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  1. Apophis Rising: 13th April 2026 =)

  2. And I'd still have to disagree with you GW...! Still, I shan't argue with you because, well, we've been through it all before. Bottom line: I think our current understanding of climate drivers is wrong. The fact that something as compelling as the LI is so easily swept aside in favour of the pre-assumed "concensus" is, I feel, rather disturbing. Anyway, I didn't come here to argue. As ever, time will tell... =)
  3. I read recently that something weird has happened on the Sun - solar maximum appears to have peaked and passed in the Sun's northern hemisphere, but activity is still ongoing in the southern hemisphere. http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21528843.700-solar-maximum-oh-you-just-missed-it.html I have no idea what that means for the cycle as a whole, but it is interesting nonetheless. Of particular interest is this paragraph: Such a large asymmetry between hemispheres could be a sign of big changes ahead, says Steven Tobias, a mathematician at the University of Leeds, UK, who models what drives the sun's magnetic field. According to his models, such a situation precedes an extended quiet phase called a grand minimum. "Changes in symmetry are more indicative of going into a grand minimum than the strength of the cycle," he says.
  4. Hi there, Gray-Wolf Still keeping half an eye on the board every now and again, just waiting to pop up and spew my usual stuff when everybody least expects it! No time at the moment to elaborate further, but the whole crux of the LI hypothesis in the first place was that solar variations were not given their due impact. Just because a scientist (or scientists) say they have taken solar variation into account does not necessarily mean that they actually have. The sunspot cycle clearly correlates with global temperatures, even over the last hundred years, as was shown by a (comparatively) simple mathematical equation, into which were added real-world numerical values. There's more here than meets the eye...! =)
  5. As a point of order, 1) we don't actually know what the Sun is going to do over the next few cycles and 2) the LI (if anyone remembers that) did predict that temperatures wouldn't start to drop for about a decade or so. Has the Sun "done its best" yet, or is it still working on it? Here's me, CB, still banging on about the Sun...
  6. Can't wait until this year is over and done with. Roll on 2011 :)

  7. 1 week till kids go back to school - lots to do, busy, busy, busy. Can't wait until real life resumes!

  8. Half way through the book, suddenly realised I've skipped some crucial stuff...must hasten back to edit before continuing!

  9. is writing a book - less time these days for idle chit-chat!

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    2. VillagePlank


      Good luck mate :) May I ask what it is about ...

    3. Admiral_Bobski


      Thanks guys - it's a science-fiction-fantasy-comedy about the end of the world. Hopefully one day I'll be able to send you all signed copies!! :D

    4. Admiral_Bobski


      And sorry it's taken so bloody long to respond...I'm slacking in my old age ;)

  10. It's true that Elvis always seems much more svelte when spotted in public these days, but then I hear that weight loss is common after death.
  11. is sorting out his life - normal transmissions will resume thereafter

  12. A woman walked into a pub and said to the barman, "I'd like a double entendre," so he gave her one... CB
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