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  1. Apophis Rising: 13th April 2026 =)

  2. Can't wait until this year is over and done with. Roll on 2011 :)

  3. 1 week till kids go back to school - lots to do, busy, busy, busy. Can't wait until real life resumes!

  4. Half way through the book, suddenly realised I've skipped some crucial stuff...must hasten back to edit before continuing!

  5. is writing a book - less time these days for idle chit-chat!

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    2. VillagePlank


      Good luck mate :) May I ask what it is about ...

    3. Admiral_Bobski


      Thanks guys - it's a science-fiction-fantasy-comedy about the end of the world. Hopefully one day I'll be able to send you all signed copies!! :D

    4. Admiral_Bobski


      And sorry it's taken so bloody long to respond...I'm slacking in my old age ;)

  6. is sorting out his life - normal transmissions will resume thereafter

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