of seconds.
  13. Looking back on my records, I recorded 34.3C on 27th July last year which was the peak of the hot spell, think we may well beat that on Thursday. I updated my weather station two years ago from a bog standard David Vantage Pro 2 to a new one with FARS (Fan Aspiration Radiation Shield - for more accurate temp readings) - it was definitely the right choice with these incredible hot spells this year and last.
  14. Well that would certainly make my weekend at Latitude rather interesting! Best pack a mac!
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