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  1. Records to beat: - 19.7degC 67.5degF Greenwich (London) 13 Feb 1998 19.5degC 67.1degF Tivington (Somerset) 13 Feb 1998 19.4degC 67degF Cambridge 27 Feb 1891 19.2degC 66.6degF March (Cambridgeshire) 23 Feb 1990 18.9degC 66.1degF Harestock (Hampshire) 28 Feb 1891 18.9degC 66degF London; Brixton 10 Feb 1899 18.9degC 66degF London; Greenwich and Northolt 28 Feb 1959 http://www.torro.org.uk/maxtemps.php
  2. I think there might be a minus sign hiding under the snow somewhere!
  3. Best example of how a models accuracy fades the further ahead you look!
  4. Over what period of time has this data has been accumulated. Whats being compared?
  5. If you mean this... ...maybe some sleety rain for the high ground.
  6. And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.

  7. ... and then low leaving eastern seaboard USA on strong jet, flattens ridging high and we're back to square one.
  8. To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect. Oscar Wilde

  9. No north side. Drifting snow settles in the shelter of objects that break the force of the wind.
  10. New Scientist has an article by Fred Pearce ‘World won’t cool without geoengineering, warns report‘. "Global warming is irreversible without massive geoengineering of the atmosphere’s chemistry. This stark warning comes from the draft summary of the latest climate assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Delegates from national governments are discussing the draft this week, prior to its release on Friday morning. According to one of its lead authors, and the latest draft seen by New Scientist, the report will say: “CO2-induced warming is projected to remain approximately constant for many centuries following a complete cessation of emission. A large fraction of climate change is thus irreversible on a human timescale, except if net anthropogenic CO2 emissions were strongly negative over a sustained period.†In other words, even if all the world ran on carbon-free energy and deforestation ceased, the only way of lowering temperatures would be to devise a scheme for sucking hundreds of billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere." http://judithcurry.com/2013/09/25/can-science-fix-climate-change/ Here's my effort: Credit: NASA actually, its a photo of the Apollo 13 CO2 fix -- complete with duct tape. It would take all the governments of the world to agree on how to do it, how much CO2 to remove etc etc. When was the last time you heard two uk politicians on opposing sides agree with each other. Doesn't happen very often... now scale that up.
  11. Translate please.... its okay answered my own question. CONUS = Contiguous United States
  12. But are we pouring millions into trying to fix something that's impossible/too complex to fix rather then be prepared for the outcome? If AGW research was a charity I'd rather give my money to cancer research.
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