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  1. Chelston bermuda now reporting 98mph wind and 963mb pressure.
  2. Eyewall now over Bermuda, it appears the eye will track just to the east...
  3. Not sure if there is a seperate thread for Nicole, if so please feel free to merge this in. Nicole currently looking fantastic on satellite imagery and will undoubtedly soon be upgraded to cat 3. Just hope for Bermuda that she does not make direct landfall....
  4. Do we have a thread for hurricane Nicole...
  5. Yes, It looks ominous now and central pressures have dropped to 935mb. Given the current satellite presentation there's scope for some slight strengthening before landfall.
  6. Miami is on the south east tip of florida
  7. Miami should escape the worst of it but will still experience trop storm conditions with hurricane force gusts. Imo the biggest danger area is from West Palm Beach northwards.
  8. Not sure if an ewrc has taken place, I think the eye was just disrupted following some interaction with the Bahamas. It seems to have cleared out now with the colder cloud tops wrapping back around the eye... as we can see from this stunning image of Matthew...
  9. Recon just recorded 936mb and 137mph flight and 123mph sfmr winds.
  10. I thought hurricane Andrew made landfall as a cat 5 in the late 80"s
  11. Nassau live weather data feed has now crashed - which is ominous for that region. Nicolls town on Andros up to 100mph at the surface.
  12. Now 937mb and 135mph sfmr. Some cold cloud tops and visual presentation of Matthew improving all the time. To me it's a matter of when and not if it reaches cat 5. Let's hope it stays off-shore.
  13. Making landfall on Grand Bahama shortly. Here is the weather station at Andros Town where pressures are now steadily dropping and winds at 80mph,-77.79
  14. Recon just recorded central pressures of 941mb. Surface level winds yet to respond to the pressure drop with max 115mph recorded so far this mission
  15. I especially hope the Miami hit doesn't prevail. As a cat 5, it would floor many of the concrete buildings and displace millions. In the meantime Cuba is next in the firing line. Baracoa should take a direct hit, here is the weather station which is worth keeping an eye on (pardon the pun)...